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Creepy Halloween Costumes Wed Oct 30 2013

These old costumes look like they have inspired horror movies. -decker

Metafilter Filter Sat Sep 14 2013

Ridiculous Indie band photos Come for the photos, stay for the captions. -hendred

At least jump to 6:20 Thu Aug 8 2013

This was all over my twitter feed.

Oh Em Gee Tue Apr 23 2013

Sorority Sister unloads on her chapter for being lame and awkward. This has been going around for a while I guess. -hendred

I would rather have 40 girls that are fun, talk to boys, and not fucking awkward than 80 that are fucking faggots. If you are one of the people that have told me "Oh nooo boo hoo I can't talk to boys I'm too sober", then I pity you because I don't know how you got this far in life, and with that in mind don't fucking show up unless you're going to stop being a goddamn cock block for our chapter.

Carnival prep Mon Apr 1 2013

This picture was in the coverage for UltraNatural, which was on TV this past weekend. -hendred

Who's Going to Carnival? Wed Mar 27 2013

Glory Days asked to have the poll added. Sorry for the slacking. 22 days to go. -hendred

My LEGO Cat's breath smells like ABS Tue Mar 5 2013

Hogwarts in LEGO Be sure to check out the second pic for scale. Unbelievable. -hendred

Stolen from Metafilter.

Wednesday laugh Wed Feb 20 2013

Guy Fieri Parody Menu The Football made me LOL.

This is related to his restaurant's review that came out a few months ago. -hendred

Friday laugh Fri Feb 8 2013

I have trouble explaining why this makes me laugh so much -hendred

David Spade to play the Bobcat Thu Dec 13 2012

Maine woman hits cat, realizes it's a bobcat when it wakes up in her van. I'm glad she wasn't hurt so I can laugh at this. -hendred

I should have been long Smith & Wesson Thu Nov 29 2012

Gun sales still going through the roof. Kudos to the NRA for spreading so much bullshit. -hendred

I almost crapped my pants, so I assume he crapped his Thu Nov 8 2012

The Legend of MBLI Tue Oct 16 2012

From polega: I've looked through google and ebay, and can't find any record of there ever being a Milwaukee's Best Light Ice.

Is this revisionist history, or did I just imagine that?

I need to drink more redbull Tue Oct 9 2012


Always a popular DTS item Mon Aug 20 2012

Amazon reviews for a banana slicer. Stolen from Metafilter. -hendred

Someday I'll do a longer post Mon Apr 30 2012

One handed motorcycle racing at 80mph. This happened in the race yesterday. No need to understand who these guys are or what the situation was, but just know that there's a guy at near-full lean going 80+mph in a really tight pack of riders with one hand on the bars. Unbelievable. -hendred

Morning laugh Fri Apr 27 2012

Check out this stylish bear falling from a tree. If someone told me it was a dude in a suit, I'd believe it. I laugh a little more every time I look at it. The story. -hendred

And now you can be disturbed too Tue Feb 28 2012

Came up in conversation, believe it or not. My guess was over. Way over. -decker

Beer Can House Wed Feb 8 2012

This puts the beer wall to shame. PanamaCitySpringBreak98WHOOOOO! -decker

His New Year's was a little more hectic Tue Jan 3 2012

Christmas Chuckle Fri Dec 23 2011

Not Remotely Steampunk For those not familiar, Steampunk at Wikipedia. -hendred

No three-wolf-moon shirt? Mon Sep 19 2011

10 Best Amazon Reviews ever -hendred

Awesome people doing something awesome. Tue Sep 13 2011

Youtube good Samaritan rescue of a motorcyclist. I guess the Bimmer turned in front of him. -hendred

Comparing so many diverse things, it's meaningless Wed Aug 10 2011

Not sure the title should be "Top Colleges" because they put a lot of weight on debt burden, but here's the Forbes list. CMU is #98. Maybe "Top deals" or "Bang for Buck" list. Here's the methodology and here's the research university list. -decker

This looks interesting, but way too long. Fri Aug 5 2011

Can someone please read and summarize? It's about the mission to kill bin Laden. -decker

Sort of a DTS meme Mon Jul 18 2011

One-star reviews of the Bible. -hendred

Afternoon chuckle Wed Jul 13 2011

Daily Kos writeup of Obama raising $88 million in three months for re-election.The picture combined with the headline made me laugh. Standard Daily Kos disclaimer: Site is populated by the four horsemen of the apocalypse, father rapers, and Socialists. -hendred

That's not FDIC insured... Thu Jun 30 2011

Tepper keeps $100 million in ATM-accessible account. Oh CMU grads. -hendred

Yet another awesome domain Wed Jun 22 2011

Get Drunk Not Minimum calories for maximum drunk. Everclear it is. -hendred

This week in crazy Wed Jun 22 2011

Sovereign Citizen killed in dispute with cop. Honestly, if this was anybody else, I wouldn't post it. But I didn't know what a sovereign citizen was. From Wikipedia:

Self-described "sovereign citizens" take the position that they are answerable only to English common law and are not subject to any statutes or proceedings at the federal, state or municipal levels. They especially reject most forms of taxation as illegitimate.


Hey, we gotta write some letter Mon May 2 2011

From ab: The current SMC needs our help:

As per our conversation, I believe these to be the most "vital" talking points for our alumni to hit on when sending letters

- Their positive experiences as a member of PiKA and what the house (and Greek Life) has done for them and what PiKA currently means to them

- Quickly hitting on the facts of the case. That they feel the penalty was unjust. Maybe also hitting on their complete disregard for their judicial process (more information below) and how they feel their actions are setting poor examples for the CMU community

- Alumni's current support (either financially or through word of mouth to other people) of the university and how that would change

Points to potentially touch on with the process:

- first time in the University's judicial system that a 2nd board has been reconvened without new evidence being presented. The fact they used last March's events against the fraternity even though no university charges or responsibility was found against the chapter

- lack of charges filed against the underage students who drank in their dorms that night. Not to mention against the individual who purchased the alcohol or the RA on duty. Lack of responsibility on the individuals who were directly involved with this kid getting extremely drunk to begin with

- harshness of penalty: We were not on probation when this event occurred which is against the normal procedure of giving organizations a chance to rectify mistakes.

People who these emails/letters should be sent to

President Jared Cohon:
Michael Murphy: VP of Campus Affairs:
Gina Casalegno - Dean of Student Affairs:

Letters could also be sent (Would need to be sent ASAP through FedEx)

Carnegie Mellon University
Office of the President
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone calls could be made to
412-268-2000 (Office of the President)

Thanks Tom. Let me know if there is any more information that I can provide or if there is anything else I can do.


Updated President's Email

Perhaps Night Boat could be of some help Wed Mar 30 2011

Colombian Drug dudes build an actual sub. Kevlar/carbon skin with diesel and electric engines. -hendred the impressed

You stay classy, Connecticut Thu Mar 17 2011

From bean: Guy stabs another guy mid-haircut

The photo is worth the price of admission. Props to Emily on the article and title.

I don't understand. When does he do the burnout? Mon Mar 7 2011


Morning chuckle Tue Mar 1 2011

Hipster Science

anaturalstate: I use R for stats because Matlab is so corporate #hipsterscience

TheAstronomist: I like galaxies the way they used to be long ago when they emitted their light, I don’t even care what they do now. #hipsterscience


The glory days of the standard tricycle return Mon Feb 28 2011

From ab: In case you weren't watching, someone has a new buggy, and it's a standard trike.

Picture the population of Ohio crammed into Maryland producing as much as Georgia Mon Feb 21 2011

Belgium hasn't had a government in almost 9 months. It may split. They took the record away from Iraq, which is definitely something to be proud of. -hendred

This was taken from Metafilter, where the original thread is pretty amusing.

Belgium is worse than Iraq?
I think that word "worse" doesn't mean what you think it means.

Dude, my brother just got back from his second tour of Belgium. His unit was at Grooenplatz in Antwerp when the shit went down, and he has to live the rest of his life remembering how his friends got rude stares and even cold service in stores.

The other day we took the subway and he lost his shit at the Airport stop. First some little girl was eating french fries and my brother started sweating. I didn't know this, but the Belgians are so nasty that they use child soldiers-- the child offers you a frite or foil-wrapped chocolate and then when you go to take it, they pull it away and laugh.

Then some guy wearing a hat got on with luggage. My bro thought it was an Orthodox Jew carrying a suitcase full of diamonds and we had to leave the train and go get a cab. This how he lives every day. The military hasn't been following through on their promises to help him either.

This is all fucking Bush's fault, too. The administration falsified all that "evidence" about Belgium's threat to the US and the god damn Times fed it to the public. We all know that the war was about a limited resource that the United States is desperate for-- Trappist Ale.

Probable room picks Fri Feb 18 2011

Calculator for How to split the rent Takes into account room size, private bathrooms, no doors, nice windows, etc. -hendred

That's it That's Community Thu Feb 17 2011

The Art of Flight - snowboard video trailer Sign me up. -hendred

Nuts. Thu Feb 10 2011

I can't stop reading these Thu Feb 10 2011

Dear Girls Above Me All the stupid shit the girls that live above this guy say. Stolen from Metafilter. -hendred

They're going to get tired of pulling me out of ditches Mon Feb 7 2011

I can't believe how lucky he was. Stolen from a couple motorcycle blogs and jalopnik, etc. -hendred

This again. Wed Jan 19 2011

The 50 most loathsome Americans of 2010. Hard to argue with most of them. -hendred

It woulda been a whole lot cooler if he did Tue Jan 4 2011

Swiped from Jalopnik by hendred

Going out to Joiner Tue Jan 4 2011

Ducktales in multiple languages. -hendred

It's funny because people are assholes Wed Dec 15 2010

How a clever dude got an eBay buyer to fork over the cash.

This was over on Gizmodo. -hendred

Amazing Human tricks Mon Nov 29 2010

It's a back flip to foot jam. No, seriously. -hendred

Whales are awesome Fri Nov 19 2010

Wales playing in the surf -hendred

That's a lot of links Fri Nov 19 2010

Security guru Bruce Schneier wraps up This Week in TSA BS

The things of special interest to me are Orlando opting out of federal security, the book "My First Cavity Search", and Chertoff, 2nd cousin of Skeletor abusing the system in a most patriotic fashion. -hendred

There goes your next 8 minutes Tue Nov 16 2010

This one goes to 11. And he must have bionic ankles. -hendred

Disturbing She Wrote Sat Nov 13 2010

Too bad I can't unsee this...

This round of Sun Oct 31 2010

The grayscale Halloween costume. I really can't tell if it's real. If it is, that's pretty damn cool. -hendred

Call the ball Wed Oct 13 2010

World's largest lego ship. 1/40th scale USS Intrepid. -hendred

After this demo, I'm definitely going to get one Tue Oct 12 2010

Skip to 2:50 for the real madness. -hendred

So... not just Excel? Tue Oct 5 2010

Duke chick puts together a powerpoint documenting all of her hookups. It gets to the interweb. -hendred

So I can wheelie on the highway, right? Wed Sep 29 2010

Charges dropped in the Maryland motorcyclist wiretap law. Swiped from Metafilter.

Previously -hendred

Mid-day chuckle Wed Sep 15 2010

Yoga Bear 7 pics of a bear doing stretches. -hendred via BoingBoing

Planning a cruise? Mon Sep 13 2010

On August 1, the Pacific Sun ran into a heavy storm 400 miles north of New Zealand, hitting 25-foot-tall waves and 50-knot winds. Its 1732 passengers weren't prepared to endure the madness that ensued. From stow, who says Absolutely crazy. 0:46 is my favorite.

When keeping it eXtreme goes wrong Mon Sep 13 2010

Epic Bridge-jump fail Taken from The Goat. -hendred

So procreating makes you stupid? Snipers? Really?!? Wed Sep 8 2010

Bruce Schneier highlights perceived vs. actual threats to kids I guess you could do this with anyone, not just parents, but damn. Bring back the BNN. -hendred

What is Prison Really Like? Mon Aug 30 2010

Here's one guy's account. Language is not safe for work, unless you work for Jefferson Davis. -decker

They got the horns Thu Aug 19 2010

Bull jumps out of the ring and gets sweet, sweet revenge. Bravo. -hendred

This again Thu Aug 12 2010

The guy that's going to jump from space and break the sound barrier? Still a go. He's also got some competition. I thought I had posted about this before, but the best I could find was the background on Kittinger. -hendred

Reality TV comes through Fri Jul 23 2010

Flipping through the channels last night, I found this:

This dude had just been called out for cheating, and then proceeds to kick out a window and punches his girlfriend in the nose. The clip doesn't show it, but he actually escapes and runs from the police after he's handcuffed. A search revealed that they actually got back together after this for a bit:

Nice haircut, Vanilla. -decker

I root for the bulls Wed Jul 14 2010

Running of the bulls and bull fights Here's to torturing animals for 'sport'. Woo. -hendred

Internet Snowboard Digest Wed Jul 14 2010

Remember the crazy thug-life snowboard video?

The owner of the company and his minions are taking on the internet. There are plenty of beat-downs to go around. -hendred

Late night chuckle Thu Jul 8 2010

Roller coaster action shots I'd seen a number of these before, but still worth a look. Slightly NSFW. -hendred

Probably late to the party... Thu Jul 8 2010 The name says it all. -hendred via

Afternoon Chuckle Mon Jun 28 2010

An amusing dog picture. If you like dogs, you'll like this. If not, move along. -hendred

Afternoon chuckle Thu Jun 24 2010

I don't know why this is so funny to me, but this was a comment over at Metafilter in a thread about the Biggest Loser

I have had this idea for a reality show where its kind of like big brother, but it's all heroin addicts who compete in increasingly degrading competitions to get doses of methadone. You'd be helping people get clean, and who can argue against that.

-hendred, who thinks that might be the plot of Saw IX

I find the asteroid thing even more insane Wed Jun 23 2010

40 percent of Americans think Jesus will be back by 2050

31 per cent expect the planet will be struck by an asteroid

Who wants to go into the asteroid insurance business? -hendred

I'm getting soft in my old age Mon Jun 21 2010


Internet Comments Digest Thu Jun 17 2010

Gates and the Buff try to get billionaires to donate 1/2 their loot So that's pretty cool - helping the less-fortunate instead of just handing it to their heirs. So the article is mildly interesting. But the comments. Oh the comments. I guess this was also posted at Drudge, so his followers are there mixing it up with everyone else.

Since they have too much money, and I don't have enough...Instead of pouring a gazillion dollars down into the sewage pipe of africa - why not do something useful like pass me about 400k so I can shore up my retirement account, get the kids thru college, etc. But nah, doing something actually useful would be too out of vogue.

Translation: I am more important than everyone in Africa. Nice.

If someone wants to donate half or all of their money to charity, that's their prerogative. Frankly, in a billionaire's tax bracket, they already give over half to charity.

Swing and a miss. Twice in the same comment.

A true philanthropist does not tout their own horns and throw their weight around to coerce others to measure up to them with an arrogant 'do gooder ' attitude.

The Real character of Charity is quiet, encouraging, unassuming and engenders emulation by others.

Just like Jesus

It goes on and on.

Morning Chuckle Wed Jun 9 2010

Couch fort analysis This is a bit of a knockoff of Maddox's kid drawing critiques, but i made me chuckle, so here it is. -hendred

You're under arrest... for being too hot Mon Jun 7 2010

Chick claims she was fired from Citibank for being too hot. Here's the follow up story that claims that JP Morgan is threatening termination because she is becoming a press story. At least half her story seems to hold some water... -decker

Here's hoping I'm never nominated for the Supreme Court Fri May 28 2010

Supreme Court Nominee Kagan got a B- in a law class. Maybe B- means something else in law-talking college. -hendred

Bull 1, Guy in tight pants 0 Thu May 27 2010

Spanish bullfighter gets gored through the throat/cheek. I'm not kidding. Graphic pictures included.

Tuesday Chuckle Tue May 25 2010

Clients from Hell It's a bunch of quick hit anecdotes from designers. I often wonder how most companies stay in business. -hendred

I'd be surprised if this isn't a repost... Tue May 18 2010

... but I'll post it anyway. A bunch of near misses:


It's like the Sponge, but on the web Sun May 16 2010

Shit My Kid Ruined -hendred

Friday randomness Fri May 7 2010

Greek dog loves riots

Also, apparently Greece has a lot of riots. -hendred

Not the right time to swin with Dolphins Sat Apr 24 2010

from jay frank blaise: Hysterical video of people swimming with Dolphins. I'd file it under Dolphin Fetish if such a category existed.

Cab Sharing Tue Apr 13 2010

When are people landing at PIT? -decker

This is the same guy that jumped onto the Arc de Triomphe Mon Apr 12 2010

People make movies about sh!t like this... Sun Apr 11 2010

Art of the Steal: On the Trail of World’s Most Ingenious Thief. Fun read. -decker

Best Beer Commercial ever Mon Mar 29 2010

From jay frank blaise:

Check this out on your iPhone. Or not. Sat Mar 27 2010

Web pages can expose your entire iPhone SMS database. So that's not good. -hendred

House Party V Thu Mar 25 2010

Teenagers cause $45,000 damage during house party. Somebody sent this anonymously. Can you get DNA from dried urine and crusty blood? -hendred

Today in Uplifting Stories Wed Mar 24 2010

Plane kills man jogging on beach. The plane was making an emergency landing after losing its propeller and was silently gliding. The man was taking a break from work, and listening to an iPod. This reminds me of something that's occurred to me before: does anyone else think it's strange that non-commercial and non-military pilots are allowed to fly around on their own? It seems like they get in more accidents than commercial flights, fly their planes into buildings (here and here too) or the ocean, and recklessly fake their own deaths. I know it isn't that dangerous, but I guess I'm surprised that in a world where coffee must come with "hot" warning labels that we allow amateur pilots to zip around above us.

Second, a fifteen year old girl was nearly beaten to death after text messaging some guy she barely knew - although to her discredit, she apparently said something about the guy's brother's suicide. This is the same middle school that a kid was doused in flamable liquid and then lit on fire last year. I hope the school's principal has prepared his Principal of the Year speech. -decker

I'm pretty good at video games Tue Mar 23 2010

Jalopnik salutes Air Force pilot Bob White. He went Mach 6.7 in a jet and managed to shatter his windshield. If this happened yesterday I'd be impressed as hell. It happened in 1961. I'm astonished. White died last week at 85. Be sure to check out the two links to the Air Force write-ups on the pics. -hendred, currently looking for a good maxillofacial surgeon

It was designed to fly at speeds up to Mach 6, and altitudes up to 250,000 ft. The aircraft went on to reach a maximum speed of Mach 6.7 and a maximum altitude of 354,200 ft. Looking at it another way, Mach 6 is about one mile per second, and flight above 264,000 ft. qualifies an Air Force pilot for astronaut wings.

Quick Update Check out the cutaway diagram. Talk about strapping yourself to a bomb... The the rest of the pics are worth a few minutes as well.

Bad Editing Mon Mar 22 2010

The link states "Obama's teen daughter" - slight typo. Read comments for more detail.

No one claimed this.

Morning chuckle Wed Mar 17 2010

Hate mail from 3rd graders. They're writing about Pluto and its non-planet status. The line about cursive kills me. -hendred

Shamu's Revenge Thu Feb 25 2010

Aptly named type of whale kills again at Sea World. Note: It' wasn't actually Shamu. -decker

How did they know? Thu Feb 18 2010

Lines is a snowboarding documentary/flick. -hendred

You mean like a female hero? Tue Feb 16 2010

Black-tar heroin gaining populatrity in small towns. There's a link to part two at the bottom, and a link to part three at the end of that one. -decker

Probably of limited interest Tue Feb 16 2010

An investigation into MicroSD cards While manufacturing a device, some crappy memory cards are exposed. The guy then checks out all kinds of cards - grey market, 'real', etc. Includes pictures of deconstructed cards and hex. Via boingboing. -hendred

I didn't see this one coming Tue Feb 16 2010

Floyd Landis accused of computer hacking Apparently there's a warrant out for him in France. They're claiming he hacked into the doping agency's computers. -hendred via bob

I love the smell of napalm in the morning Mon Feb 15 2010

I assume most of you have at least heard of this, but here's John Mayer's Playboy interview:

PLAYBOY: You were addicted to Jessica Simpson?

MAYER: Sexually it was crazy. That’s all I’ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm.

And that quote is relatively tame for the interview. Also, he has a TV show. -decker

Straight out to Pa Hendred Fri Feb 12 2010

An Ode to Snowblower Guy

Kirk Randall, 58, a retired energy economist from Fairfax City, owns two snowblowers he keeps in a garage workshop so filled with tools -- six electric drills! -- that he compares it to something out of the old Tim Allen TV show "Home Improvement."

Now where'd I leave my asbestos suit? Thu Feb 4 2010

What self-identified Republicans believe

Disclaimer 1: This is from Daily Kos, home of the Godless liberal commie scum that want the terrorists to win and make you marry your same-sex siblings.

Disclaimer 2: Daily Kos commissioned the poll through an independent pollster

Disclaimer 3: These are self-identified Republicans, so no semi-Republicans are included (people that would identify as independents but usually vote for Republicans)

Disclaimer 4: Some of the questions seem pretty leading/illogical (last one on Heaven especially) -hendred

With that:

Do you believe the birth control pill is abortion?

Yes 34

No 48

Not Sure 18

Tuesday Chuckle Tue Feb 2 2010

You know the Westboro Baptist Church? The Gods Hates Fags guys? They were in San Francisco to be jerks.

They were counter-protested. Pics 1 Pics 2 Stolen from Daily Kos, home of actual Godless Commie liberal America-haters. -hendred

I can only assume this will be an episode of House Mon Feb 1 2010

Knife fighting 15-year-old gets a bonus. Read the whole thing. -hendred

He'll probably be tossed off of Team RadioShack Thu Jan 28 2010

Cops stop cyclist carrying a butcher knife-pool cue axe He also had five outstanding warrants. Louisiana represent. -hendred

Afternoon chuckle Wed Jan 27 2010

Apple Announcement drinking game/bingo 'Cause they're introducing the Newton II today. -hendred

Going straight out to B Dubs Mon Jan 25 2010

The true cost of an average wedding. The colors will make you want to gouge your eyes out, but there it is. -hendred

Man Down Tue Jan 19 2010

From bw himself: Hey Yinz.....just wanted to give a Heatherford update. As Heather likes to put it, I put a ring on it this past weekend while vacationing in Charleston, SC. Yes...she is looking forward to becoming Heather Weatherford!

It'd be interesting to see who moved up Tue Jan 12 2010

The all-time home run list with steroid users removed. I also checked out Ted Williams' wikipedia entry and it reads like a Chuck Norris web site. -hendred

May Your New Year Be As Exciting as an Exploding Firework Factory Tue Jan 5 2010

From jay frank blaise: Stolen from

I think this was submitted before New Years...

Monday chuckle Mon Dec 28 2009

Star Wars facebook. This seems like a repost but I could only find the super heroes one. -hendred

You mess with nature, you get the horns Tue Dec 22 2009

An eagle takes out a guy. This is one of those "I love the internet" photos. -hendred

I love ratios Mon Dec 21 2009

Things I've learned from my patients. From ER docs. This is pretty old, and I thought it may be a repost, but I laughed, so here it is.

The Law of Inverse Value: the less you contribute to society, the greater the trauma you can sustain with minimal to no physical sequelae, including falls from 3 stories, stabbings (chest, neck, head, slashings to the face), gunshot wounds (chest, neck, pelvis, leg, traumatic arrest (only to be killed 7 years later in a separate GSW incident)), and high speed MVC's, unrestrained, where multiple people in the other vehicle are killed.

It's Like a Brand New Ghost Town Fri Dec 18 2009

Weird. -decker

Does the Times have a Pittsburgh embed now? Thu Dec 17 2009

The Cookie Table. -hendred

I can't figure out why I laughed Fri Dec 11 2009

Cereal decision flow chart. -hendred

Badass Mon Dec 7 2009

Virgin Galactic unveils Spaceship Two. It's the piece that'll carry people into 'space'. -hendred

How is this guy still alive? Tue Dec 1 2009

Dean Potter is the adventurer of the year. 3 minute base jumps in a wing suit put it over the top. I've seen pics of his highwire stuff, but the video is just unbelievable. Stolen from The Goat. -hendred

Hang them on your menorah Tue Nov 24 2009

Video game controller ornaments. Made from laser-cut acrylic by our very own Rollins. -hendred

Update This is so nice I posted it twice. I'm keeping it here just 'cause it's awesome. -hendred

This makes me hungry...not. Mon Nov 16 2009

Half deep fried live fish. As a hardcore meat eater even I get a little squeamish watching this. From Rollins.

Halloween is always a good time Mon Nov 16 2009

How to make a tauntaun costume. This is getting around the interwebs pretty quick. I stole it from Gizmodo.

There's a video on page four and a Q&A. I can see the appeal of making this stuff. Drunk people loves them a good costume. -hendred

Probably the main reason the site keeps going Mon Nov 16 2009

Flyer warning of a kitchen-shitter. She probably had pizza the next night too. -hendred

Check out the host Wed Nov 11 2009

Stolen from boingboing


Wow Wed Nov 4 2009

Is this just insane or is it me?

From ryan, who's glad he's not worth that much

Laughing. Crying. Tue Nov 3 2009

Minneapolis mayor's race has some awesome candidates. 2nd from the bottom. Then third from the bottom is one of these guys:

The Edgertonite National Party exists to secure political independence for the people of the Midwestern United States and a homeland for the Lauraist religion. We use the term “Nation of Edgerton” to describe the area within a 240-mile radius of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are a non-traditional Communist party, based on the ideology of Lauraism: the belief that Laura Ingalls Wilder is God, Communism (public ownership of business) is the best form of government, age of consent laws should be repealed, public transit should be returned to the routes, fares, and schedules of 18 September 1970, the Nation of Edgerton should secede from the United States as a Lauraist homeland, and all people, including children, deserve as much personal liberty as possible consistent with public safety and the rights of others. Capitalism is a per se violation of people’s rights by exploitation. -hendred

Bitch fight! Tue Nov 3 2009

The Pee Drinker vs. Krugman I don't think I've read anything from Krugman in a while and I really don't care who's right, but Mankiw riled up is something I might even pay to read. -hendred, sitting quietly with his bread at the circus

Because really, what else is he gonna be? Sun Nov 1 2009

Shaun White's Halloween costume. -hendred

Go ahead and grab your junk now Fri Oct 30 2009

Newsweeks guide to the history of birth control. I always wonder if people 100 years from now will look back on us with the same blend of pity/fascination. I assume so. -hendred

Posted because of the term "Default Hot" Thu Oct 29 2009

8 Things I learned from delivering pizza in high school. Stolen from digg. -hendred

Anyone know a double amputee? Tue Oct 27 2009

From miolla:

The NYC Craigslist ad reads:

"Need an amputee to complete my Halloween costume (Brooklyn)"

So this might seem strange and really offensive to some but hopefully someone will reply. I have always loved the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Chewbacca has to carry around a half reconstructed C3PO in a backpack because he hasn't reattached his lower body yet. For Halloween I would love to dress up like this. I am big enough and strong enough to both pull off the Chewbacca look and to carry around a lot of weight for the night. So basically I am looking for a double amputee (someone missing both legs - preferably at the hip) to accompany me as C3PO for the evening. We should meet ahead of time so that we can work out the backpack/harness system. There are a few parties that I want to hit and I think we will be the hit of any event we attend. Anyone up for this?

Mega-eXtreme stupidity Thu Oct 15 2009

Some dumbass flipped their SUV at Burnside - the skatepark. Not sure what the story is, but the pics are pretty telling. -hendred

Cirque du shit Mon Oct 12 2009

Sooo... not photoshopped? Mon Oct 12 2009

Biplane pulls a Top Gun on a Blue Angel F18. I am impressed. -hendred

Internet Comment Digest Thu Oct 8 2009

Firearm open-carry advocate killed by husband in murder-suicide. This is actually pretty sad. Apparently the kids were there when it happened. The woman involved, Meleanie Hain, made news by open-carrying a pistol to soccer practice and other places.

The comment section is full of what you'd expect taken to 11. I maintain a firm belief that at least some of the people commenting are trolling, but who knows? -hendred

Superbook Mon Oct 5 2009

Facebook updates for superheros. The Daredevil and Fantastic Four ones made me laugh -digg via hendred

The end of the internet Mon Oct 5 2009 Sort of like ICanHazCheeseburger. I'm really just laughing at the concept, the URL, and the fact that someone took the time to make this site. Awesome. -hendred

Family Guy cop unavailable for comment Sat Oct 3 2009

Wheechair-bound Hero Tackles Sex Offener in Walmart Stolen fro Digg along with the last one. -hendred

I sort of laughed Mon Sep 28 2009

Guy high-fiving people hailing cabs in NYC. The premise is kind of cool/funny, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Click through only if you've got 4 minutes to burn. The best part is guessing how the people will react and then laughing with the people who laugh or smile. -hendred

It's all the same thing Mon Sep 28 2009

Penny Arcade covers fantasy football. No, really. This isn't a ploy just to get Ryan to click through.

Afternoon chuckle Wed Sep 23 2009 Looks like it's a couple years old. Still funny. -hendred

Straight out to Bob Wed Sep 23 2009

Emma Watson, fashion show hottie. I guess she's going to Brown at some point. -hendred

Ugh. Thu Sep 17 2009


If THendrix ran a website Thu Sep 10 2009 interview with a guy trying to ban divorce in California. Tremendous.

John: We're going to set up a table in front of Wal*Mart and ask people to sign a petition to protect traditional marriage. We're going to interview them about why they thing traditional marriage is important, and then we'll tell them that we are trying to ban divorce.

People who supported Prop 8 weren't trying to take rights away from gays, they just wanted to protect traditional marriage. That's why I'm confident that they will support this initiative, even though this time it will be their rights that are diminished. To not support it would be hypocritical.

We're also going to collect signatures in front of "Faces," the largest gay nightclub in Sacramento.


Quick Update Here's his website - Unfortunately it's borked at the moment.

I LOL'd Tue Aug 25 2009

Stolen from Gizmodo. -hendred

Facebook EPIC FAIL! Tue Aug 25 2009

Not Safe For Work!

Classic! From miolla.

It's a crazy mixed-up world Tue Aug 25 2009

Liberty University opens their ski/snowboard hill. Since it's in Virginia, it's a fake-snow thing that's fairly popular in Europe.

More info from The Goat. -hendred the Saved?

Acting like a douche doesn't help anything Wed Aug 12 2009

Account of Specter's Harrisburg town hall. Seems like lots of people shouting non sequiturs and accomplishing absolutely nothing. I'll post the Daily Show thing later. Stewart's better at this. -hendred

“We believe there are several issues out there that leave the existence of the Republic at risk,” he added, “not the least of which is this Obamacare.”

Mr. Miller, shaking, stood his ground. He said he was furious that the senator’s staff had limited the questioning. “One day,” he said to loud applause, “God is going to stand before you, and he’s going to judge you!”

PS - This is from that liberal rag the NYT so you know it's all either made up or selected quotes. Also, they use fetuses to power their web site. I've seen the pictures.

Afternoon laugh Mon Aug 10 2009


News from the tundra Thu Aug 6 2009

Female Moose gets stuck in a building. They corralled her, knocked her out and carried her away from town. Be sure to check out the pics. -hendred

Afternoon chuckle Thu Aug 6 2009

From Slashdot about today's Twitter outage:

We're talking about twitter. This is the equivalent of running a steam roller over a chipmunk farm: Somewhat disturbing, oddly hilarious, and ultimately a loss of nothing but a bunch of chattering rodents.


I just like the colors Tue Aug 4 2009

What people do all day. Be sure to hit the boxes in the top right to get the breakdowns. -hendred

Afternoon laugh Mon Aug 3 2009

Daily Kos hate mail. For the abridged version scroll down a few pages to the poll. He gets some real jems.

Standard Daily Kos warning: Site is the ultra-left home of the dirty hippies, godless America-hating communists, father rapers, and litterbugs. -hendred

Ummmm.... yea Fri Jul 31 2009

More info

My TPS reports are way behind. Thu Jul 30 2009

How can the guy in the next cubicle over be louder than the music coming from my earbuds? The ones that are in my ears. And sending the sound directly to my eardrums. WTF?

Also, I've made this PSA before (over four years ago), but close your mouth when you chew. Seriously. Unless you're one of those 4th of July hot dog eating guys, it's not cool. At all. -hendred

Miss Teen South Carolina eat your heart out. Mon Jul 27 2009

Brilliant Woman Solves All of California's Problems.

No one claimed this.

Near insta-post Mon Jul 27 2009

James May is building a two story house with LEGOs. He's the slow one from Top Gear that's not a fan of the ladies. As proven in last night's hilarious episode. Link from Pa Hendred. -hendred

Tenuous posting 102 Fri Jul 17 2009

Left Lane laws seeing more enforcement. So that's good. I guess Maine has a pretty strict law along with a few other states.

But really I wanted to highlight that Ryan's best friend Ed Rendell is directly responsible for the PA Turnpike "Keep Right Pass Left" signs. That might be the best use of governmental authority I've ever heard of. Well, pertaining to a road sign, anyway.

Also, in trying to get details on the road rage incident they mention on 79 outside of Pittsburgh I stumbled on a site called, which is just an awesome URL. -hendred

iPhone app eagerly anticipated Tue Jul 14 2009

Meeting cost ticker. Punch in the attendees, average salary (plus overhead) and prepare to get sick. -hendred

Negative ghostrider etc. Tue Jul 14 2009

F-18 buzzes the tower. Of apartments. I think the perspective is a little deceiving, but cool pic nonetheless. -hendred

I suck at this... Wed Jul 8 2009

From ryan -cityofchampions-ed: This is classic. Throw in some awkward, with a splash of awesome, and a big dose of championship and what do you get…pure comedy.

Commentertainment Mon Jul 6 2009

Mountain Lion kills petting zoo residents. Owner of zoo kills lion. The story's kind of 'meh', but the comments are an incredible microcosm of internet-poster archetypes.

Just a guess that some may see in the mountain lion what we used to be before domestication. I haven't seen any sympathy for the dead pygmy goats which can be seen as a metaphor for what we've become. Just guessing.

NEO LIBERALS should all have to raise livestock and find out that
1. animals DIE
2. people raise livestock for FOOD
3. to get the food, one must KILL livestock
4. petting zoo's belong in WELL THE ZOO

etc. etc. Link swiped from The Goat at -hendred

Internet Remix Tue Jun 30 2009 A bunch of WTF DIY solutions to various problems. You've probably seen some of these before, but the site's still worth a look. -hendred

Classic Mon Jun 29 2009

T-Pain from the BET awards via Defamer. -hendred

Appropriately titled Thu Jun 18 2009

All aboard the Crazy Train with Eric Roner. He's the skier from Nitro Circus. Talks about the show, his skiing, and things in general. Interesting behind-the-scenes stuff. -hendred

We have a motto: Epic good or epic fail. And that's really the basis of the show. We go around to different places and we're provided with different tasks or stunts. And basically we're pushed outside our comfort zone every single day. For the first two episodes of the second season we've walked on the wings of a plane without a parachute; I got shot 100 feet out of a cannon; I got to BASE jump the Superman ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain; I flew an acrobatic plane, did flips and loops; I got tear-gassed; I hit a 40-foot gap step-down on a big wheel. There's actually a lot of big wheels.

Maine doesn't represent Tue Jun 16 2009

Kid denied diploma for bowing and blowing mom a kiss.

a) This made the news on the tundra

b) I haven't watched the video, but the whole thing makes no sense

c) the comments are a festival of stupid

Thanks to Stiner for this one.

Danny DeVito on Morning Television Thu Jun 11 2009

From miolla:

Smooth as hell...

Real Madrid gets another Ronaldo Thu Jun 11 2009

From oof: Some people might be interested to know that Christiano Ronaldo is on his way to Real Madrid for a world record transfer fee. Less than a week ago the same club set a previous world record when they acquired Kaka. Anyway, it is good to see that the Spanish football economy isn't hurting. Filed under craziness because there couldn't be a better way to describe this.

And if some parent... I don't care which one... but if some parent conditioned him to fear and respect that escalator... Fri Jun 5 2009

I'm only posting this for the tag line. But it's definitely full of Fail. -hendred via the Freakanomics blog

"One emergency department reported a fall by an escalator rider who attempted to squeeze past an individual in a wheelchair and the individual's attendant who were also on the escalator. Obviously, the wheelchair should not have been on the moving stairs. And of course the injured individual should not have attempted to beat them down the stairs."

Hey Wikipedia - What's the word? Fri Jun 5 2009

You know the answer.

I can't stop laughing about this. It was linked from the article about Ten Cent Beer Night that's been popping up around the web due to the anniversary. -hendred

He Forgot Step 1: Don't Tell the Bank Teller Your Plot to Kill the President Fri Jun 5 2009

Daniel James Murray Charged With Making Threats Against Obama In Utah. Wasn't there some skit on a sketch comedy show that revolved around the idea that you can't threaten to kill the president? I want to say The State, but maybe not. -decker

Noooooooooooo Thu Jun 4 2009

From ab: Honestly, who hates breasts? I mean, come on, they're bubbly, jiggly. . . just plain fun.

This was mentioned when it was proposed. Obviously this is huge news here on the Tundra. I donated to my local topless donut show as a show of support and solidarity*. -hendred

*Not really. I've heard that place is gross.

The hits keep coming Thu May 28 2009

Jeremy Jones in the Alps. He's near Chamonix doing the hike-ride thing. The last photo is madness. -hendred

So... what did you do this weekend? Tue May 26 2009

Tightrope walking in Yosemite. Bringing Man on Wire to a whole new level. Taken off of The Goat. Add that guy to your RSS reader. -hendred

Give that guy a medal Sun May 24 2009

Old chinese dude pushes young suicidal Chinese dude off a bridge. There was a lethal weapon-style air mattress below. Total drop was 26ft, which I'm not even sure would kill you in the first place. The young dude tied up traffic for five hours. It was the 12th time someone's gone up there and not jumped since the start of April. Thanks old dude. -hendred

Judge Smails in the house Thu May 21 2009

NC Judge rules against Andrew Giuliani. The younger Giuliani was tossed from the Duke golf team for being a douche. So he sued. The ruling has a bunch of golf terms but the real money shot is this:

Plaintiff’s promissory estoppel claim, which was not argued in his brief, brings to mind Carl Spackler’s analysis from the movie CADDYSHACK (Orion Pictures 1980): “He’s on his final hole. He’s about 455 yards away, he’s gonna hit about a 2 iron, I think.”

Taken from The Journal and Daily Kos. Madness. -hendred

It's like an anti-tourism agency Wed May 20 2009

Study finds NYC cyclists don't obey traffic laws. As The Goat over at points out - No Shit Sherlock. But really I'm just posting for the comments. It's like they went out and rounded up the most extreme stereotype of everyone involved and had them post. There's the angry bike messenger, the delivery guy, the pedestrians who almost die every day, the earth-hugging douche, the uber-aggressive guy... the list goes on and on. Tremendous. -hendred

Back again Tue May 19 2009

The latest Amazon review fad. -hendred

There's never enough time! Mon May 18 2009

17 Controversial teen drama moments. Includes youtube clips. It's pretty sad how many of these I saw when they first aired. #5 is a true classic. -hendred

I LOL'd Sun May 17 2009 Some pretty good stuff in here. Like "Stuff White People Like" but for the PBR set.

Gallery openings are like mini-prom nights for hipsters, so dress to impress. You can take 3 routes. 1) Dress super sharp, like you're being photographed for a fashion magazine. 2) Dress like a crazy eccentric with loud colors to draw attention to yourself, although you'll be competing for attention with other needy hipsters. 3) Dress in your bar drinking dirties. This sends a message to other hipsters that you're on your way to something more interesting that doesn't require a dress code after you're done making the token gallery appearance (ironically this usually takes more effort than the other options).

How to make Iced Tea Wed May 13 2009

From derek: There's creepy, and then there's this.

The latest in 'is this a joke' news Mon May 11 2009

From naj: I somehow convinced a real life girl to marry me this past weekend. Kristen and I got engaged on Friday and we look forward to having the ceremony in the buggy room (foads only) and the finest shephards pie this side of the mississippi for the reception.

And there goes another half hour Sun May 10 2009

10 of the best drummers in the world. -hendred

Knob Gobbling Thu May 7 2009

Jeremy Jones' Alaskan Adventure. Bunch of pro snowboarders dropped themselves in the middle of nowhere Alaska to hike and ride. Storm days bring giant snow caves and riding Turkish snowboards and noboards. If I ever disappear, you can assume this is where I am. -hendred

Sorta didn't see that one coming Wed May 6 2009

Maine Governor signs gay marriage bill. I posted last week when it made it through the Senate. It made it through the House and to Baldacci. Well played.

I assume there's gonna be a ballot measure this fall about it, but apparently my finger isn't really on the pulse of Maine politics. -hendred, wondering if they passed it now for tourist season

Ummm... Thu Apr 30 2009

Typically Amazon is pretty spot-on with their recommendations and whatnot. But this time they really outdid themselves. They've somehow data-mined my soul and uncovered my unrequited love for all things Hanna Montana. Well played Well played. -hendred

Could it be.... Saaatan? Mon Apr 27 2009

Utah County Republicans reject 'Satanic' resolution

Don Larsen, a Springville delegate, offered the resolution, titled "Resolution opposing the Hate America anti-Christian Open Borders cabal," warning delegates that an "invisible government" comprised of left-wing foundations was pumping money into the Democratic Party to push for looser immigration laws and anti-family legislation.

So that's kinda par for the course, and then there's this:

But it's not the Democrats who are behind this strategy, Larsen said. It's the devil.

Which is kinda weird, but not why I posted this. This is:

Larsen said Democrats get most of the votes cast by illegal immigrants and people in dysfunctional families.

Emphasis mine. That would be an awesome mailing list. -hendred, the amused and confused

The anti-buggy Mon Apr 13 2009

Bring Your Own Bigwheel. Used to be on lombard st. in SF but they moved it this year. Toad and Mario are particularly entertaining. -hendred

Great Pics Tue Apr 7 2009

From ab: I predict a great Carnival weekend. Races look to be close with lots of wrecks. We should put the FIre Truck in the chute to collect new parts.

These two pictures are priceless: SDC hit the bales and broke stuff:

They have been rolling really fast but are having troubles making it through the chute. Spirit has spun like every other week. I'm bringing in some great beers for some alumni candy. See you Friday am.

Mmm - Population density Tue Apr 7 2009

The fight over Central Park. Cyclists vs. Joggers vs. Dog Owners. They make it sound like you can't swing a dead cat in there without hitting a douche bag of some sort. Sounds fun. -hendred

A continuing theme Mon Apr 6 2009

Zero Motorcycles stages a 24-hour race. These are the electric ones I'm always going on about. Check out the video at the bottom. -hendred

F Instanity Mon Apr 6 2009

Full lock, full drift, full gas. Middle of a race. Hang in for the absolutely classic interview with the driver at the end. -hendred

I just figured this would work out. Guess not. Fri Apr 3 2009

Last year Congress passed a bill banning lead in kids' toys - aka anyone under 12. I guess 13 year olds will get to have all the fun with X-Ray barbie and her lead-lined dress. Anyway, in the process, they ended up banning the sale of small motorcycles meant for kids. There was talk of an exemption, but now the Consumer Product Safety Commission is recommending against that.

This seems like a plot line in a crappy movie. What the hell is uncie Bri supposed to spoil his nieces and nephews with now? -hendred

Nino's whereabouts unknown Tue Mar 31 2009

Ohio man ticketed for OUI on barstool.

No, really Mon Mar 30 2009

Person You can rate people. On what kind of person they are. I'm assuming this is for real, but I'm just digging it for the comedy. -hendred

You're gonna love my nuts... Mon Mar 30 2009

From will: The Sham-wow guy got arrested. For punching a prostitute. Mugshots are priceless. I think he needs to sit the next couple plays out.

Yes, I am this competitive Fri Mar 27 2009

Going karting this weekend. Track is above. My tentative line is in black.

The track's pretty short - like 24 s/lap. I've found the key is to keep momentum up. Sound familiar?

Anyway, looking for advice on line choice especially in the 1/2 area and 5/6/7. -hendred

Security Theater - The poster! Thu Mar 26 2009

UK Homeland Security posters remixed. Look here to see the originals. The Minesweeper one is genious. -hendred the meme-follower

Talk About a Bad Week... Wed Mar 25 2009

Japanese guy survived both A-Bombs in WWII:

Mr. Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima on a business trip on Aug. 6, 1945, when an American B-29 dropped an atomic bomb on the city. He returned to Nagasaki, his hometown, before the second attack, officials said.

He's now 93. -decker

Soon I'll get to worry about being shot at work Wed Mar 25 2009

From the Financial Times:

Guns and ammunition are one growth industry in this recession, fuelled by anecdotal evidence that the econ­omic downturn has sparked an increase in crime from which Americans want to protect themselves.

The Texas Senate criminal justice committee is debating whether to permit state residents to come to work with guns in their vehicles. Proponents say as crime rises, Texans must have guns to drive safely to and from work. Critics object that, given the increasing number of Texans losing their jobs, guns in their cars is a recipe for disaster.

In November last year there were a record 1,529,635 background checks for gun licences in the US, up 42 per cent from the same period a year earlier, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In January 2009 the number of background checks re­quested was 1.21m, up from 942,556 in the same month last year, and rose in February to 1.3m, up from 1m in February 2008.

Congratulations to the founding fathers for being so clear about the right to bear arms during an era of muskets, slow loading rifles, and inacurrate pistols. -decker

UPDATE: there is now a link. I think I had written some intro with it before and scrapped it before posting.

Worst. Video Game. Ever. Tue Mar 24 2009

USAirways Hudson crash simulation with radio overlays.

Previously. -hendred

That Taleb guy's got nothing on him Mon Mar 23 2009

Front flip on a motorcycle. Landed. -hendred

Link Fixed I think DTS's code messed up the embedding.

Will they take a Volvo V50 on trade? Tue Mar 17 2009

The Animal House Deathmobile on Craigslist.

Backup if craigslist is gone.

Stolen from Jalopnik. -hendred

Hoping I never need one of these Tue Mar 17 2009

Avalanche airbags They try to keep you on top of the snow and some go over your head to protect your brains.

Video and interview of one in action. This was not a test. -hendred

Amazon Digest II Mon Mar 16 2009

Amazon review of a $500 ethernet cable. More nerdy than the last amazon review I posted and not quite as funny, but worth a laugh. -hendred

I installed one of these cables between my gigabit ethernet switch and my Canon Pixma 6700 color printer. I know it's not a sanctioned use, but I was looking for the ultimate in speed and color fidelity. I'm freaky that way.

The first time I downloaded a picture to the printer over this cable, the bits moved so fast the printer collapsed into a naked singularity, right there in my office.

Since then, I can't find the cat, and my entire set of VAX/VMS 4.7 documentation (DEC Will Rise Again!) (Mmmmm, orangey!) has gone missing.

The abyss thing? Yea. Not good. Thu Mar 12 2009

Starting around 4:00 I don't understand how everyone featured isn't dead. -hendred

WHERE'S the FU**ING OVERSIGHT?!! Wed Mar 11 2009

From orangeNickell: Like, OMG. I would TOTALLY die. OMG. This is why I mystic tan now.

Obviously I helped bring this about. Mon Mar 9 2009

The Northeast is a bastion of Godless heathens. Maybe it's correlated with ski terrain. Even Utah's rocking 14% godlessness. -hendred, who's looking forward to ME cracking the 1/3 barrier shortly

Laughter through the tears Tue Mar 3 2009

What AIG's $62 Billion loss would buy. -hendred

It could pay off the combined national debts of China, Australia, Mexico and Ukraine, according to 2008 estimates by the CIA Factbook, and still have plenty left over for a good night out.

Ship's sinking. Jump on! Tue Mar 3 2009

Sierra Snowboards has 50% off everything. If you're looking for some quality gear, it doesn't get much better than this. Burton Custom - $280.

What. The Fuck. Mon Mar 2 2009

Fires Are Big Killer of Indian Women

The summary from the study:

We estimated over 163 000 fire-related deaths in 2001 in India, which is about 2% of all deaths. This number was six times that reported by police. About 106 000 of these deaths occurred in women, mostly between 15 and 34 years of age. This age—sex pattern was consistent across multiple local studies, and the average ratio of fire-related deaths of young women to young men was 3:1.

The inference is that many of the deaths are from self-immolation and domestic abuse. I'm not sure how they control for men (I assume) being out of the house more, but it's in the Lancet, which I think is pretty well respected. Anyway, if anybody's got any thoughts, I'm all ears. -hendred

You may have noticed... Thu Feb 26 2009

We're back. Many thanks to JT for his help. Apparently this is what I get for picking a web host whose name is the same as my favorite snowboarding company.

Anyway, lemme know if anything seems to be missing. The comment, story, and vote counts all match up so those should be okay. -hendred

Way to try and play it off Thu Feb 26 2009

From oof.

Thumbs to the front please. Paging the thumbs. Wed Feb 18 2009

Your favorite past-time (aside from smoking) is now a toy. No more ruining the Robics. -hendred

Crazy people do crazy things Tue Feb 17 2009

US Muslim TV network founder BEHEADS his wife! WTF is that??!!

This is all from "notnickellforfearofislamicretaliation ":

I have long said that all organized religions are bullshit, but this "Muslim" religion takes the grand prize. Yes, there are horrific stories of killing, violence, and torture in both the Old and New Testaments, but the Koran is a "how-to" for stonings and beheadings - my personal favorites.

How about we all stop literally interpreting fairy tales written 2,000+ yrs ago??? So, does SHE get the 72-virgin AMEX gift card on this one? Or if he dies in the electric chair, does he get the virgins? As someone who's been with a virgin I can say "overrated" - too much fiddle-factor.

"Muzzammil Hassan is the founder and chief executive officer of Bridges TV, which he launched in 2004, amid hopes that it would help portray Muslims in a more positive light." -AND THEN HE BEHEADED HIS FREAKIN WIFE!!!

Again, this is all from "notnickellforfearofislamicretaliation ":

That's no moon Fri Feb 6 2009

From bean: Cost to build the Death Star roughly $15 Septillion.

You heard that right. Septillion. With a 'sept'. Which is a trillion times a trillion. Found this on imdb via or or something.

Afternoon chuckle Thu Feb 5 2009

25 Things I wish people hadn't told me on Facebook. The author's down on the whole thing. I just thought there were some funny things in the list (anchorman, gummy bears, dinosaur, etc.). -hendred

When kids get HIGH Tue Feb 3 2009

From miolla.

Travis Pastrana does a backflip on a bigwheel. Tue Feb 3 2009

From miolla.

Hopefully better than $.05's first day Wed Jan 28 2009

Snowboarder falls off cliff The third picture pretty much says it all. Going out of bounds without knowing what you're doing is bad, m'kay? -hendred

First they steal our nuts, now they burn our villages! Wed Jan 21 2009

Flaming Squirrel To Blame In Jones Wildfire From Rollins.

Wolfman Jack, I am not Tue Jan 20 2009

I have been invited to add some voice commentating to the cmuTV broadcast during this year's Sweepstakes. This is something that I take very seriously since usually the announcing sucks. I will be asking for your help soon regarding some history and some trends. I will also likely not be out on Thursday night so that I actually have a voice with which to speak. Thanks for your help in advance and pray that I don't ruin the race video for all eternity.

From ab. Filed under craziness.

Weekend note Mon Jan 19 2009

Dear guy in the ski lodge yesterday,

When it's a full-on powder day and it's still puking a few inches an hour and you're pissed off about your kids, your combover, or whatever, it's time to re-evaluate. Plus you're harshing my mellow, etc.

-hendred, buyer of $3 gatorades

Bringing it back around Fri Jan 16 2009

Who wants Shaskeys? -hendred

That answers all of my questions. Fri Jan 16 2009

How to land a jet in the water.

The guy I want up front on my next flight. -hendred the impressed

Friday Afternoon chuckle Fri Jan 16 2009

Men vs. Women in flowchart form. I like how the third one often ends in ice cream. -hendred

Funny Emo Image Tue Jan 13 2009

Come on. You know it's funny.

From miolla.

But did someone rip up the cash prize? Tue Jan 13 2009

JT brings our attention to Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong

Looks like some real psychos made it out for the comp. -hendred

Love to hate Mon Jan 12 2009

Pics of the new Ferrari F1 car. The front and rear wings are per new regulations. The mirror mounts don't make any sense from the front 3/4 view but make total sense from the front and sides. It's crazy. The top view really shows how small the cars are. -hendred

FINALLY! The Japanese come up with the greatest game show stunt ever Wed Jan 7 2009

Not Safe For Work! I humbly submit, the human slip and slide!

All from miolla.

Zhang Ziyi on the beach...yum Tue Jan 6 2009

From miolla: She is easily the hottest Chinese actress ever. (Crouching Tiger, Rush Hour 2)

Afternoon chuckle Mon Jan 5 2009

What happens when the seat isn't down on a ski lift. To quote the best Mr. Fraternity toga ever - "Caution: Explicit Bare Ass" -hendred

Afternoon pants crapping Mon Jan 5 2009

Robbie Maddison jumps up onto the Arc de Triomphe a The Paris. And then back down. [Youtube Video] The jump up is impressive. The jump down... I can't believe. This guy makes Danny Way look like a pansy. I've watched this about 20 times and every time it freaks me out. I'm gonna go buy a case of red bull just 'cause. -hendred

Quick Update Some more pics of the setup.

I a loss Fri Jan 2 2009

Barack Obama is Malcom X's son. This is incredibly long, but if you scroll down through there's a few picture comparisons and whatnot. The comments are equally priceless. God bless the internet. -hendred, secret son of Bobby Kennedy and Lucy from Peanuts.

Starting the year off right Thu Jan 1 2009

Top 50 hottest Victoria's Secret models Hot women in their underwear. Stephanie Seymour languishing at #14 is a travesty. She was Hill 3. Or 5. Or something. I can never get that pic right. -hendred, who had to do work this morning

Thats the ingredients: sugar, water, and of course, purple. Wed Dec 31 2008

It's purple stuff, like in the sunny d commercial. Except it's the "most delicious hentai soda on the market."

What's it called, you might ask. Why, it's Tentacle Grape.

All from derek.

Where Do I Get A Gumby Shirt Like That? Mon Dec 22 2008

This is way too detailed to be made up Mon Dec 15 2008

Mr. Leopold sent this along and recommended the picture section:

You may recognize her from somewhere. Like school. Looks like she's pretty good. Note to self: do not antagonize at carnival/any time. -hendred

Merry Christmas. I think... Tue Dec 9 2008

Nickell was kind enough to send me the shirt for Xmas. In other news, if you send me clothes, I guess I'll put them on and post a pic. -hendred the confused

I love the smell of conflict diamonds in the morning. Fri Dec 5 2008

I Do Now I Don' Hawking used engagement/wedding rings and other stuff. -hendred

Paging Arjen. Arjen to the front, please. Thu Dec 4 2008

Shuriken Magnets for a fridge. -hendred

Thursday Mashups Thu Dec 4 2008

13 Rap/Kid show mashups. I recommend 3, 12, 13 for starters. Marked NSFW for lyrical content. -jm

Apparently pw2r and .05 are from the streets Tue Dec 2 2008

Youngstown is the 15th most dangerous city in America. No, really. -hendred

The comments are ridiculous as well.

That wolf does have nice eyes Sat Nov 29 2008

I can't turn away. It's so bad. -hendred

Onion headline or not?? Thu Nov 20 2008

All Jim: "I laughed my ass off when I spotted this headline on IMDB." -jm

Quick Update Link fixed to be permanent. The hilarity continues. -hendred

So what's up with that one part of Tennesee ? Wed Nov 19 2008

Map shows cotton-pickin' areas and obama-votin' areas. The correlation is crazy. -hendred

Le-gen-da-ry Wed Nov 19 2008

Guy assaults two karaoke performers that suck. They apparently didn't do a good job with Holy Diver (and the Guitar Hero takeover continues).

I told him he should find a better vending machine for his jewelry," Mischler recalled, adding that the comment angered the heckler, who himself had earlier performed an Eminem song. Mischler said he was concerned about reports claiming that he did a mocking version of "Holy Diver." "I genuinely love Ronnie James Dio," he said.

Not really in the "Why didn't I think of that" category... Wed Nov 19 2008

Bike Hero It's Guitar Hero. But with a bicycle. Worth a laugh. -hendred

Da biggest shocker... yada yada yada Thu Nov 6 2008

Illinois lottery pick 3 was 6-6-6 on the day obama was elected The other Bruce Dickinson wants some royalties out of the deal. -hendred

Afternoon moment of zen Tue Nov 4 2008

Live webcam of some Shiba Inu puppies. -hendred

When you can't pop bottles - kill a damn bull! Tue Nov 4 2008

All from Nickell: I wonder who parties the hardest? The Husseins or the Obamas??

Those Japanese and a Monkey Thu Oct 23 2008


I hate Sarah Palin. Wed Oct 22 2008

I was gonna go get all the great clips from The Daily Show on Monday night, because they're awesome. Somebody else already did. -hendred

My new personal hero Fri Oct 17 2008

Hedge Fund Manager says Peace Out. It's basically a glorified version of "F You. F You. F You. You're Cool." I love it. CHendred sent this one along. -hendred

See you next weekend Tue Oct 14 2008

From ab: It's on paper, so I guess it's official. For those in the 'burgh for homecoming, there will be a few alumni events that yours truly and Mr. Wood will be participating in. See you there. Oh, I'm bringing the two essentials for a monumental weekend in Pittsburgh. . . .a 30-pack of Old Milwaukee and Bean.

Check out the Saturday, 11:30am event. (I really wanted to combine the Craziness/Douchebaggery code into something like Crazy Douchebaggery preemptively) p-p-p-pickle, coke, super sized, and an M&M and Oreo M-M-M-McFlurry Tue Oct 14 2008

It's back baby...Monopoly at McDs!

From you-know-who.

Making me wish I had implemented the "Great Tag Line" Function. -hendred

Uhhh.. Uh.. Uh... Wow Tue Oct 14 2008

The guy that beat Lance Armstrong.

In a scene they described afterward, Wiens moved aside with about 10 miles to go to let Armstrong take the lead as they headed onto an uphill trail. This time, however, Armstrong told Wiens: “No. Go. I’m done.”

Wiens, known to cheer on competitors even midrace, replied: “No. Come on.”

“Go,” Armstrong said.

Skipping? Thu Oct 9 2008

From will: Check out Green Team, the newest seller on amazon. I came across them when I was comparing prices for that beautiful TV they have listed. Other fun items for sale:

- 6 quart pressure cooker: $25,000

- Weight Watchers food journal + meal guide + bag: $10,000

- Digital webcam tripod: $100,000

And for the more frugal shopper:

- Skipping: $50

- Spicy corn ships: $3,000

- Indian basmati rice: $250

- Baseball knee guards: $200

Hurry in, offer ends soon...

Instant Karma's a bitch Wed Oct 8 2008

Lehman Brother's CEO defends himself to Congress. Apparently he only got about $60 million in cash, in which case I really do feel bad for him. I mean, who can live on that?

Oh yea, and he got knocked the f*@k out! Boo-ya. -hendred

Cow-pun title Wed Oct 1 2008

Cementing Ohio's position as greatest state of all time
Crazy cow lady

this is from derek. I could not think of a good cow-pun title. plus I wasn't sure if he wanted me to leave that as the title, because he's so meta. -decked

It's pretty sad when an Onion article comes the closest to nailing my politicial views on this election Mon Sep 29 2008

From Jim: 60 Million People You'd Never Talk To Voting For Other Guy

"The report also confirmed that even if you were able to communicate with these other citizens, your passion and conviction would never be enough to convince them not to vote for their candidate, just as they would never be able to convince you not to vote for your candidate, and just as nobody can convince anybody else that what they believe to be right is wrong, regardless of how clear the evidence to the contrary may be."

Ummm... WTF? Sun Sep 28 2008

Palin's pastor blocking the forces of witchcraft against her. Thank goodness. The craziness tag beat the crap out of the politics tag on this one. -hendred the non-saved

Quick update Olbermann has the full story.

SFW PORN IS HERE! Fri Sep 26 2008

From miolla: Many have seen the Microsoft paint cover ups of actual porn images. This is the trailer for those photos. Someone spent a lot of time on this one.

Marking this one NSFW. Sorry if anyone got fired. -hendred

Mid-day chuckle Thu Sep 25 2008

When more than 3 in 10 Harvard MBAs head for Wall Street, run for the hills. -hendred

Paging Bob... Looks like you need another graduate degree... From Middlebury Mon Sep 22 2008

Muggle Quidditch at Middlebury and other schools. The snitch is actually a dude. -hendred

God is pissed they mentioned his name in the song Mon Sep 22 2008

I don't even know. It's religious, and fantastic. From derek.

He's back. In POG form. Mon Sep 22 2008

Remember the guy with the wing and four rockets strapped to his back?

He's still alive. And he's gonna fly over the English Channel. -hendred

Ike Pics Fri Sep 19 2008

A good collection of Ike photos. Number 24 is a little creepy. -decker

Hey, I'm Pavel Canada Wed Sep 17 2008

All ab: When Mike Vick renamed himself "Ron Mexico" a savvy geek made the "Ron Mexico Name Generator."

I am Pavel Canada.

Now, there is the Sarah Palin name generator.

I am Guzzle Red Palin. I kind of like it, gives me an excuse to drink.

Sweet Jebus Sat Sep 13 2008

Insane downhill skateboarding video Hang in until around 2:30. -hendred

Quick Update I also laughed my ass off at this.

Apparently he now goes 'Owwwwwwww' Wed Sep 10 2008

Nature Boy Ric Flair beat up by daughter's boyfriend. -hendred

Dear Boot, Mon Sep 8 2008

Please prepare your guest bedroom.

Your pal,


Who wouldn't be nervous? Wed Sep 3 2008

Pedophile nervous for first day of school.

"After I get to know some of the kids, I could ask them if they like video games, and if they say yes, I could invite them over after school to play my Nintendo Wii," Dengal said. "And then later that week we could have a sleepover, and we could all watch scary movies, and try out the new camera I just got, and eat pizza until we pass out."

Friday fluff Fri Aug 29 2008

Hairdresser offers mullet removal for free.

The East Bremerton man was proud to remove his bandanna and display his locks during a recent visit to the Kitsap County Fair & Stampede, but he denied he had a mullet.

"I just like to keep it longer in the back and have it shorter on the top and sides."

- Insert Xtreme Joke Here - Tue Aug 19 2008

Now, I can kinda understand those surfers who go out into the swells prior to a hurricane making landfall... that said, i have no idea why this guy figured it would be fun to KITE BOARD when a hurricane is coming. Apparently his kite snagged a water spout and flung him into a building.

The video is less gruesome than it sounds. - jted

PS - After my move goes through, I will make an attempt to start helping out with the site again

oldie but a goodie Mon Aug 18 2008

All from boot: All for Nickel, who called BS on me when i brought up that the japanese created a square watermelon so it would be easy to cut and fit into their sideways fridges

and that last reference is from one of my favorite SNL sketches . If anyone can find this video, it will be much appreciated.

Nothing like a preggo chick cake Sat Aug 16 2008

Cake Wrecks -hendred

Have good mosh pitting Sat Aug 16 2008

Goat yells like a man.

All from Jay Park. Title reference here.

Robbing the train at work... Thu Aug 14 2008

Not Safe For Work! Dude works the night shift and is suspected of enjoying his own company during work hours so they decide to film him over night. Their hunch was correct. Stay in for the end kicker.

From miolla.

Uh oh. As if Allah wasn't mad enough at the United States... Mon Aug 11 2008 we've arrested him on coke charges.

Link from will. -decker

Supernerd builds Batman Tumbler Wed Aug 6 2008

Place your bets on the last time this dude got laid.

From miolla.

You can find anything on Youtube. Wed Aug 6 2008

Nickell asks: Is this really funny? Or am I really drunk?

So... where can I get one of these? Thu Jul 31 2008


Craigslist missed connections is always good fun... Tue Jul 29 2008

From miolla: You can never tell the authenticity of these but this seems like a true story.

Best Guiness Ad EVER? Tue Jul 29 2008

Must be one of those crazy German commercials. NSFW and highly entertaining.

81 Awesome Animated GIFs Fri Jul 25 2008

Not Safe For Work! Stolen from Holy Taco. Most are NSFW

NSFW example.

From miolla.

Junior bacon Wed Jul 23 2008

Little kid aims toy radar gun at cars for fun. I'd suggest he starts pre-cutting his underwear. -hendred

This what's happening in India with those crazy Indians (a.k.a. The Motorcyle Laydown Text) Mon Jul 14 2008

From miolla.

Puppies. Fri Jul 11 2008

From Rollins:

Yup that's just about the cutest thing ever.

My name is Kelly Wed Jul 2 2008

If tattoos told the truth. 20 pictures worth. -hendrix

Yo Weatherfood! You're Ultimate Bachelor Pad Addition Awaits Wed Jul 2 2008

All from miolla (including the tag).

The Wendy's dollar menu challenge has a new friend Tue Jul 1 2008

Dude tries to eat all 12 McDonald's value meals in one sitting. He makes it to ten. There's a video. -hendrix

Random monday pic Mon Jun 30 2008


I say Morry, you say... Sun Jun 22 2008

Disposable cardboard box... for me to poop in. I really only posted this for the tag line. -hendrix

No mention of Chief's Sun Jun 22 2008

A bunch of dive bars from various cities. No Pittsburgh bars mentioned. -hendrix

Anybody heard from Burch? Tue Jun 17 2008

Plane lands on I-95 with engine problem. Fixes it, takes off again. -hendrix

Friday diversion Fri Jun 13 2008

Rapper or Holy Roller? Various quotes espousing homophobia. Match 'em up with the rapper or preacher that said them. I apparently hate the player and the game. -hendrix

Stereotypes exist for a reason Thu Jun 12 2008

Black female official sues NASCAR for $250 million. If you guessed it was because NASCAR's really boring, you'd be wrong. It's for wrongful termination, hostile work environment, etc. I'm not sure what warrants the 250 mil, but I'm guessing that's to grab headlines. Check out the PDF complaint if you've got time. If even 1/10th of what she says is true, that's just messed up. -hendrix

My degree in applied physics isn't even on the chart Wed Jun 11 2008

XKCD on the purity of the sciences -hendrix

Wha? Tue Jun 10 2008

This popped up while checking out some terrible coverage of the candidates' tax plans.

Why on earth would I take the ten second poll when I could take the five second poll? That's valuable time that could be wasted elsewhere.

And who would actually go to the second link and think "You know what, that Cindy is great. John's got my vote."? -hendrix

Tuesday chuckle Tue Jun 10 2008

The passive-aggresive anger release machine I laughed. -hendrix

Morning FAIL Fri Jun 6 2008

From miolla.

A Subway Pole Dancer Wed Jun 4 2008

Not Safe For Work! Next Stop Downtown Montreal! File this under "Ideas I Wish I Thought Of."

From miolla.

Wish I had this at my Cinco De Mayo party Thu May 29 2008

A Pinata shaped like a woman's ass. Mildly NSFW since you can barely tell what the hell it actually is. All from miolla.

Grandpa pwned by Beer Pong Table Tue May 27 2008

Grandpa Owned At Beer Pong - Watch more free videos

From Miolla, so odds of repost are high. Even so, it's still good for a cheap laugh at each of our Ghosts of Carnival Future.

Again, the goggles are useless. Tue May 27 2008

Terrifying photo "re-touching" If you click on one link all day, make it this link. Stolen from Fark by hendrix.

Best Buy Dance Off - Stolen from Break Thu May 22 2008

Best Buy Dance Off - Watch more free videos

From miolla.

Who run Barter Town? Mon May 19 2008

From Deadspin, a drunken monkey flip book from The Preakness.

From will.

Dude undresses chick with Mechanical Shovel... Mildly NSFW Mon May 19 2008

Stripped by a Mechanical Shovel! - video powered by Metacafe

Those crazy Italians! -from miolla.

To infiinity... and a little further Fri May 16 2008

Dude with jet powered wing soars over the Alps. He jumps out a plane at 7500 ft, lights up 4 small jets, and gets up to 180mph. They are brass and they clank when he walks. -hendrix

The smartest 13 year olds in the world Thu May 15 2008

They got a credit card in their fathers name, went on a $30k shopping spree then ordered hookers. And that's not even the best part of the story. Read on. From miolla.

Just seems like a bad idea Wed May 14 2008

LA Cyclists use freeway - beat traffic. For anybody that's ever been on a freeway in CA during rush hour, this should come as no surprise. Knowing how much drivers hate motorcycles lane-splitting, I can't believe they didn't get doored. -hendrix

Afternoon chuckle Wed May 14 2008

Google starts blurring faces on the StreetView portion of Google Maps. Some amusing unintended consequences result. -hendrix

No word of the free flip-flops or donuts... Tue May 13 2008 Yes, this is for Amp energy drink. But it made me laugh, so here it is. -hendrix

MEGAN FOX TOPLESS! Tue May 13 2008

From miolla: Yes. The hot chick from Transformers. She's even got some crazy tats. She must be a total head case... Which somehow makes her hotter.

Ceiling Cat Watches You Masturbate. Tue May 13 2008

Or perhaps Jesus catches you in the act. Courtesy of Double Viking via GodTube. A little long but pretty funny. From miolla.

Are people from Darwin eligable for Darwin awards? Tue May 13 2008

Guy puts seat belt on 30-pack and not child. All from Dean.

Update Link fixed.

Keystone clown van Mon May 12 2008

Cop tries to catch guys jumping from van. It's almost like an ad for dual sliding doors. Taken from boingboing. -hendrix

You can bet your green weinie Fri May 9 2008

Myron Cope rap. Seriously. From will.

Dolores Umbridge comes alive Thu May 8 2008

School principal compiles list of couples at school to cut down on PDA. Outs a couple students in the process.

Compiling some sort of useless list in the first place is ridiculous and asinine. Posting it for all to see (not just teachers) takes it up a notch. Calling the gay kid's mom and outing him is the most ridiculous thing I've heard this week. She needs fired (goin' out to bean-o) yesterday. -hendrix

Can they put frikkin' laser beams on their heads? Wed May 7 2008

Louisiana prison has several bears roaming the grounds. The warden seems to think they'll maul escapees, but apparently bears are shy. Anyway, amusing nonetheless. -hendrix

So, all hurricanes are acts of God? OK Tue May 6 2008

Rev Hagee, Christian nutjob, endorses McCain. McCain digs it. [video] -hendrix

Monday morning distraction Mon May 5 2008

Suzuki samurai jump. [video] NSFW due to language. From dhendrix. I've seen this previously, but not sure if it's been re-posted.

In case your kids don't think they're loved... Thu Apr 24 2008

A $122,000 playset. Granted, this thing's pretty awesome. I try to let people spend/waste their money however they want, but if you're spending $122k on a playset, please reconsider. The rest of the site is pretty nuts as well. -hendrix

God is a Pike Mon Apr 21 2008

Nate sent this along: I'm not overly superstitious, but some weird stuff happened leading up to the buggy races in 2005 when we won the 4peat that can only be explained as Divine Intervention.

This morning I opened my browser to check some email. My Google homepage has some random Chuck Norris facts, weather, headlines, stock ticker, my email, and's word of the day on it.

Today's is chimera.

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?

jm posted this in the comments earlier today as well. -hendrix

Damn. Sat Apr 19 2008

I am officially speechless. -hendrix

Do Do Do Wed Apr 16 2008

Super Mario theme played with an RC car and bottles. You just have to watch.

Maine Represent? Tue Apr 15 2008

GTA Live! comes to Portland, ME A 19 year old guy recently lit up 10 cars in Portland within a few hours. It's been pretty big news around here, but when it popped up on Jalopnik, I realized we've made the big time. If you check out the Google map, my apartment is about 2 blocks from fires 6,8,9, and 10. The official support vehicle of is still going strong, though. -hendrix

That place is crazy Fri Apr 11 2008

Kids in the Hall sketch - Rape Kevin

From derek.


This is a friend of mine who can "improve whatever crap you're doing online... by some sort of measurable."

From miolla.

Why isn't this guy a Pike? Mon Apr 7 2008

From miolla.

W.T.F. Sun Apr 6 2008

Insane archery skills. Hang in for the finale. -hendrix

Big Bird's always been down. Sat Apr 5 2008

Sesame Street covers NWA -hendrix

Busta Deuce Tue Apr 1 2008

Busta Rhymes confronts British lady calling him 'ignorant'. [Video] Pretty funny, really. -hendrix

World Record Time to Solve Rubik's Cube Thu Mar 27 2008

This is impressive. From oof.

Show me your wiener... dog Tue Mar 18 2008

Automated tennis ball launcher for use by wiener dog. (Video) I couldn't stop laughing about this. -hendrix

I'm actually a personal shopper. Tue Mar 18 2008

Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit. (Video) -hendrix

Imagine a three-some with Miss Team South Carolina and this Chick Fri Mar 14 2008 - Watch more free videos

From miolla.

For once, I'm speechless. Tue Mar 11 2008

A Youtube video. Caldeira submitted this with the tagline. -hendrix

Stop laughing at me clown! Wed Mar 5 2008

-a la miolla

Japanese Bug Fights Wed Mar 5 2008

Japanese Bug Fights
Just like everything else Japanese, this makes absolutely no sense. It's like UFC, but with bugs. I think that meanss the beatles are like Kimbo Slice meets the Ultimate Warrior. From derek.

'Green' outcry gone crazy Wed Mar 5 2008

Environmentalists pissed flight flew London-Chicago with five passengers.

ab sent this in along with the following: This type of flight is called a ferry flight. If a jet goes down somewhere, a new jet must fill in somewhere to take its place. In this case, they used the ferry jet to move some passengers too. If you don't think this is green enough for your tastes, then the alternative will be sitting in Heathrow for 3 days waiting to fill an empty seat on a previously scheduled flight.

Balancing out that last one... Wed Mar 5 2008

Video of the Travis Pastrana skydive w/o a parachute. -hendrix

Welcome to Bolivia. Don't die. Tue Mar 4 2008

The road of death. Pictures of a 'road' in Bolivia. -hendrix

Calling the non-existent ball Tue Mar 4 2008

Airliner avoids massive accident due to wind gust. Just watch the video. -hendrix

Friday brain diversion Fri Feb 29 2008

WWF Superstars action figure quiz. I thought I'd do okay on this. I did not. 43%. I expect full marks from Shek and Blum. -hendrix. Update Link fixed.

Just... wow. Thu Feb 28 2008 This guy is dead serious about hating on American/western women and marriage. I'm just posting this for the car-wreck aspect of it. -hendrix

Dey got disease! Mon Feb 25 2008

Yappin Yinzers. Pretty much DVE in a doll. -jm

A friend of mine makes these. They're pretty funny. -hendrix

Now available at Home Depot Sat Feb 23 2008

A nice little PSA. (Youtube Video) From the (slightly elder) Simmonsi via Bean.

Oscar the Grouch Prank Tue Feb 19 2008


Even if this is staged, that kid gets wailed on. - JT

18 year time suck Thu Feb 14 2008

From Rollins:

Just wanted to let you guys know that my wife Heather had a baby boy on Saturday night. His name is Nolan and he's happy and healthy. He's also been kind enough to let me sleep a few hours the past couple of nights, so I got that going for me.

Europeans, they're just like us Mon Jan 21 2008

A description is useless. What we have here is a short exposition involving a Brit anchorman, and his dislike for the quality of his underwear. I think they should have a good old fashioned test, involving an alumni*, and a door hinge.

Paxman said they would discuss topics including "pants and elastic" -jm via Philippe

The Vagina Couch! YES! Fri Jan 18 2008

Not Safe For Work! Stolen from Gizmodo. Exactly what the title suggests. Someone should forward this to L-Rod. -brought to you by miolla.

An entire organization on crazy pills Wed Jan 16 2008

An interview with Cara Duckworth, spokeswoman for the RIAA. All from derek.

Guy drives through mini mart window. THEN TRIED TO BUY SHIT! Sat Jan 12 2008

Best Car Thru Mini Mart Ever - Watch more free videos

From miolla.

So... Are They Still Doing It Or What? Sat Jan 12 2008

A couple recently had their marriage annulled after discovering that they were in fact twins separated at birth. -decker

Dogs finally get their very own Real Doll Mon Jan 7 2008

I certainly don't want to be the one who cleans this thing out... yuck. From miolla, in case you couldn't guess.

formatting is for suckerchumps Fri Jan 4 2008

From Derek:

Drunk man convinces elderly couple he just came from a halloween party and to let him in.

Man banned from all-you-can-eat restaurant. Homer J Simpson vs. Captain Guy will be cited when case goes to trial.

Apparently the site ate the first entry so I had to guess what the Simpson's reference was. Sorry about that. -hendrix

Do Kayaks Have Bathrooms? Thu Jan 3 2008

Because I would be shitting my shorts. - JT

The Sat Dec 29 2007

Not Safe For Work! A new scent that smells like a woman. I'll leave it at that. Oh. And that the scent and everything having to do with this new product is NSFW.

In the words of Bean: This Post Brought to You by Jay Miolla.

How many five year olds can you fight? Sat Dec 29 2007

From miolla:

20Apparently I could take out two of these little buggers.

So is she single? Fri Dec 28 2007

Woman arrested for DUI with a .55 BAC. You read that right. -hendrix

This Girl's Trouble... Thu Dec 20 2007

Philadelphia anchorwoman is arrested in Manhattan for punching a cop in the face. She also sent Rich Eisen pictures of herself in a bikini, which were intercepted by Eisen's wife earlier this year.

Speaking of hot news anchors, our old friend Melissa Theuriau has been spotted topless.

That last link is NSFW. -decker

That's what's happening in Japan with those Japanese. Part 3 Mon Dec 17 2007

From miolla.

Someone got paid to make this animation? Mon Dec 17 2007

From miolla.

In other news, breathe in and out Sun Dec 16 2007

How to cut spending if you spoil your kids. If this isn't obvious to you, please pick up your computer or keyboard and hit yourself over the head. And if it is obvious, feel free to drive to Salt Lake and beat up these people. -hendrix

Another evening chuckle Fri Dec 14 2007

Sweet wheelbarrow race moves. -hendrix

That's what's happening in Japan with those Japanese. Part 2 Thu Dec 13 2007

From miolla.

XTREME Base Jumping Tue Dec 11 2007

Are you kidding me??

From Brick.

Oh Maine, you so crazy. Tue Dec 11 2007

Wanted: Chicken plucking machine. This appears to be for reals. Thanks to DHendrix for this one.

Congratulations Jessica Simpson Thu Dec 6 2007

...for winning "the contest." Seen here preparing for a rhino. -decker

More questions before you can vote Tue Dec 4 2007

Poll finds more Americans believe in devil than Darwin

"On the other hand only 16 percent of born-again Christians, compared to 43 percent of Catholics and 30 percent of Protestants, believe in Darwin's theory of evolution."

So if someone says they're a born-again Christian, there's an 84% chance they're a complete fucking moron. Good to know. If you're curious, here are the full poll results with breakdowns. -hendrix

My new favorite way to fly... Spirit Airlines! Mon Dec 3 2007

From miolla.

2 Girls 1 Cup and 1 Grandma Mon Dec 3 2007

All from miolla.

Anyone seen L-Rod lately? Fri Nov 30 2007

From polega: College-student-cum-porn-star disappears.

I knew I should have gone to a state school. And yes, Bean, I wrote that like that just for you...and I think it's even valid english.

Best quote from TFA: "Sander's brother, Jacob Sander, confirmed that the nude woman pictured on the site is his sister."

Best Piece of Canadian Video Not Involving Mullets or Word Thu Nov 29 2007

Canuck PSA on the dangers of grease. I think Tom provides enough anecdotal evidence that this is a little hyperbolic. Stolen from Deadspin. -jm

Anyone Have Pictures to Share... Mon Nov 19 2007

...from a recent wedding in Pittsburgh of a certain DTS editor?

If so, please post links here. I want to see what I missed. -decker

2 Girls 1 Cup Sun Nov 11 2007

Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!Not Safe For Work!

From miolla: This video has somehow made the rounds. It's the most NSFW thing that I have ever posted. How this stuff exists is beyond me. That said, John Mayer did a really funny parody with a hip hop dude (John Legend?).

Wow. Miolla isn't kidding. It really isn't even safe for home (NSFH). And it's also NSFAM or Not Safe For After Meals.

Wedding Weekend Drinking Schedule Mon Nov 5 2007

For those of you who will be in Pittsburgh this weekend for the wedding, here are the plans for nightlife. Please spread the word and feel free to invite whoever...

The Friday night get together will start at Doc's in Shadyside (map) and probably move across the street to the Shady Grove around Midnight. I would shoot to be at Doc's around 8:30 to 9pm... we should have an area set aside for our use on the second floor, although we may just have to stake a claim to our own spot (which won't be too difficult). The rehearsal dinner attendees will be coming to Doc's directly from the dinner, so we will meet you there.

After the reception on Saturday, buses will be stopping at hotels to drop off any weaklings and then immediately continuing on to Bar Louie in Station Square (map).

As for Sunday, if you are sticking around to watch the 1pm games, we have the second floor of The Buckhead Saloon in Station Square (map) reserved. Parking is available in Station Square and please try to show up between 12:30 - 1.


Take that, The Man! Wed Oct 31 2007

Former Narcotics officer puts out DVD on How to not get busted. For carrying the drugs, that is. Apparently he arrested a few of the wrong people so the cops came after him. So he's turning the tables. Pigs fighting pigs. Awesome. -hendrix

Sounds like a challenge Fri Oct 26 2007

Proclaimed the best drinking stories in history. From dean.

To foster good relations, Hudson shared his brandy with the tribal chief, who soon passed out. But upon waking up the next day, he asked Hudson to pour some more for the rest of his tribe. From then on, the Indians referred to the island as Manahachtanienk -- literally, "The High Island."

And not "high" as in "tall;" high as in "the place where we got blotto." Most people would agree that Manhattan has stayed true to the spirit of its name ever since.

Super cool Fri Oct 26 2007

'Reverse Graffiti' Artist Creates Tunnel of Skulls Be sure to check out the video. -hendrix

Miolla? Wed Oct 24 2007

Tremendous flyer for a dog. Not a lost dog. Just a dog.

Wait... what now? Tue Oct 23 2007

National Geographic profile of a man with no short term memory and a woman who remembers everything.

EP has two types of amnesia—anterograde, which means he can't form new memories, and retrograde, which means he can't remember old memories either, at least not since 1960. His childhood, his service in the merchant marine, World War II—all that is perfectly vivid. But as far as he knows, gas costs less than a dollar a gallon, and the moon landing never happened.

"My memory flows like a movie—nonstop and uncontrollable," says AJ. She remembers that at 12:34 p.m. on Sunday, August 3, 1986, a young man she had a crush on called her on the telephone. She remembers what happened on Murphy Brown on December 12, 1988. And she remembers that on March 28, 1992, she had lunch with her father at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She remembers world events and trips to the grocery store, the weather and her emotions. Virtually every day is there. She's not easily stumped.

I can only assume this was Bordick Tue Oct 16 2007

Video of an F/A-18 Hornet producing a vapor cone. Awesome. -hendrix

Say goodbye to some of your time Tue Oct 16 2007

13 awesome Cirque du Soleil clips. The ladder thing at the end is ridonculous. -hendrix

Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk Mon Oct 15 2007

From Will: Here's an article about a guy who collects obscene trading cards. Not porn cards, just regular cards with dirty things mistakenly on them. Kind of an interesting story, but a must post for this wtf one:


From Rollins.

Chinese guys working at a factory INSIDE a metal press.

Phantom Phone Vibrations Thu Oct 11 2007

From Brick: Do you suffer from these?

Crazy Germans at it again.... Mon Oct 8 2007

From bw: Holy crap...this may make your stomach quesy if you get motion sickness.

What Do These Links Have in Common? Mon Oct 1 2007


20 Greatest Interviews of the 20th Century, including one with Adolf HItler from 1923 that includes the quote, "...we must expand eastward" and, "In my scheme of the German state, there will be no room for the alien, no use for the wastrel, for the usurer or speculator, or anyone incapable of productive work."

A U.S. naval base shaped like a swastika. -decker

Monday Morning Chuckle Mon Oct 1 2007

The "secret draft" of the new citizenship test. From DHendrix.

3) Identify and briefly describe the contributions of at least three of the following four influential Americans
a. SpongeBob Squarepants
b. Tony Soprano
c. Ronald McDonald
d. Paula Abdul

I Guess She Really Had to Go... Thu Sep 27 2007

This girl is 100% wasted, which is amusing. But the best part is at the 1:10 mark. -decker

Morning chuckle Wed Sep 26 2007

Malaysian guy's wife chops off his wang. Not really that funny, but check out the pic Reuter's is using... -hendrix


My new favorite web site of all time Tue Sep 25 2007

Cops writing Pigs bitch about getting tickets from other pigs for speeding, etc. And they're serious. -hendrix

The other kind of silent but deadly Tue Sep 25 2007

Female Ninjas Rob Gas Station near Pittsburgh. There's a video too. Thanks to Brick for this one.

The Ultimate Rally? Mon Sep 24 2007

On air puke. To quote Whitesnake, is this love, that I'm feeling? -jm

First, I was worried about what people would think, especially my bosses. But then I thought, well, everybody needs to spew sometimes.

'dem streets be steep Wed Sep 19 2007

World's steepest streets - da Burgh has #1. From Derek.

Why settle for a lot when you can have more? Sun Sep 9 2007

NYTimes profile of people who buy multiple apartments and combine them. I started pulling ridiculous sections, but then realized the entire article is ridiculous. Keep an eye out for the requisite "architectural integrity" douche as well. -hendrix

Jim and Cara Wedding pics Tue Sep 4 2007

From miolla.

It's that boy who laughs at everyone. Let's laugh at him! Tue Aug 28 2007

Portland, OR water bureau catches fountain 'soap bomber'. Public humiliation served up on the web. If nothing else, scroll down to the comment by 'Mairage' and marvel at its grammar.

Late Friday chuckle Fri Aug 24 2007

Motorcycle for sale - current owner really likes it. The second pic (and some of his spelling) made me laugh. -hendrix.

Modified Carnival Mud Slide? Fri Aug 24 2007

Found this on Gizmodo... I can't believe this didn't go horribly wrong - JT

Bean's whereabouts unconfirmed. Colbert unavailable for comment. Mon Aug 20 2007

Drunk Serb eaten by bears.

D'oh! Thu Aug 16 2007

$1.5 million yacht nose dives into the water. Not sure who was johnny on the spot with the camera, but nice work. Worth a click through.

Are you regular? Fri Aug 10 2007

The subtleties of this commercial are fantastic. - Oof

This shit's got...monetary value? Tue Aug 7 2007

From Bean: Thief swallows stolen necklace; is then fed various items by police in order to purge said necklace from his innards.

Tremendous license plate spotting of the week Tue Aug 7 2007

This plate is from Rollins.

You know how I know you're G-A-Y? Tue Aug 7 2007

From miolla: You have a Hello Kitty armband on. You live in Thailand. You are a cop. You do something bad. You'll be shamed by having to wear a Hello Kitty armband around the office.

Virtual Pet online Thu Aug 2 2007

From miolla: An extremely creepy flash movie with an interactive dog. I assume for those who are allergic.

Little People, Big Pig Wed Aug 1 2007

From miolla: It's a "Two-fer" Wednesday. the Dad from Little People Big World was arrested for a DUI. Meanwhile, after his LPA meeting, Gary Coleman was arrested for getting into a bitchfight, with a bitch.

This cries for a "Little People Gone Wild" DVD series.

Greek Sing on crack Mon Jul 30 2007

From miolla: 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at practice!

Jesus Has Returned Tue Jul 17 2007

As a former Soviet and Serbian traffic cop, apparently. He has 5,000 followers. Someone should give them a copy of this.


While we're on the Worlds Tallest man Mon Jul 16 2007

He met the worlds smallest.

From miolla.

A Better Way To Deal with Criminals? Fri Jul 13 2007

An armed burglar broke into a home, but had a change of heart after being offered a glass of wine and some cheese. He then asked for hugs before leaving. No one was harmed. -decker

Best man gift idea for Jimmy Stats Tue Jul 10 2007

When a flask just won't do it.

From miolla.

Ummm Yeah... This is a rock bands new t-shirt design Thu Jul 5 2007

- miolla

C Diddy Air Guitar Champion - Asian Jack Black? Tue Jul 3 2007

From miolla:

The Iron Sheik makes his comeback Thu Jun 28 2007

From miolla: For those who listen to Howard Stern, you may have heard the bits of Iron Sheik from appearences on Sirius. Apparently he shotgunned five 40 ozs and did an interview on the Farrell show (not Will) but then walked around to studios and got on the air in a few of them. This priceless appearance was from OutQ, yes the Sirius Gay Channel.

Happy Go Skateboarding Day Wed Jun 27 2007

An Arkansas Policeman goes ballistic on a group of teenaged skateboarders (including a female) for basically doing nothing. This is so bad that I thought it was staged, but apparently the follow up is that the teens are facing minor charges and the cop is on leave. - JT

Young kids, young kids, whatcha gonna do...

Fainting Goats Sat Jun 23 2007

They're goats... that faint. Heard a reference to them on Conan, so I looked them up. My favorite part is about 50 seconds in. -decker

Benson, nobody does the robot anymore... Wed Jun 20 2007

From will: People are racing camels using robots as jockeys. Read that last sentence again.

Filed under "Craziness" cus there's no "Robot S&M" category.

Russia Sounds Awesome! Wed Jun 20 2007

A study claims that 43% of all Russian men between the ages of 25 and 54 are killed by "problem drinking," which includes "excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits, and consumption of non-beverage alcohol such as cleaning agents, colognes and medical tinctures."

In Soviet Russia, you don't pour vodka; vodka pours you! -decker

Transformers Nerd Alert! Tue Jun 19 2007

All Miolla: Footage or dudes who made real transforming costumes. "Which one of those buttons calls your parents to come pick you up..."

The Title Say It All Tue Jun 19 2007

Cat who look like Hilter. Like the Jigga Man, "what more can I say?" -jm

Japanese Tetris Fri Jun 15 2007

Another wacky Japanese game show.

Thanks to Oof for the link.

Are you listening, man? Thu Jun 14 2007

Behind the scenes of the latest Easterns Motors commercial. Appearances by Randle El, McGahee, Santana Moss and the Chief. Filed under "craziness" cus there's no "bat shit craziness" category.

cookiewillister beat me too it - jm

You, Sir, are indeed a pepper. Thu Jun 7 2007

Will: Not sure how exactly this works, but man drives his wheelchair in front of a semi, semi starts moving, man get wheelchair stuck in grill of semi, man goes for a ride.

Nuts, I had logged on to submit this story myself

Which brings me to my next point: Don't smoke crack. Mon Jun 4 2007

A woman named Tonya Bell, who had been "smoking crack all day long" drove her station wagon through a crowded festival in Southeast DC, injuring about 40 people. Witnesses say she appeared to be laughing as it happened. She may also work for the former crack smoker mayor of DC, Marion Barry.

This quote is a bad sign for Tonya:

"When they said it was Tonya Bell," Tillman said, "it didn't surprise me, because she's got issues." -decker

Welcome to my neck of the woods ... Fri May 25 2007

...with every Southern redneck child pumping a deer/hog/squirrel/cat full of lead. Note the "congrats" at the end of the article.

-submitted by J Nickell

It's Worse Than You Can Imagine Mon May 21 2007

Conan, Selleck, and Stamos compare belly buttons on Late Night with Conan O'brien... just watch. - JT

Your Hear That? Wed May 16 2007

Bears. Apparently an entire neighborhood of Bradbury, CA is menstruating. -jm

You got beat up by girl? Tue May 15 2007

From miolla: Dee Synder got sucker punched sometime back in the 80's then he proceeds to beat the sh!t out of the loser who made the first move. Just looks way too funny with the pink pants and the huge hair.

Apparently the instructor from Pilotwings has taken up cheering. Mon May 14 2007

Don't drop the cheer stick.

This was a featured image in Newsweek last week. Classic.

BTH is the current holder of the "Most Obscure Reference" Championship belt. Well done, sir. -jm

DU Is Pulling a DTD... Wed Apr 25 2007

...and losing their house to a Sorority. DG will be replacing DU on the quad this summer. Apprently DU is not renewing their lease due to financial reasons... maybe a house has finally decided to try the off-campus route? - JT

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria Wed Apr 18 2007

Construction has started on the world's first Woman-town

All from Derek.

In more engagement news... Tue Apr 17 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Katie Minardo and I got engaged after she completed the Boston Marathon on Monday (I had to pick a time to when she was completely confused and disoriented). We haven't discussed times or places or anything like that, but I'll do my best to conflict with Burch. My apologies to those of you who picked Sperl to win the latest poll...

Since we'll see most of you this weekend, I figured it was ok to post here and wait to see everyone in person. Please forgive the lack of personal phone calls. - JT

Old and busted Tue Apr 17 2007

From ab: I guess they're going with this thing. Someone should be happy. I'm still on the fence with Knightfall. I do, however, like the batman link up.

Pong Savant? Mon Apr 16 2007

Or loser who not only bounces, but can edit thousands of hours of video footage?

You decide.

Delts pong. Pikes bowl - jm, channeling Spencer
Bouncing is for chicks - jm

Japanese TV = Awesome Wed Apr 11 2007

So this 34 year old fisherman is only the 2nd contestant out of over 500 total contestants to complete this Ninja Warrior obstacle course. This is like Legends of the Hidden Temple on strawberry flavored, crack laced meth. Thanks to BHendrix for the link.

Bonus link - Here is an amazingly detailed wiki page all about Legends of the Hidden Temple... quite possibly the best kids show ever created. - JT

TheSuperficial At Its Best Tue Apr 10 2007

This picture is odd for so many reasons... -JT

Google Solves a Murder Fri Mar 23 2007

From decker: A Woman googled "How to Commit Murder" ten days before murdering her husband. She also searched information about gun laws and poisons. And she obtained a subscription for a sedative from the doctor she was cheating with. Google didn't actually solve the murder; a computer forensics specialist did.

Note to Mayes: Stop googling "How to rape dudes." That one might come back to bite you.

Link stolen from the freakonomics blog.

Sunday chuckle Sun Mar 18 2007

Lance's lookalike ladies.

I'm rarely pro-abortion, but this MF'er is an example... Wed Mar 14 2007

Nickell asks: Can we execute kids? Only the really bad ones? No lengthy trial, no appeals, just, "Well sport, you're a certified fuck-up, and you'll likely remain that way, just as frustrated with this society as it is with you. So before you really cause some damage we're gonna blow your damn head off, with a 12 gauge. Give Satan a 'what's up'."

Trekkies gone postal Mon Mar 12 2007

From Leon: Mailboxes turn into R2D2.

Not sure if the Trekkie crack from Leon was intentional. -ed

Where is Steve-O and Party Boy? Fri Mar 2 2007

From JT: Death Race 2007

My favorite part was the run through the eels...

Does anyone know how to be a parent? Thu Mar 1 2007

Rich Yuppies are increasingly letting their kids sleep with them.

CHendrix sent this my way. This kind of crap drives me insane. Why the hell are parents afraid to be parents? Here's a thought: tell your little rugrat to get the fuck out of your bed.

I love the $400/hr sleep consultants.

Afternoon Chuckle Wed Feb 28 2007

Man vs. 9.5 foot snowpenis from miolla.

If you read this site, you have to read this. Tue Feb 27 2007

A Mardi Gras date auction.

No reason to post this. No reason at all.

There aren't two bhendrix associates available in this auction.

On the lighter side... Tue Feb 27 2007

Christian clowns training video.

Part II

From BoingBoing

Wii responsible for death in Costa Rica Mon Feb 26 2007

From miolla: A group of elderly tourists were approached by alleged muggers while on a tour of Costa Rica. Tour bus full of elderly vs. 3 Muggers. Elderly 1 - Muggers negative 1.

human skateboard Fri Feb 23 2007

fun with stop motion video from Jay Park

Guy Dumps girl in front of 3000 peeps at UNC Wed Feb 21 2007

She was cheating on him so he gathered up 3000 people in the "Pit" to show his appreciation. No fireworks of the fist variety but comical. There must be about 10 cameras including one dude with an HD DV cam. Long video but interesting nonetheless.

Marked NSFW due to language only. Miolla originally sent the version, but I'm posting the Youtube version, which is significantly better quality/angle. There's also some other angles/'extras' on the related videos menu. If you want to cut to it, go to 4:45 and watch from there. Those girls sing pretty well, though. -ed

yeah he's tall, but how long? Wed Feb 21 2007

Al naj: i think everyone has seen this guy but if you have 10 minutes to spare these two videos are pretty funny.

Eat Shit...and then pay for it Mon Feb 19 2007

This one's all boot: The restaurant at the Mandarin Hotel in SF has a 40 dollar cup of coffee. Here's the process that makes this coffee

in summary: one of these eats this, chemically alters it and makes this

Then Indonesians pick out the beans and then the rest of the coffee process everyone knows happens.

I think this has been around for a while, but it's still pretty gnarly. -ed

tom cruise ain't got nothin on this Mon Feb 19 2007

From boot: If there were 100 Bhendrix viewers, 98% would find this activity amazing.

I love Mother Russia.

Oops... she's a complete psycho Mon Feb 19 2007

Supposedly Britney's hair was a wreck from years of bleaching, but shaving it all off is a bit extreme.

This one's from Marissa. No pics.

Update Some pics from the superficial.

Sex with Dolphins Thu Feb 15 2007

Also from miolla: Zoophilia is best described as a love of animals so intimate that the person (and the animal) involved have no objections to expressing their affection for each other in the sexual fashion.

This is pretty damn funny. I guess it's borderline NSFW but there is no bad language.

The rest of site is decidedly NSFW. -ed

Morning chuckles Fri Feb 9 2007

From bw: Looks like I'm destined for this V8..check out the location. Like shit on a pig, he says.

DHendrix sent along this funny little video.

I saw these bedsheets with a ruler and had to laugh. They'd help you align your sheets, anyway.

Taking things a bit too far Thu Feb 8 2007

From Shek: Bears fan legally changes his name to Peyton Manning.

I guess you gotta give him a little credit for the follow-through, but what an idiot.

Possbily the greatest surfing video ever Thu Feb 8 2007

Guys create a wave in a Copenhagen lake using dynamite. The subsequent greatness unfolds gloriously. All from miolla.

Fun with the tubes Mon Feb 5 2007

Some dude jumps a 66" bar. You can cut it off after the first 10 seconds. Wow.

A Unimog (4x4) climbs a wall. DHendrix sent this my way a while ago.

Because two is better than one! Lindsey Lohan Va-Gene Slippage Sun Feb 4 2007

More from miolla: What's the deal with this girl? Is she really this much of a mess or is that just what people want us to believe? My personal opinion is that she is that much of a mess.

I keep thinking that if I just ignore her and the rest of the famous-for-being-famous whores, they'll go away. And then I post this and add to the problem. Wonderful. -ed.

Denise Richards (Latest victim of the va-gene slip) Sun Feb 4 2007

All from miolla: Stolen from Perez Looks very scary. I guess Charlie Sheen did a number on her. Ewwww.

Oh, the burgh Wed Jan 31 2007

Pittsburgh barbies. The pictures really make it.

Tremendous sign from a Pens fan. I guess it's from last year (?) but I laughed.

CITKB Tue Jan 30 2007

Penny Arcade tackles Mario Party.

JT beat me to the punch.

That's a star! -ed.

G-A-Y Homosexual Tue Jan 30 2007

All miolla:All of the out takes from Jackass 2 which basically didn't make it because they were too GAY. Enjoy Fags.

If you're within 100 ft. of a building where people might be working, do not open this link. The flipping mangina is pretty impressive, though. -ed

One more reason not to visit Georgia... Fri Jan 26 2007

10 years w/o parol for a BJ.

From oof.

The best part is that the law was re-written but not made retroactive. -ed

Drink water till you're drunk Urban Legend? Thu Jan 25 2007

Apparently you can DIE. Also from miolla.

"A woman who competed in a radio station's contest to see how much water she could drink without going to the bathroom died of water intoxication, the coroner's office said Saturday."

Last I knew something like 10 people had been fired over this and there's talk of criminal charges. -ed

Morning Chuckle Tue Jan 23 2007

The MacGuyver Toolkit

Also, Caldeira wants to know who approved this logo.

What Global Warming problem? Tue Jan 16 2007

From boot: This is the view out my front door this morning

Needless to see, the entire city is shut down.

For those playing along at home, boot lives in Austin. -ed

Don't mess with knitters. Seriously. Thu Jan 11 2007

MetaFilter post about a bank deciding a yarn club is a scam. This really is dumb of the bank, but I keep laughing because the whole thing is abut knitting. It'd be the most ridiculous scam in history.

Anyway, if you don't feel like sorting through it, check out this blog entry.

Vin Diesel gives up Wed Jan 3 2007

Guy seizes and falls on subway tracks. Second guy jumps down and covers him while train rolls over them.

There's more to it, but good lord. As someone on Fark said, I'm surprised his balls fit under the train.

So that's what my last seat-mate is up to... Tue Jan 2 2007

Fat lady traps self and 22 others inside cave. They had to grease her up and use a pulley to get her out.

Fresh Price Death Metal Mon Dec 25 2006

Two great things that go great to together. This YouTube is exactly what it's title suggests. And equally as awesome. From miolla.

Non-Ambi-turners Wanted Sat Dec 23 2006

From Jacques (including excellent tag): Site claims that UPS will try to save a crap-load of money by only turning right...

It doesn't hurt here, or here... more like right here. Sat Dec 23 2006

From Jacques: Kid with bullet lodged in forehead... refuses to have it removed because it might be key evidence in murder charges against him.

A few days later, Bush went to the hospital and told doctors he had been hit by a stray bullet as he sat on a couch in an apartment.

I will never fly on Emirates Fri Dec 22 2006

All Bob: never. ever. ever.

Kazakhstan is Pitchin' a Tent Thu Dec 21 2006

Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan you very nice place.

From Plains of Tarashek to Norther fence of Jewtown.

A youtube with a surprise ending Mon Dec 18 2006

The whole thing is way too priceless. Plus it's in German! (Bean could you translate the words for us please)

I may need to make a category for "mildly amusing and better than staring at a wall". -ed

A stupid X-Mas image Fri Dec 15 2006

From miolla. Not sure why I'm posting this. But here it is.

Pics of Red Bull's New London HQ Thu Dec 14 2006

From JT: Yes, thats a slide between floors in the office. It's a large image, so give it some time...

Is this the actual thing or a rendering? -ed

I'm not smart Sat Dec 9 2006

All from Rollins: These british schoolkids get it, but I don't.

The comments are worth glancing through. -ed

The other kind of Blue Angel Thu Dec 7 2006

From Brick: Woman's Farts Ground AA Flight

Actually, not the farts themselves per se, but the fact that she LIT MATCHES on the plane to cover-up the stench. I swear I've sat next to this woman before.

Revenge 2006-style Wed Dec 6 2006

From miolla: Spray a little bit of this on someone and laugh repeatedly. I don't know what it's made of but it's sounds dangerous.

Newly Remodeled Pika House Fri Dec 1 2006

Did anyone happen to check out those kick-ass shower cubbies? Now that's what I call progressive thinking...

Someone sent this but didn't claim it. I can only assume master P. This post only makes sense if you've seen the new Kilt. -ed

Where's the sandbox full of glass? Tue Nov 21 2006

From will: CNN Money's list of dangerous toys... I'll save you the time by pointing out the following:

Toys 1, 2 and 3 are the same stupid "choking hazard" warnings. Anyone who sticks a lincoln log in their mouth deserves to turn purple. Those things taste nasty.

The hazard group for toy 4 is "Excessively loud toys". Muy peligroso.

Toy 5's hazard group is "strangulation"... which sounds awesome. If your kids asks you for a yo-yo ball, you might just wanna get him a ball gag and some assless chaps instead.

You got yer bag o' glass. From our bag o' line... bag o'nails, bag o'syringes...

Up Jump the Boogie Mon Nov 13 2006

From will: A little Indian guy dancing... I've watched this roughly 80 times in the past couple days. It's just too good. The slow-mo part is my favorite. Brick also sent this in calling it the greatest video clip ever.

How you say... without merit? Fri Nov 10 2006

Fratboys sue Borat.....

Heinz Field Hi Jinx Tue Nov 7 2006

Two CMU kids break into Heinz field. They're on $1 million bail. From shek.

You know how I know you're gay? Tue Nov 7 2006

You eat pieces of shit like this for breakfast. Mildly NSFW from miolla.

Sorta like that other thing I posted Sun Nov 5 2006

12 Signs you drank too much. Photo expose - probably NSFW.

Probably a repost Wed Nov 1 2006

From Bean: But a good one, and appropriate for the day.


There are two identical pictures that will appear on the screen. Almost 8,000 people were tested to see if they could find the 3 differences in the two pictures and only 19 found all 3. There is a voice that comes on in a few seconds to give you hints so have your speakers turned on. See how observant you are. If you find all 3, you're one of very few people who are able to do this.


Jet Blue Blows Wed Oct 25 2006

Read about their little experiment that violated FAA regulations and endangered the lives of thousands of passengers. From Brick.

When Beer Kegs Attack Wed Oct 25 2006

Fellow party people, this is a public service announcement:It is a bad idea to throw a beer keg into a fire.

You can all thank Brick for this potentially life-saving bit of advice. -ed.

wazzzzaaaaaaaaaap?! Thu Oct 5 2006

our tax dollars at work. From Jay Park

Trail F*&@%# Rated Wed Oct 4 2006

From bw: The perfect utensil for my new diet:

For breakfast I will start off with a a scrambled S4 with a side of Caymen..why not make it an S. For lunch I'll have anything AMG has to offer. By mid afternoon I'll be ready to pick my teeth with a Viper or Z06. So for an evening delight I'll indulge myself with an Italian dish...say some F430 or Gallardo with a second helping from the rice burner.

This might be the greatest write-up ever submitted to the site. -ed

It's not who you know, it's who you bang Thu Sep 28 2006

This one's all bean: FSU facebook chick writes for

Basically people mail in questions to her, and she responds every so often. So when did this happen? Have other people known about this for a while? I've gotten lax in my SI reading (I've got a few weeks of Peter King's MMQB to catch up on), so I had no idea about this. And the $64k question is: Who's ghost writing for her?

I hope it's Dane Cook so Sports Guy shits his pants. -ed.

Beeeeeyaawwww Wed Sep 27 2006

From naj: In case you missed it last week, this is awesome. I wish I had millions of dollars and enough time on my hands where all I had to do was think up stuff like this.

also, apparently TO attempted suicide

She needed new shoes anyways... Tue Sep 26 2006

oh dear lord... that's just painful.

from will

Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank...Nazis? Tue Sep 26 2006

From Brick: It's well known that Thomas the Tank Engine runs on Jews...

As Design Manager of the Thomas Wooden Railway, I have no comment. My colleagues on the Bob the Builder team also refrain from comment at this time.

Lego Chaingun Mon Sep 11 2006

Exactly as cool as it sounds. Check out the video.

All joel.

14' Boa Eats Owner Thu Sep 7 2006

You should probably think twice when you're trying to mouth f#©& a 14 foot Boa. Not that I've tried that but I've heard from my cousings friends, friend.

Also miolla.

Ain't no party like an Arlington Party Thu Aug 31 2006

Will and Charlie threw a nice little bash a few weeks back. Jaiman was kind enough to take some pictures and Bhendrix was kind enough to post them here.

HP bringing beer goggles to the masses Tue Aug 29 2006

Slimming Digital Camera from boot.

Old Balls Fri Aug 25 2006

Rollins reminds us that it's that time of year again. Beloit's College Mindset List has arrived. Prepare to feel the years.

Anyone want to go prepare the Walk-of-Shame table? That's donuts, listerine, and flip flops, for the uninitiated. - TEB

stick figure fight animation Wed Aug 23 2006

Something Jaiman submitted four times... these are not pictures from our party.

I know they're very small and you don't feel them... Tue Aug 22 2006

All from our favorite Asian, Jay Park (sorry, Eugene) - TEB

Will and Charlie threw a little hoe-down at their place a couple weekends back. I'm still working on resizing some of the pictures to host here, but in the meantime, enjoy these video clips:

The ever so popular - Joiner licking his carnie hands

The ever so popular - Joiner dancing

The ever so popular - Sri copping a feel

Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. Thu Aug 17 2006

Ric Flair Finance

come again? Wed Aug 9 2006
If this site had sound effects, a "boing" would definitely be in order for this article.
All from Uncle naj

Part of me wanted to mark it unsafe for work, but here's nothing unsafe for work about it. Just treat it like you would any other article about a woman with two vaginas

Old School BHendrix Stories Thu Aug 3 2006

Man gets nuts stuck in deck chair
And Maryiln Manson on the Oriely show

The cure for cancer, for only $250? What a steal! Tue Aug 1 2006

Properly naming this link would spoil the surprise. Or at least Rollins thought so.

"Don't any of you losers bid on this, because I want it."
-(probably not Henry) Rollins

Goddamn it SImmons, you thunder-stealing son of a bitch Mon Jul 31 2006

This one's from Rollins: Due Date: Feb. 9. Who's next?

Good lord people - I leave the site alone for a month and this is the thanks I get? I shudder to think what would happen if it went away completely. But congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Rollins as well as Mr. and Mrs. Simmons. -Real ed.

Finally, a positive change in broadcasting Fri Jul 28 2006

Also from Rollins, radio station changes format from God to sex. Insert missionary position joke.

C-team PiKA Athletics Runs Rampant in Iraq Mon Jul 24 2006

From Boot's school of poor taste... safe for work.

Europeans are funny Wed Jul 19 2006

Europeans or Pika basement at 3AM... you decide. - from Rollins

Burnination Tue Jul 18 2006

Instructions for turning your Robosapien into a Flameosapian. Anyone actually own one of these things?

I thought the Cos wore sweaters Mon Jul 17 2006

Bet you can't guess who this is from.

Janet Jackson...she look more like freddy jackson Tue Jul 11 2006

‘Ugly’ bride derails wed plans from Shek.

When's Father's Day next year? Sun Jul 9 2006

Gift Ideas here! A watch is always a nice gift. Isn't it?
A Russian website on porno watches? Who else, but Miolla.

Those crazy Pittsburgh kids! Sat Jul 1 2006

Check out what this creative grave robber had in store for some dude's head... - From Miolla

Craaaazyyyy Thu Jun 29 2006

Kid in Penn State jersey dancing... Yep, that's all it is. But wow. Just wow. Stick with this thing. You keep thinking it can't get any better, then it does. The ending is just amazing. Almost makes me think this was staged, but even it it was, still awesome.

Airbrush Magic Thu Jun 29 2006

Not Safe For Work!! Britney Spears Pregnant Pics....ewwwwwwwww
Mildly not safe for work
Shek gets all the credit in the world for this one, or all the blame

Mmmm... Creamy Wed Jun 28 2006

Ice cream for Miolla. (slightly NSFW) (temp ed)

You likey pickles? OMG... This is AWESOME! Tue Jun 27 2006

Best youTube ever. This broad is afraid of pickles. I have looked through this for authenticity and she's either a great actress or she's really afraid of pickles. You be the judge. From miolla.

I don't think going on Maury so he can take you to a pickle factory is how you get over a fear of pickles.

Not so eXtreme... Tue Jun 27 2006

Man on 5 HP mini motorcycle flees police... hilarity ensues.

Wersal pursued Menne to a parking lot where he paused briefly, re-started the bike and zipped out the other side of the lot. The chase continued as Menne put-putted down a nearby street at about 25 mph.

You heard of the Porn Name Generator, Now there's this... Tue Jun 27 2006

The Rockstar Name Generator Johnny Chair (for Jay Miolla) was pretty lame but I put some other names in there and it came up with some good stuff.

Throw him in the hooskow. Wed Jun 21 2006

The spin is rooming - A wonderful video of a guy getting booked for what can only be public intoxication or drunk driving.

First Art, Now Dave Fri Jun 9 2006

From JT: The real question is "Did Dr. Langer stitch him up?"

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Thu Jun 8 2006

Woman beats breeder with dead Chihuahua Joel passed this one along.

Thursday mid-day chuckle Thu Jun 8 2006

Random guy's application for potential girlfriends. 2 minute read. Couple good laughs.

Maine Represent? Wed Jun 7 2006

A drunk 18 year old stole a Dunkin' Donuts truck in South Portland This kid's living the dream.

Police also believe that the truck theft is related to a reported theft of two cases of Coors Light beer from the Big Apple convenience store on Western Avenue. Cote has not been charged in the beer theft.

I thought this stuff only happened on soap operas Thu Jun 1 2006

Horrible mix up between a girl in a coma and a girl who died. This one's from Rollins.

I thought my Toga days were over... till my brother threw a Toga Party Thu May 25 2006

From miolla:

I would have thought that my days of full snaps were over till I saw a 65 year old dude doing shot luges. He also pulled a most unexpected surprise from his toga. (see NSFW pics to confirm). Party was a full on snap fest with a two person funnel in addition to the 300 lb shot luge. Wow.

I'm starting to see Boot's point. Tue May 23 2006

Jodie Foster rappin' "Lose Yourself" at Penn's commencement. Shek sent the link and tag. This is one of those clips where you just cringe out of embarrassment. I'm cutting her some middle age mom slack.

Too much blood in his alcohol system Tue May 23 2006

Drunk Driver iss 18x the legal limit Brick sent us this goal for the weekend.

A Beer Engineer Fri May 19 2006

From will: stolen from deadspin, I present the house full of beer, but not in a good way.

The cans were recycled for 800 dollars, an estimated 70,000 cans: 24 beers a day for 8 years.

Chinese Food Restaurant Name Generator Tue May 16 2006

From miolla: I humbly submit this first attempt at greatness. Let the games begin. Mildly NSFW due to language.

If I had kids, they'd all have velour tracksuits Thu May 11 2006

Attention Ryan Jackson:

All from Derek.

The Latest Craze Wed May 10 2006

From oof: It seems this type of thing has become the latest craze. Who knows what the Internet masses will next be called upon to do for the average man, but for the time being help this guy out. The girl is hot too.

I am betting it takes about 2 more days for him to hit 5,000,000 hits.

Does anyone else think these 'bets' are ridiculous? The girl gets tubby as her servant for a week if he loses? C'mon. -ed

A country built on debt Wed May 10 2006

New mortgage offers elicited the following from bob:

I think I could build equity faster by pissing in a jar each day and saving the jars. 20 years down the line, I bet the aggregate value of my urine jars would be about equal to what I would have paid in 'not-interest' on my 50 F'IN YEAR MORTGAGE jesuschrist...

Must've been those damn Keebler Elves Tue May 9 2006

Four foot Pillsbury Doughboy goes missing. He's not really missing, though, because whoever took him sends pictures. Mitra passed this along, adding this is awesome.

Tom Cruise's Variation of the Sri Dance Fri May 5 2006

Sri = Folded arms (Boxer style) and a lot of off-beat bouncing

Tom Cruise = Extended arms and a little off-beat bouncing. All from "Top... Top... Top Grunnnnge"

The superficial is worth at least one good laugh or one ridiculous picture per day. Put it on your RSS reader. You won't be sorry.

Tom Hanks is the Devil Fri May 5 2006

Christians Plan Boycott of 'Da Vinci Code' All JT.

We recognize that while the movie may give Christians a good opportunity to talk about faith issues, millions of people -- not familiar in the least with the Gospels -- could be spiritually poisoned with “false propaganda” against Christ. This is especially true of children.

Hmmm... where can everyone find pictures of themselves? Wed Apr 26 2006

Shoof (she of whipped cream) sent this along:

One of its features is that you submit a picture of yourself (with or without other people), and by studying your facial features, it tells you what famous person you look like.

I look like Holly Hunter, Candice Bergen, and John Woo, depending on the picture

Oof resembles John Ritter, the Benjamin McKenzie and Cybill Shepard.

Good time killer

Pilot Extraction Mon Apr 24 2006

Som sage advice from Brick: Note to FOADs - don't ever do this if a buggy driver gets stuck inside.

Morning chuckle Tue Apr 18 2006

Video of driving in India It's just one intersection. I can't decide if it would be better or worse to ride a motorcycle. And are the three-wheeled things taxis?

It just keeps going... Mon Apr 17 2006

From will: video of the philly fanatic... apparently, mascots spend their birthdays having dance parties on local morning shows.

and where did the black guy learn the white guy shuffle? is that something he had to learn to break into the biz?

Bombs Away! Wed Apr 12 2006

Disorderly Conduct
1 April 2006
at 00:30

Complainants reported to University Police a foul odor and visible traces of feces in the Hill dorms area. When the police arrived, there appeared to be excrement on the ground surrounding Hamerschlag House and on the side of the building. Police traced the dung streak to the actor’s window and followed the odor of feces to the Hamerschlag room, where the actor admitted to police he had defecated out his window. He was cited for disorderly conduct.

Brick sent this in.

So was it worth it? Tue Apr 11 2006

Carmen Electra may lose cosmetics contract over sex toy ride. This would be the one brought up this weekend. She was on Stern and hopped on the 'Sybian'. This article is SFW.

There's of course a Fark thread with a couple of pics. Probably NSFW, but nothing crazy.

It's funny when they fight each other Wed Apr 5 2006

Argument ensues after British airline posts 'Lazy Frogs' cartoon. Apparently some French students were blocking the runway for some reason.

Aside from Oof, did anyone else know the slang term for Limeys is 'Roast Beefs'? Because that's what I'm calling them from now on. Unless I use 'Limey'.

L.A. takes a break from real guns… Tue Apr 4 2006

City-wide water gun assassination game. What could go wrong when a bunch of strangers start pulling (fake-ish) guns on each other? Joel sent the link and tag.

More of the same Tue Apr 4 2006

Jason passed along this followup to the leprachaun story.

The Luck of the African-Irish? Mon Apr 3 2006

From oof: I am not sure if this is a repost, but some lucky Alabamans caught sight of a leprechaun. In related news, I'm traveling to Alabama this weekend; I'll find the pot of gold.

Where the gold at? I want the gold. Gimme the gold! Mon Mar 27 2006

All Brick:

First watch this.

Then watch this.

It brings a tear to my eye Wed Mar 22 2006

All miolla: I've been telling you losers all along, "You've got start them young!". Thus 5 "Jay Miolla's" walked into the Cricket in a row. This takes it to an all new level.

I never forget a pussy... cat! Tue Mar 21 2006

All decker: Cat falls 80 feet from a tree and doesn't even break a bone; owner screams like she's out of beef jerky.

Request permission for flyby Mon Mar 20 2006

An aircraft carrier made of LEGOs This one's from Jay Park, who simply added neat.

Other things to do with your wang. Fri Mar 17 2006

Like throw it at the cops. This is just wrong. I wonder who drew the short straw and had to pick it up. There are so many jokes to be made about this and I can't come up with a single funny one - damnit. This entry brought to you by oof and the spell checker.

Oh Halliburton, what WON'T you do? Thu Mar 16 2006

Halliburton didn't filter water used at base. It apparently went for washing and toilets. The best part is how they covered it up and didn't tell the military. Link and tag from Rollins, who adds Apparently sickening our own troops is not a priority for them.

The future is now Tue Mar 14 2006

Shasta passed along this Pseudo-buggy suit of armor. On a side note, the author of the entry on Gizmodo went to CMU.

F*&k the salt (beautiful pole) duck chin Mon Mar 13 2006

All Brick: Menu from China and its Engrish translation. Gold silver lotus root silk fries shrimp fucks anyone? Only 15 Yuan...

I love you, cross-cut shredder Sun Mar 12 2006

Rob Cockerham of rips up credit app, tapes it together, sends it in and gets a card. To add insult to injury, he changed the mailing address and phone number. Ow.

I guess the internet really does have everything Fri Mar 10 2006 All Polega.

Hey Gilligan, did you eat the skipper? Fri Mar 10 2006

All will: The donut burger. It's a bacon cheeseburger with a donut for a bun. Makes sense to me.

like electing Optimus Prime to student council Fri Mar 10 2006

All derek: - Official website for holding the Olympic Games on a ficticious planet from Star Wars.

Further proof that the internet needs to be shot.


Advertising I can get behind Thu Mar 9 2006

It's a PSA. Trust me. [Google Video]

Ghetto formal season Wed Mar 8 2006 A review of all the popular street wines. Stolen from MetaFilter.

Don't let the 0.5% less alcohol by volume fool you, the Night Train is all business when it pulls into the station. All aboard to nowhere - woo wooo!

If your name rhymes with nob mugless, read this Fri Mar 3 2006

Hermione enjoys her some drinks Well, the chick that plays her anyway. I make no assurances about the validity of these pics.

File under A for A$$hole Thu Mar 2 2006

From shek: Pensioner sued for scratched Mercedes

I have no idea what's going on right now. Tue Feb 28 2006

Miolla says: Check out this bizarre jpeg.

You can also create your own. -ed.

sudanese animal house Sun Feb 26 2006

From jjc, who wonders if he can get divorced: Sudanese man 'marries' a goat.

And now I've gone cross-eyed Fri Feb 24 2006

From Rollins: If it hasn't happened already, soon your neighborhood Kaufmanns, Marshall Fields, Hechts, etc. will become a Macy's. Or it may become a Bloomingdale's. Or it just got sold to someone else. Either way kiss your regional stores goodbye.

Morning Time Suck Wed Feb 22 2006

From Anagha: Move the red block around without getting hit by the blue blocks or touching the black walls. If you can go longer than 18 seconds you are phenomenal. I was told that the US Air Force uses this for fighter pilots. They are expected to go for at least 2 minutes.

I think I've posted this or something similar, but it's still fun. -ed

PWN3D Tue Feb 21 2006

Leet, an incredibly long wiki entry about using numbers for letters, only so much more. Lets go play Counterstrike.

Within Leet, the term "newbie" (and derivations thereof) is used extensively. This is due in part to its origins as a means of segregating the "elite" echelon from outsiders. A contemporary derivative of "newbie" (or "n00b") is the "nubcake". Nubcake may be used in conjunction with puns such as "what do you eat for breakfast, nubcakes?"

Previous Mentions on bhendrix -ed.

Disturbing Fri Feb 17 2006

Shek passed this along: Guy sets out detailed rules for his wife If there's a word beyond disturbing, that applies - ed.

Baaaaa Fri Feb 17 2006

Fraternity denies they did anything wrong with that goat. In happier news, it was an AGR chapter. STolen from Fark.

Crazy and Pretentious? Fri Feb 17 2006

This one's from 'Andy Sucks': This weird little Japanese Flash deal was linked on blog for Radiohead's new album. Apparently Thom was looking for a drum machine. The crazy red sun make me feel like this is Japan announcing its remilitarization. Once they start playing, that's the whole stupid thing. -ed

Everyone Pull Out Their No. 2 Viagras Thu Feb 16 2006

Dude puts pencil in wang to keep it up. The tag and link are from JT, who adds Red Rocket! Red Rocket! I can't believe it actually worked until it 'shifted'. Yow.

When you write it down, it's libel Thu Feb 16 2006

Don't Date Him Warns girls of guys that are jackasses/pigs, etc. Yow.

Monday Crap Mon Feb 13 2006

Via will: The sports guy's links of the day has a couple nuggets:

I'll take "Things not to say to a cop" for $400, Alex.

Sean Elliot, Kenny Lofton, Steve Kerr, and Tom Tolbert star in an Arizona Basketball video. This seals it. The purpose of the Internet is to post horrible horrible super bowl shuffle rip offs.

I'm your son, I'm from the Future!!!! Fri Feb 10 2006

From will: Hello.... McFly....

Has sound. Once you see it, that's the whole joke, as far as I can tell - ed

Daily WTF? Wed Feb 8 2006

Woman gives CPR to a chicken This one's from Joel.

A hornet will punch every bee in the face Tue Feb 7 2006

Also from Derek: Like a fat kid at an all-you-can-eat sunday buffet

Windsor anyone? Fri Feb 3 2006

All naj: I don't know what is more crazy the fact that this article was on ESPN's page or the fact that I have never been to Windsor. My question is if you are short on time and decide to enjoy the Cuban at the same time as the hooker, is the Cuban really a Cuban anymore? Or would that make it a Canadian? it...oh you SMOKE the cuban. My bad.

Punxsutawney Phil vs. The Vermonster Fri Feb 3 2006

This one's from the Head Groundhog: We had our annual Groundhog Day Vermonster last night to determine the fate of spring. 5.7lbs of ice cream downed in 5minutes 42 seconds. Local news was there...check out the vid.

Evening Laugh Out Loud Thu Feb 2 2006

Ridiculous Emergency room stories There's maybe some coarse language in here, but no pics or anything.

The Law of Inverse Value: the less you contribute to society, the greater the trauma you can sustain with minimal to no physical sequelae, including falls from 3 stories, stabbings (chest, neck, head, slashings to the face), gunshot wounds (chest, neck, pelvis, leg, traumatic arrest (only to be killed 7 years later in a separate GSW incident)), and high speed MVC's, unrestrained, where multiple people in the other vehicle are killed.


Don't swallow quarters. No, not a kid, a 45 y/o guy.


So finally she says, "Hey Doc, you think I coulda done dis masturbating? Cuz da other night, YOU (points to baby's dad) just wouldn't wake up! And I needed me some lovin'! So I gave myself like 29 orgasms while you be sleeping in da bed next to me! You think that could've done it, doc?"

Attn: Jay Miolla Re: Your New Home Thu Feb 2 2006

From Rollins: Over 8000 sq ft. on the Upper East Side. 10 mil only gets you a half-floor.

Pampered Chef be damned... Wed Feb 1 2006

All Coltz: This is possibly the best business idea since the Leftorium.

"Two thumbs up for Jerky that isn't tougher than leather like most I've tried. Keep it coming!"

This ref's a jackass. Wed Feb 1 2006

Banned super bowl ads '05 brought to you by flamant.

Sand Fantasy Tue Jan 31 2006

Sand Fantasy Anagha passes this along, adding She's pretty bad ass, she creates all sorts of images with sand, here are some video clips.

Why drinking and guns don't mix... you might get the hiccups. Thu Jan 26 2006

Man kills nephew while scaring him with gun to stop hiccups

[He] was so distraught he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. This one's from the Professor, who adds "I think you kind of have to at that point."

Take it easy man... Wed Jan 25 2006

From will: Somebody get's a little too worked up at what looks to be a standing room only round table wrestling discussion. [Google Vid] Holding it in a gym is a nice touch. -ed.

More plane crazys Tue Jan 24 2006

Man Bites Fellow Passenger, Jumps From Plane, Is Shocked With Taser This one's from Joel, who adds The e-saver emails must be targeting wack-jobs these days with their “crazy low prices”.

Remember that one time? Mon Jan 23 2006

Black Sac gets copied This pic is SFW, but the rest of the site probably not so much.

I guess we could try... Tue Jan 17 2006 A bunch of guys trying to be one of the Gotti kids It seems like some of these guys are serious. Lord I hope not.

Jeanine sent this in asking why we can't be as hot as these guys. She also added I am not sure what the point of this website is other than to look extremely gay. but hilarious nonetheless.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: USS Enterprise Tue Jan 17 2006

From miolla: For all the Trekies out there Loud animated gif. I don't know why I'm posting this. It sucks.

it's not cheating, because it's YOUR dog... Tue Jan 17 2006

From Jay Park: this crazy lady tries to justify why her dog just bit an innocent bystander by using the following logic: "my dog bites me in my bagina... "

aside from the fact that this lady speaks poor english, and says "bagina" 4 or 5 times, there's nothing graphic or not work safe about this video.

Now there's something you don't see every day Mon Jan 16 2006

From bean: Special dresses. This is sort of like those outfits those girls were wearing at the Montreal Grand Prix a couple years ago. Very Mildly NSFW.

Bordick - 3 years Fri Jan 13 2006

Ridiculous jet flyby Pretty impressive, even for a bunch of krauts cheese heads.

Daily WTF? Thu Jan 12 2006

This is all via BoingBoing

Taiwanese researchers have created green pigs They glow green in flourescent light, and they're green all the way through, including organs. Obviously this will make the Green Eggs n' Ham breakfasts easier.

Joel alerted me this tale of a cycloptic kitten.

8 year olds, Dude. Wed Jan 11 2006

From oof: Here is a great site to find out what sex offenders live near you in California. It has pictures and offenses.

Ah irony, you cruel and hilarious mistress Wed Jan 11 2006

Japanese firemen set fire to station during party for fire awareness week. This one's all Joel.

Lightning Strikes Twice Wed Jan 11 2006

Boot says another CockPunch is in order for the owner of these new Levis Jeans.

Japanese Fear Factor Wed Jan 11 2006

Not Safe For Work!! From miolla: Not even remotely work safe. Proceed with caution and amazement.

Watch TV Like an Egyptian Tue Jan 10 2006

All from will: Mummified body found in front of TV No word on whether or not she died waiting for Return of the King to end.... hiyo!

Look quick Mon Jan 9 2006

I thought Alito was giving his wife the pounds, which would have caused me to get on the horn to Specter and stop the hearings. Alas, he wasn't. Also, why is Teri Hatcher's not-as-attractive sister there?

He is human. But he's never cried. Mon Jan 9 2006

Chuck Norris has seen the fact generator God bless the interweb, every one. Said fact generator is here. (Fact noted from Please don't DDoS me.)

Keep that crazy train rolling Fri Jan 6 2006

Pat Robertson says Sharon got sick 'cause he withdrew from Gaza He was smote. This one's also from Joel, who recommends screwing Pat's mouth shut.

Weekly Brain Suck Tue Jan 3 2006

The 40 most bizarre stories of '05 This one's from Amy, who says she likes #23 the best. Update This is the 5,000th story to be posted on Wow.

Home Alone Mon Jan 2 2006

Win the HGTV dream home It's in North Carolina, but it's pretty sweet.

japaneses is crazy Wed Dec 28 2005

More derek: michael jackson versus nintendo

basically michael fights a bunch of nintendo characters, then helps save the world from a giant zangief or something

i'm not sure.
[flash video]

I see your crazy and raise you batshit Wed Dec 28 2005

From will: The restraining order against Letterman has been tossed out

Nestler said Letterman asked her to be his wife during a televised "teaser" for his show by saying, "Marry me, Oprah."

That is how hoosiers do it.

Smoking pot to lose weight Mon Dec 26 2005

Study of why THC in the reefer works leads to possible obesity solution So, keep doing that research, folks.

Here's that gasoline I was looking for... Thu Dec 22 2005

Read the "Some don't need Vaccine" letter two in

This one's from Joel, who adds this: The guy has a point. However, I’m sure creationists have some sort of illogical counter-argument like “God makes the virus change, and because I believe in him, he’d want me to get the vaccine”.

I'm just gonna take this... Mon Dec 19 2005

Fark thread on who you would toss off of ESPN I don't even watch ESPN, but Stephen Smith needs a cockpunch. And a swirlie. And maybe a bag of burning dog poo on his door.

Cross off the turtle neck on your wish list Thu Dec 15 2005

Artificial foreskin now available This one's from Joel, who cautions against going to the actual product web site.

Octopus 1, Shark 0 Thu Dec 15 2005

From Jay Park: Hot octopus on Shark action [Google Video] This was previously posted back in September, but it's worth a look if you haven't seen it. -ed

Pit Bull vs. Porcupine Wed Dec 14 2005

From miolla: This is fo' real.

A little too white? Wed Dec 14 2005

From polega: Is it just me or has tooth whitening gone past 'normal healthy white' to freakishly scary, somewhat disturbing white?

I'm sure that picture on the top left is photoshopped, but between her expression and her scarily white teeth...<shiver>

Besides, how many years will it be before we're all paying extra medicare benefits to people who have bleached their teeth into non-existance...

Seems like a logical course of action... Mon Dec 12 2005

Dude chucks Molotov cocktail at a club because he can't get in. C'mon now... they're never gonna let you in after that.

Not something you really think about... Sun Dec 11 2005

Cops called to stop really loud deaf people from doin' it. I have no idea if this is real, but it's tremendously funny.

The first officer on the scene, Frank Zipelli, reported, "I could hear those two all the way from the parking lot." According to Zipelli, "It sounded as if they were bludgeoning a cow. There would be a low moan, like a ‘moo,’ and then a ‘bang’ and a higher-pitched ‘moo.’ It was like ‘MOO…BANG…MOOO!’"

L-I-V-I-N' Thu Dec 8 2005

Jeremy and Sean are on walkabout

And they've got a blog. T-t-t-top Grunge!

Maybe it's not such a bad town? Tue Dec 6 2005

Tucker Max's tattoo story. Wow. Just wow. This is just... yea. He's moving to NYC, so I guess be on the lookout.

Ahnold at Carnevale Sun Dec 4 2005


this is your governor. This one's from JT. If someone can explain to me how he's gotten away with smoking dope, posing with the topless girl, and all the other ridiculous crap, I'd love to know. -ed

Friday Ditka Fri Dec 2 2005

From will: Lets hear it for the 80s everyone.

I think the 'Jackhammer' might be more gay than the Village People. -ed

I know a few people who would gladly suck this. Thu Dec 1 2005

All from Rollins: The newest in getting drunk.

Beer is an entree Wed Nov 30 2005

Here's a few quick hits from will:

Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds has some beer for sale.

50 Cent's new joint just drones on and on. Mildly NSFW

Jeremy Shockey sucks.

Ric Flair's mug shot

i still say that kid was insane to report her Mon Nov 28 2005

All from joel: The super hot teacher who had sex with the 14-year-old has skated by with house arrest. She says she’s tired… probably from all the sleeping with students. That’ll wear on you.

The Wisconsin branch of the Nino's Mon Nov 28 2005

Family spends day after Thanksgiving on a bar crawl Stolen from fark.

Looking for more stuff to gamble on? Mon Nov 21 2005

Also from decker: Bet on stuff like: "By 2050 no synthetic computer nor machine intelligence will have become truly self-aware"

Rock & Roll Christmas Mon Nov 21 2005

From Jay Park: the most boss christmas lights evar...

Defer this Fri Nov 18 2005

New ridiculous PC phrases Deferred success to replace failure. Classic. This one's from CB.

The world is a strange place Fri Nov 18 2005

Leeeerrrroooy Jenkins made it onto Jeopardy! [WMV Video] Proving once again that Alex just reads the stuff.

Google Today Fri Nov 18 2005

From 'I'm not wearing pants. News at 11': google book search looks like it is up today.

They weren't trying to blind you; they were just trying to drink your sweet, sweet eye juices. Wed Nov 16 2005

Ants eat woman's eye in Indian Hospital. All from derek. CB also sent this my way.

Pick-me-up Mon Nov 14 2005

A Bar in a nursing home. Everyone wins. I particularly like the poll that's running 94% in favor with just under 10k votes. Cheers to Campen 000 for this one.

Still trying to get my jaw off the floor Sun Nov 13 2005

More Rodney Mullen video Some of this is in the videos in the Tony Hawk games, but I hadn't seen a lot of it previously. Well worth a watch. And rewind. And rewatch to count the number of board flips.

Travis County news bureau Fri Nov 11 2005

From Polega: News item #1: Some austin company actually has named themselves innotech. They do small business seminars; no word on if they do instruction of attaching cover sheets to TPS reports.

The interweb has served its purpose Fri Nov 11 2005 It's a whole site on Princess Leia's metal bikini. How to build, how to buy, the Friends episode, and a gallery of women who dress up like her (with mixed results). Maybe NSFW due to well, bikinis. Stolen from BoingBoing.

I'm not lovin' it, but I'm lichen it. Fri Nov 11 2005

From Rollins: Some lichen can survive in space.

1. Apparently that Val Kilmer movie about Mars was only partly BS.

2. All life on Earth coulve possibly beened planted by a wandering asteroid filled with some form of lichens.

Personally, I find #1 to be the most surprising.

Peace through superior firepower Thu Nov 10 2005

The Full Auto gun shoot and trade show video. It opens with a 6 year old shooting a machine gun and goes downhill from there. I usually try not to take issue with people's hobbies, as mine include things like snowboarding and riding a bike, but this is just fucking stupid. And disgusting. And Ainsley was right, it's the people firing the guns that I don't like, not the guns. Why don't they just give the little kid a pack of smokes and a fifth of Jack and be done with it? Stolen from Hedonistica.

But I have other virtues, father. Tue Nov 8 2005

From Blum: Excerpt taken from an interview during which Joaquin Pheonix was under the impression that a frog was crawling around in his hair. Apparently crazy runs in the family.

Do I have a large frog in my hair? . . . Something's crawling out of my scalp." Despite reassurances from the reporter, the actor replied, "No, but I feel it. I'm not worried about the looks. I'm worried about the sensation of my brain being eaten . . . What did you ask me?"

I think we all feel the same way.

If you're not reading it already, I highly recommend the Superficial's RSS feed. It makes me feel better about myself every day. -ed

That would explain it Tue Nov 8 2005

Guy that got glued to a toilet seat at Home Depot tried to pull the same thing last year. I guess this goes with the whole finger-in-the-chilli idea. Hopefully he'll settle right now for $2.50 and a jawbreaker.

Between 40 and 60? Tue Nov 8 2005

House with a She's selling the house and apparently she comes with it. The site is a little slow due to a bunch of sites mentioning it, but my Dad sent me this last Friday or so.

That's why the line is always so long Mon Nov 7 2005


were arrested after an incident in a Tampa night club that started with the two of them having sex in a bathroom.

Derek sent this well-crafted entry, and ryan's friend finished it with "I'm not sure if this is why the Steelers don't have cheerleaders, or is why they should get them."

Uhhhhhh Thu Nov 3 2005

Video of the 2005 Yo-Yo champion [QT] I'm not even gonna pretend to understand everything he did, but it's mind-boggling nonetheless. The mute button is probably your friend on this one.

Come along with Snorks. Swim along with Snorks. Thu Nov 3 2005

From derek: Toilet Snorkel

and keg hat

I like the snowboard bumper myself. -ed

Bustin heat goes wrong Thu Nov 3 2005

From Bob (and Jim): Dude 'left to rot' after being glued to a toilet seat in Home Depot.

At then end it says they called an ambulance after 15 minutes. I usually average 20, so i dont even know what this dudes pissed about; they rushed him.

Two for one Wed Nov 2 2005

Universities and some employers are using facebook for not-so-social reasons. i.e. Busting kids for violations and doing background checks. I'm not sure how widespread this is, but there it is.

Also, there's a tremendous comment on the original digg post in which some kids conduct a clever ruse involving cake out of red cups and cake pong.

Real Buggy. Mon Oct 31 2005

Illegal Soapbox derby. Every car must have a beer holder. Beautiful. Stolen from BoingBoing.

Meatnormous Landscapes Mon Oct 31 2005

From miolla as well: I have no idea what this is or how it got to me. But it's so wierd that it's worth a look.

It's really a mad world. Mon Oct 31 2005

This one's from Joe.

Happy Halloween Sat Oct 29 2005

From jm: Suicide mistaken for Halloween decoration. 'Tis the season.

In other news, Nebraska is flat Thu Oct 27 2005

Sugraloaf in ME got 40" of snow. Even accounting for the usual BS ski mountain counting, that's at least two feet. Wow.

Yeah, thats right, its a karate chop Wed Oct 26 2005

Review of a new Ninja-themed restaurant. This one's from Spemin Willie Bemen, who adds I wonder if the food critic crapped his pants upon entering...

Ryan? Andy? Oh - Brian. Tue Oct 25 2005

Man fined $500 for impersonating Ben Roethlisberger

A judge accepted Jackson's plea deal to a reduced charge because Jackson completed a psychological evaluation and has stayed away from his accusers.

Afternoon chuckle Mon Oct 24 2005

Both of these are from my Dad: Excellent snowblower available. Check out the capacity. Ow.

How to get rid of chipmunks Posts 2-8 and some below are worth reading. I can attest to the effectiveness and workability of the swimming pool.

The quote of the day is post 5: "oh - and I didn't exacttly releae them"

Score Fri Oct 21 2005

Dispute over $241,000 Scores bill Which brings me to my next point: I need to open a Scores franchise. Or become a stripper. Probably the former. Someone submitted this but didn't claim it.

After a lawsuit last year, Hanover said that "high rollers" visiting Scores' "super elite Presidents' Club" spend thousands of dollars on single bottles of champagne and tip strippers as much as $10,000 for lap dances and for spending time with them.

Hanover said that each time a patron spends $10,000, Scores calls the customer's credit card company to get the charges approved. Scores even fingerprints the customer and requires him to get on the telephone with a credit card representative, he said.

And it keeps going. Thu Oct 20 2005

Jack Thompson fought with Penny Arcade and lost. He's under 'investigation' by the Florida Bar Association. This follows up on the previous post.

Ring Your Own Bell Wed Oct 19 2005

Video of a guy "ringing a bell". Naj and Brick both sent this my way.

A screw and a nut Wed Oct 19 2005

Tremendous sermon about how being gay is wrong The first link goes to audio of the sermon, which is 3 minutes of your time well spent. The rest is just gravy.

Camel Toads? Or Toes? Wed Oct 19 2005

From miolla: Gentlemen. Welcome to Your new web browser start page. It's a thing of beauty. I'm sure that I will be barred from posting to in 10, 9, 8, 7, ...

Let the good times roll Tue Oct 18 2005

From miolla: Make sure that your old lady is taken care at all times throughout the day. Send an SMS to her vibrator. I can't believe that I didn't think of this. I DEFINITELY feel a line of t-shirts will be born out of this. I'm marking this no desks just because I didn't even want to pull it up at work. -ed.

Gone, but not forgotten Mon Oct 17 2005

Top magazine covers ever. Yada yada yada. Scroll down to the list on the right and check out #7. 3...2...1... chug.

Update You can get all the images at The server is really slow at the moment, but they will show up. Check out #16.

Because all Asian people are ninjas Sun Oct 16 2005

From Derek: flip, flip, spin, and kick. The mute button is your friend. This seems like an audition tape for Jackie Chan or something. -ed.

you know it's gotten bad when... Sun Oct 16 2005

From boot: Burch's and my high school has a dedicated teacher for in-school suspension... (all the way at the bottom) Any guess on how much that guy makes? -ed.

Not just for 311 concerts... Fri Oct 14 2005

UNLV-Nevada fans decide to piss in the stands.

Yet another. Fri Oct 14 2005

All miolla: A Teachers goes CRAZY on her studemts. Gives head to one, let others peek down her shirt, slashed her wrists for show and tell! WTF! I totally went to the wrong grammer school.

Dear Lord, Please make her stop. Wed Oct 12 2005

Mom squeezes out 16th pup. I'm not even sure how they would stay in anymore. Talk about a hot dog in a hallway. Kid #9 must feel like a unique flower. Anyway, nobody wanted to claim this.

A shithouse rat Mon Oct 10 2005

An interview with Garey Busey. Still crazy. From will.

Take the good, take the bad... Thu Oct 6 2005

Real Estate for sale in Maine. Read the description.

Feeeeel the Pooowwwwerrr!! Thu Oct 6 2005

All from Blum, who made me laugh out loud at work: Nicholas Cage has apparently named his newborn son Kal-el Coppala Cage. It doesn't get any geekier than that.

I 'm naming my first born Ultimate Warrior Blum.

And if you think he's kidding, may I remind you he's ridden a bull? -ed.

Animal Planet Thu Oct 6 2005

Beano sent these in. They originally came from his dad, with the comment You aren't going to believe this. Talk about a Pi-thon. Priceless. Good followup on yesterday's snake-eats-gator story.

More Animal Craziness Wed Oct 5 2005

Dolphins can sing Batman theme. This one's brought to us by our own resident Jack Hanna - oof.

This is just crazy Wed Oct 5 2005

Python tries to eat a gator. Fails. Includes pic. This one's from oof. He should have asked Prommel how he ate the sedan.

Bob Saget! Mon Oct 3 2005

From Derek: Just some guy, yelling and screaming. There are no words to describe it. He's right. -ed.

Think before you cut. It hurts. Mon Oct 3 2005

Rescue Rick wants to keep you from cutting off your toes. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for excellent picture. This is from Lisa, who adds Apparently this is what you do with an MBA from the Tepper School? Ohhhh....burn.... Suck it Excel wizards.

Direct Marketing can eat it Mon Sep 19 2005

From Bob: telemarketers get free reign on cell phones in about a month, and it takes like 30 seconds here to register your number not to be called.

A booking agency soley for Real World & Road Rules Mon Sep 19 2005

The MM Agency From will, who says I am totally down for this. You could probably get one of the less popular Road Rulers for twenty bucks and a box or Ritz crackers.

Oh, the internets Sat Sep 17 2005

Google Answers on how to get rid of overwhelming curry stench. Not that any of you would have this problem, but there it is.

YAAAAAARR!!!!!!!!!!!! Thu Sep 15 2005

Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday. And they don't mean 'Man, we suck. I wish Mark Cuban would buy us.' From Shek.

Secret Ingredient in Chinese Wrinkle Cream Thu Sep 15 2005

Skin from executed prisoners used in Chinese wrinkle cream. And then it's sold to Europeans. From Brick.

That's a Huge..... Wed Sep 14 2005

Elephant Treadmill From boot.

Fantasy or Reality? Wed Sep 14 2005

From bean: In this week's "Why Not?" department, yahoo offers the fantasy game versions for The Donald's and Martha Stewart's The Apprentice reality shows.

Pat Robertson must actually be gay Tue Sep 13 2005

From Meg: I am not sure if you saw this, but my office (which is compromised primarily of women and gay men) is dying over this. Who is this dude? Has he watched the Tony's lately? And can I be a lesbian if I can incite that kind of wrath/attention from God? yes, or for any reason you choose -ed.

Basically, it's a big WTF.

Update As "Shek's friend" points out, I got punk'd. Snopes has it, but looking at the 'About' page or the rest of the site (which is pretty funny) would have made it clear. Oh, those internets.

Junk in the front. Tue Sep 13 2005

drive by farting [WMV Video] Jay Park sent this asking why is this so funny? I didn't find it that funny, but that's comedy. Mildly NSFW due to streaking.

Scrwany ver Scrawnuson Mon Sep 12 2005

All from Jacques-o-bim: World's Weakest Man competition on ESPN 3... featuring wiry twerps competeing in such events as Pillow Power Lifting and Blackberry Bench Press... simply brilliant. The only thing that might better this is if you had the huge guys from the World's Strongest Man competition compete in events requiring fine motor skills like the Needle-point Sew Scramble, the Fishing Fly Tie-off, or the infamous Model-car Building Matchup.

Another sign the end of the world is upon us Sun Sep 11 2005

All from miolla: No comment. This is just plane (get it) wrong.... I can't wait for the Abu Ghraib playset myself. Now with poseable Lyndie! -ed.

Don't tell the Fugees Wed Sep 7 2005

Refugee is apparently a racist term. This one's from ryan, who adds I really don't understand this issue at all. Can anyone shed some light as to why this matters at all? And when did we stop looking at context of what people say when deciding if they are racial or not?

Jesse Jackson can shove it up his ass. They're refugees. Deal with it.

Life is much better, down where its wetter Tue Sep 6 2005

Shark VS Octopus! WMV video. This one's from Old Sea Captain derek. It takes a while to load, but man is it worth it. See if you can watch it without saying 'Gewwww!' Apparently this weekend was octopus weekend.

octopus tattoos are sweet Tue Sep 6 2005

The Grove is on the web. This one's from "Jim's golden rod" - This website is pretty weak. It doens't really contain anything. But I think we'd all agree that it needs to be a part of I guess.

From the 'What's the point?' department Wed Aug 31 2005

I was looking through my spam folder to see if anything had gotten flagged incorrectly, and this came to me from the 'Hottie Research Panel'. Thought it was worth a laugh. And if anyone knows what the point of this is, please share.

Pens Service Announcement Tue Aug 30 2005

From ryan: If anyone is interested in some Pens tickets, I can get 2 for any game at season ticket prices (around half of what it costs at the gate). So if anyone is interested in this, let me know.

The new low. Mon Aug 29 2005

NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!! Please note all the exclamation points there.

The most insane tattoo you will ever see. If you are at work, DO NOT look at this. If you are squeamish, DO NOT look at this. If a picture of a wang offends you, DO NOT look at this. Anyway, I made mention of this to somebody a while ago, and I just got a new account with 3.5 GB of space to burn and 100GB of transfer. naj sent this to me a while ago. It still haunts me.

Interesting read Sun Aug 28 2005

Can you raed tihs? Olny srmat poelpe can.

cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! This one's from mllioa. He didn't send a link, though.

I didn't try to commit suicide. God pushed me over. Wed Aug 24 2005

New Intelligent Falling theory explanation. This one's from Blum.

According to the ECFR paper published simultaneously this week in the International Journal Of Science and the adolescent magazine God's Word For Teens!, there are many phenomena that cannot be explained by secular gravity alone, including such mysteries as how angels fly, how Jesus ascended into Heaven, and how Satan fell when cast out of Paradise.

For all you Spaghetti Monster devotees out there, you can check out the wikipdedia entry and of course, the DIY bumper sticker.

yoink Wed Aug 24 2005

Police officers fight off looters after a beer train crashes This one's from Jay Park. If you ever want to hear some funny stories, talk to a beer delivery guy that's worked the not-so-nice part of town. It's amazing what people will do for beer. Or maybe not...

You have no balls Mon Aug 22 2005

An interview with a guy that went sky diving at 102,800 feet. And lived. He was testing the limits of human endurance with a pressure suit as part of the space program. He was in freefall for almost 4 1/2 minutes and managed to break the sound barrier. There's some pics over here.

At 40,000 feet, the glove on my right hand hadn't inflated. I knew that if I radioed my doctor, he would abort the flight. If that happened, I knew I might never get another chance because there were lots of people who didn't want this test to happen. I took a calculated risk, that I might lose use of my right hand. It quickly swelled up, and I did lose use for the duration of the flight.

I'm Speechless Mon Aug 22 2005

Carrot Top update I looked around a bit and this appears to be real. The allegations of steroid use are fast and furious, but WTF? Seriously. WTF? JT sent the link.

Paging Mr. Miolla Mon Aug 22 2005

This is for Jay. From JT

Saucer of milk... table of two! Tue Aug 9 2005

Reese Witherspoon has had it with dumb blondes. I'm fairly certain she's referring to the new Daisy Duke. Just a hunch. Update Stiner has informed me that the quote was taken way out of context and refers to raising her daughter (who I assume is blonde). That takes all the fun out of it. Unless she's throwing daggers at her kid Gangs of New York style, which would be cool to see. Damn you internets and your selective quoting!! When will I learn?

We ain't white. We ain't white. We definitely ain't white. Mon Aug 8 2005

Cheerleaders foil a hit and run with a cheer. This one's from will, who adds I've heard they also solve internal disputes with naked kiss/tickle fights

Protect Your Nuts Mon Aug 8 2005

Guy has his nuts padlocked. For two weeks. This one's from Goldsmith, who added Just heard this one on the radio and figured I'd pass it along. A hacksaw???

Vaginas R' Us Mon Aug 8 2005

Amusing billboard target of people with too much time. This one's from Brick. I'd ask those people to get over it. Oh yea - Vagina. Vagina. Vagina... Vagina.

I'm glad I wasn't number 36 Mon Aug 8 2005

This is all bean: Women eats 35 bratwursts to win competition. After having watched Clerks again very recently, and then hearing about a women eating alot of weiners, I must ask: "In a row?"

What else are they supposed to do there? Fri Aug 5 2005

From oof: As Jim fondly remembers Iowa is chock full of corn, and not much else - except for ridiculous tree houses.

He is my hero... Sun Jul 31 2005

From Oof: Steve Guttenberg's back, baby! I don't really know what to say about this. I only have one thing to add: "Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do!" -ed.

The World Wide Web Fri Jul 29 2005

From oof: The makers of Google Maps, which was recently updated with a cool hybrid view, comes Google Earth. You have to download it, but it is well worth it. Be sure to check out the Grand Canyon tour which shows the full functionality.

#1 person to be beat down Thu Jul 28 2005

From boot: OK, first of all PETA sucks.

Second, boycotting fishing by putting up a billboard with a fish hook in a dog's mouth is retarded.

Being part of Peta, and putting up a billboard is bad enough, but legally changing your name to is reason for #1 on the beatdown list...

sausage with your breakfast... Thu Jul 28 2005

Dude almost loses his wang. From Jay Park: some humorous breakfast antics. it's a newspaper clipping, so i think it's fairly safe for work. Agreed.

In case you ever find yourself at Hot Topic Wed Jul 27 2005

Vampire hunting kit On eBay. This one's from derek, and includes what could be one of the best tag lines ever.

Following (throw) up Wed Jul 27 2005

Kid that puked on teacher sentenced to clean up cop car puke. For 4 months. This one's from CB. Follows up on this.

No honor, or humor, in dishonor... apparently Tue Jul 26 2005

From Jacques: Using a fake Purple Heart medal to pick up chicks and get drinks.... I can't decide whether to laugh or not... personally, I think its a funny concept to use in a movie... but I can see where some people might get upset. Generally, I like sticking to things like "My dog just died..." or "I just had surgery".

News Channel gets owned Mon Jul 25 2005

Omari sent this well-crafted entry, and while it was posted some time back, it's still funny.

Question: Why should the news channels go through the hassle of filtering through all the school/business closings that are sent to them when those businesses and schools can just load them directly through the internet?

Answer: Here

Cara, get Jim Fri Jul 22 2005

Maddox on the GTA 'Hot Coffee' issue There's a patch you can get that allows you to unlock two people doin' it. Yay! Because you can't find that anywhere on the internet.

Word to yo' Mother Fri Jul 22 2005

Al Gore invented the Internet for stuff like this. This is from Oof, who will be paying for my retinal correction surgery after watching this. That, or drinks next weekend.

More puppet sex. Seriously. Wed Jul 20 2005

Insane/bizzare/scary ad from Greenpeace. Watch the whole thing. The tagline at the end will explain it if you don't get it. I'm marking it no desks, but it's a mild no desks.

Mike Hawk. Is there a Mike Hawk in here? Wed Jul 20 2005

From miolla: A guy sights Mike Hawk as an inspirational friend at his graduation in front of a couple thousand people. (here's a clue. Say it fast.)

He called the shit "poop" Wed Jul 20 2005

Craig's List - I just can't stop eating poop! From Jeanine, who adds You know you have pissed someone off when your shit-eating skills are marketed on craigslist. Lesson to be learned: Never eat anything brown in front of people that hate you. And if you're an albino, get out in the sun once in a while.

Now they're just showing off Wed Jul 20 2005

Google Moon Be sure to zoom all the way in. Derek sent this, and says it proves they're tools. JT also sent this and added the following:

On the Moon, nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with Moonrocks

Ignignot: Hello, Carl, I am Ignignot, and this is Ur.
Ur: I am Ur!
Ignignot: We are Mooninites from the inner core of the Moon.
Ur: You said it right!
Ignignot: Our race is hundreds of years beyond yours.
Ur: Man, you hear what he's sayin'?
Ignignot: Some would say that the Earth is *our* moon.
Ur: *We're* the Moon!
Ignignot: But that would belittle the name of our Moon, which is the Moon.
Ur: Point is, we're at the center, not you!
Carl: No, the real point is I don't give a damn. (slams door)

Something tells me I don't want to piss these guys off Wed Jul 20 2005

Two dudes drink 1/2 a bottle of Jager. Each. In one go. [WMV Video] Just wow. From Rollins.

Combine all your vices Mon Jul 18 2005

Hooter Shooters Giant fake breasts that dispense shots of alcohol. Because in the middle of a lap dance, you too might need a shot. Something about this says 'Wow, that's just messed up.' and something else says 'God bless America.' Got this from jwz. Totally NSFW.

Friday misc. Fri Jul 15 2005

Process your processed meats. Turn your hot dog into an octopus. Not kidding. From Chef Shoof.

Transformers' movie site. They have a giant truck at a comic con, and they announced July 4, 2007 for the movie. Only 723 days to go. Oh, Michael Bay, why do you hate my childhood? And the mudflaps are in the wrong place. From Shasta.

How you say? Thu Jul 14 2005

Borat gets interviewed by a Mississippi TV station. Live. No video link as yet, but this is impressive.

Not quite the chug beast Wed Jul 13 2005

Dude chugging 3 beers. [WMV Video] His speed is pretty good and his endurance isn't too bad, either. He probably couldn't win Jag gift, but there ya' go. And apparently he doesn't know about plastic cups.

Those crazy asians! Tue Jul 12 2005

Video of dude getting launched with pressurized water tanks. This doesn't look real, but there it is. Also looks like some sort of THendrix device. From Shasta.

I DEMAND an apology! Mon Jul 11 2005

Hillary feels like Alfred E. Neuman is running the country. That's what actually went down. Here's the headline they ran: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton attacks President Bush, comparing him to Alfred E. Neuman Anyway, I just thought she meant based on looks, which would have been much funnier.

So not all from Maine are Saintly... Sun Jul 10 2005

From Oof: Here is another case of how wrong some people are in our world. There are easier ways to get your jollies.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself... Sun Jul 10 2005

A PSA from Rachel From shasta: Don't even know how to put this one. But since its a public health announcment, I'm not even sure to mark this as NOT safe for work. If anything turn down the volume before listening to it. I'm throwing a no-desk on it, as it just appears NSFW.

If they need an expert witness, we know a few Fri Jul 8 2005

Drunk guy taken into custody on private property fighting it. Maine represent. Also, Waltham, MA, to a lesser extent. This one's from Rollins, who also came up with the tag line. Well said. If only they needed some help determining what 'Walking the Dog' is...

Black Sheep Fri Jul 8 2005

If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you? Baaaaa. No one's claiming this one, but there you go.

This flamer digs chicks Thu Jul 7 2005

This one's all Bean: Man sets himself on fire before proposing to girlfriend.

You know, I almost went this way. I mean, I wound up just going with the old-fashioned nice dinner followed up by getting down on one knee. But this was option number two on the list, really.

Call Mel (Part Deux) Tue Jul 5 2005

911 was a

From JT: Stumbled across this today... kindof a follow up to that flash thing you had on your website a year or so ago. For every act, there is an equal and opposite conspiracy theory.

Pope watch Tue Jul 5 2005

Pope may be on the fast track to sainthood. Boot sent this in and summarized it thusly: Church Loophole -- If he's labelled a martyr, he doesn't have to perform a miracle after he's been dead.

Kano, wins. Fatality! Wed Jun 29 2005

73 year old man kills leopard with his bare hands. It is apparent that he prefers Mortal Kombat over Samurai Showdown after reading his self defense methodology. This one's all from jm (not miolla).

M’Mburugu had a machete in one hand but dropped that to thrust his fist down the leopard’s mouth. He gradually managed to pull out the animal’s tongue, leaving it in its death-throes.

Apparently, Arthur was right... Tue Jun 28 2005

...Women 24 and older ARE already on a steady decline of attractiveness. I am not sure what disturbs me more about this article, the 18 year olds trying to "land" 40 yr old men or the fact that they have gotten into Bungalow 8 and I have not. It's a close call....

The story of 3 teenage girls on the high-end NYC club scene.

This one is all from the mind of Meg.

My Robot Balls Tue Jun 28 2005

Crazt robot you can buy. Walks down stairs. Fun for a boy and a girl. Be sure to check out the videos. From

Flesh-eating aliens will do that to ya... Tue Jun 28 2005

Your daily derek: Man that rammed UPS truck and killed driver says 'aliens'.

also, - crazed hack makes king kong movie does anyone else have a tough time taking jack black seriously? -ed.

So that's what Gaiden means... Mon Jun 27 2005


1. Ninjas are mammals.
2. Ninjas fight ALL the time.
3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.

Ninja Power

This one's from Sri, who obviously hasn't seen miolla's shirt.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Mon Jun 27 2005

Sewiouswy. Tell me Rove doesn't look like Vader when they pulled off his beautiful, black visage to reveal a feeble, crusty white man (Thanks, Kev). Also, he has no discernable neck or chin. Which kind of creeps me out.

Hooked on something. Thu Jun 23 2005

David Hasselhoff remakes "Hooked on a Feeling" From will, who adds I dunno... you write the description... i'm speechless. That about says it. I could swear I have posted this before, but the search is giving me no love.

The Pope working on his Sainthood Tue Jun 21 2005

From boot: Lions chased away kidnappers and held a vigil over a victim until authorities arrived, and then just walked back into the forrest.

Interesting note from this article -- The United Nations estimates that more than 70 percent of marriages in Ethiopia are by abduction, practiced in rural areas where the majority of the country's 71 million people live. Which has got to make romantic comedies tough. And I have no clue about the pope thing. -ed

Lost in translation Tue Jun 21 2005

Gel TV video. Dear japanese people: you scare me. Yours, Brian.

Cezanne of the ape world. Mon Jun 20 2005

Monkey Paintings sell for 25K This one's from boot, who adds Ridiculous...simply ridiculous...

Time to Rethink the Initiation Ritual Mon Jun 20 2005

Teenager Rapes Dog. Then the dog dies two weeks later. However, I think the worst part is that it also mentions that he rapes two little girls as well, but the story is focused only on the canine offense. This is stolen from that Report by that guy no one likes. All from jm.

MMM... It's even tastier if its free Mon Jun 20 2005

Buy a Chipotle burrito tomorrow, June 21st, and get a free one sometime before the 26th. Boo-ya!! Thanks to somebody who didn't claim credit for this one.

Attention Weatherford Mon Jun 20 2005

You've got nothing on this guy. WMV of an excellent bonfire. Just keep watching.

Who knew the English had balls? Fri Jun 17 2005

Oof sent this along: Seeing as everyone had so much fun with the telescoping game, here is the latest dyson game.

I lost interest after level 7 or so. So here's the original awesome game. Say goodbye to your morning. Be sure to play 'additional levels' once you finish the first 15. -ed.

It's all true. I swear. Thu Jun 16 2005

Seat 29E complains. [PDF] Got this from LMC, JT, and Bob. I'd like to take this moment to complain about the incontinent sow that woke me up so she could get by me to unload her bladder 20 mintes into a 1 hr. flight. And the douche bag that did the same thing on the previous flight. They're called aisle seats, people. Look into them. Here's the snopes write up on Seat29E. And a link to the original PDF if you want.

Eat your heart out Kase... Wed Jun 15 2005

Aside from the fun anecdotal observations, the article claims that only one person has perfectly beaten Pac-Man, which is kinda cool. I remember that infamous pledge when people stood around and watched a first-time-drunk Kase manhandling Inky & Crew in the first few levels, but 256 levels is insane. This moment in pika history is courtesy of oof.

Daily vomitting, turn-tabling, ipodding derek Wed Jun 15 2005

All from derek

High School kid pukes on teacher. I'm pretty sure this happened to some kid I went to school with in the 3rd grade...not the expulsion part.

I-tunes per I-pod Where do the songs come from? Inspirado. He also completely neglects CD ripping and existing CD collections. -ed.

Homemade russian cassette turntables... I said it's like Sony guts.

Damnnnnnn Tue Jun 14 2005

Oof sent this along.

New Glory Tue Jun 14 2005

The US Christian Flag. They've got a pledge and everything. Warning: horrible, horrible music upon entry. Horrible.

Why can't we be friends? Mon Jun 13 2005

A nice little quicktime of a mouse. Just keep watching. This one's from Jay Park, who adds man that mouse is so stupid.

couple of links Thu Jun 9 2005

A dose of misc. from Rollins.

#1 Donald Trump's wife's new whip.

I'd let The Donald spoon with me for that.

#2 The high-fashion foosball table.

Don't let Paul Warren near this one.

There is hope for us all... Thu Jun 9 2005

Nerds make better lovers. From sri, going 2/2 this week.

Funniest Website Ever (Besides this one) Wed Jun 8 2005

Overheard in New This one's from Meg. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Of many words, he is not. Wed Jun 8 2005

Arjen makes his triumphant return today with a couple quick ones.

Robbers stopped by GTA.

Airplane stowaway's remains drop in DC Long Island. Which I can only assume makes it a better place. Update Rollins sent this in a little later with the tag line "It's raining men!"

Nice Beerhawk Wed Jun 8 2005

Dude with homemade sword and bloody chainsaw let across the border. Includes pic, which indicts him immediately. From JT as well.

"Being bizarre is not a reason to keep somebody out of this country or lock them up. ... We are governed by laws and regulations, and he did not violate any regulations."

Maine represent?

Anything for a buck. Tue Jun 7 2005

Wing Girls. And I don't mean Hooters. For $275, two girls will go out with you to help pick up other girls.

They don't teach you about this in HR class Tue Jun 7 2005

Los Alamos whistleblower gets a severe beatdown. Includes gnarly hospital bed picture.

From ryan, who adds Dude got rocked. I wished they showed a before picture of him. Wow.

Sail Cat Tue Jun 7 2005

This one's from Polega, who knows the guy that pulled this one off. The cell number goes to another friend. And I'm sure I butchered this story.

"I hope it burns when he pees" Mon Jun 6 2005

Bam Margera's ex-fiance says he boned Jessica Simpson. Call Morton and ask to borrow a giant grain from them, but there it is. A few weeks ago, I saw Pics of them in LA, which now seems to make a little more sense. If you've got a minute, listen to the phone call. And if you're wondering what the link is: one word - Knoxville. I marked it No desks because the rest of the site is a little off-color.

Not recommended Mon Jun 6 2005

Only Guiness, milk, and Vitamin C for a week. He made it.

Negatives :-
1)Visiting the toilet is NOT at all pleasant
2)The hunger pangs, they only come once or twice a day, last two hours, but it's extreme hunger.
3)You urine resembles Irn Bru

Alabama meets Westchester, NY Wed Jun 1 2005

Mother charged with aiding in statutory rape. From Nino.

"It's clear that the mother knew what was going on," Pirro said, adding that when the girls talked about having sex, the mother allegedly said, "What happens in White Plains stays in White Plains,"

Fun for the whole family Wed Jun 1 2005

Rather than just steal most of the links, I thought I'd point people over to Of note today: Goodbye Bitch site, Batman Begins 10 minute trailer, Segway Centaur video, fake U2 concert, and the Tourist photos.

The day the music, uh, got corporate? Tue May 31 2005

MTV won't let NIN perform in front of a picture of W. In other news, they will be promoting violence, misogyny, drug use and conspicuous consumption 24/7 for the foreseeable future.

The other side. Tue May 31 2005

Santorum loves puppies. The bill he introduced should help stop puppy mills. Which is a Good Thing. I can't help but wonder if there will be an ammendment that says everyone has to go through airport security buck naked. 'Cause if you vote against it, you hate puppies. Puppy hater!!

Went to Miami. Miami. Miami. Tue May 31 2005

Bharath and Anagha's Wedding

From Ren. The video in the Friday night section is poetry in motion.

Forget those cumbersome chastity belts. Tue May 31 2005

magic underpants from derek

This is the way that I want to go out... Tue May 31 2005

So a kid dies. They take him to the morgue, and then he punches the doctor.

Fucking weird. All from miolla.

are you a mexican, or a mexican't? Wed May 25 2005

2 guys got stabbed in the ass Jay Park sent this one in, adding to the list of stupid people doing stupid things.

Don't bring your children to Lucas County, OH. Wed May 25 2005

The creepiest sex offender you are likely to see. This one's from Brick. This is the real web site linked off of the Lucas County home page. Doing a Google for him reveals 'internet knowledge' that he has Down's syndrome and a heroin addiction. He also has a LiveJournal. And the photoshopping has begun.

That's a huge bitch... Mon May 23 2005

Oof this in: Seriously, this obesity stuff is getting out of hand. This guy had to get a ginormous coffin made. I wonder if he had to buy a double-wide grave site as well.

Asshats Mon May 23 2005

The Rocks N' Rings guys. From Will, who adds Got this from the Sports Guy on Rocks 'N Rings = Bag of Dicks.

Life and art and all that. Mon May 23 2005

Charlie: Eh lieutenant, what were you doing there?
Goose: Communicating.
Maverick: Communicating. Keeping up foriegn relations. You know, giving him the bird!

Afternoon levity Mon May 23 2005

Bear falls into pool. She was okay after they tranq'd her and got her out. I can't stop laughing at the picture.

The web contains everything. Fri May 20 2005

I Hate Dimes!! From JT who adds I stole this from Fark, but please view it if only for the Dimes Eat Babies! animation at the bottom of the page...

Land of the bizarre Thu May 19 2005

Store Wars. Crazy video made to promote organic vegetables. It's not the great, but the concept is hilarious.

Even the noblest of intents can turn to debauchery. Tue May 17 2005

All from oof: This just doesn't seem like a good idea. It seems that by taking this herb one begins to feel the affects of alcohol quicker. I can't even begin to list the types of abuse this allows. Boot and derek both sent this in as well.

Bizarro Politics Thu May 12 2005

Larry Flynt gets some swingin', sexy dirt on John Bolton. I don't know how much of this is true, but I'd like to thank Mr. Flynt for his work in keeping politicians in check. It's a crazy, mixed up world.

Talk about cruelty to animals Wed May 11 2005

The most photographed squirrel in the world. If feel for this furry rat. I really do. I think his 'Mom' needs a mental checkup. Thanks to Dave R and Dave Barry's blog for this one.

heidi klum married head hurts Wed May 11 2005

Google content blocker

Stevie Wonder releases videos for the blind - narrated by busta rhymes

All from derek.

Need to get new clubs. Fri May 6 2005

Greg Norman's Yacht There are more pics if you hit the little links on the right that say 'Show all thumbnails'. I missed them the first time.

More explanation

From Nino, who adds When I saw the theater I fell silent. . .

Can anybody figure out how they launch and retrieve the 42ft boat from the deck?

Woo-Woo! Grammar police. Thu May 5 2005

Paris Hilton disobeys the laws of grammar. Twice. On the same shirt. What an idiot. And if we didn't have previous evidence that she's dumb as a post, I might think she was being ironical. Update This may be the worst tag line I've ever come up with. I suck. That is all.

Summer Time.... Thu May 5 2005

How to avoid dressing to unimpress. From ryan. With commentary.

"Bermuda shorts and boat shoes with no socks. Who does that?

Today, the violators are more likely to be women wearing clothes that show too much skin, leave too little to the imagination and scream 'I'd rather be clubbing!'" I need to work there...

from hendrix: I would also add that this statement - Women in all professions should know they're not advancing their careers when they wear revealing clothing. is not always true.

Let's Get F%#$@* Crazy Thu May 5 2005

Pat O'Brien's (The Insider) nasty sex calls to a co-worker. From Brick, who adds They're Awesome.

If you listen to Howard Stern, you've heard them...over and over and over. Hilarious. Oh, and he got interviewed by Dr. Phil tonight on prime time tv. What a douche...

Hippies. Dirty Hippies. Tue May 3 2005

Dude chows down on KFC in front of protesters. Funny video. Apparently Moby was in charge of the protest.

Stop looking at me Swan! Tue May 3 2005

Study: 209 animals sexually abused. All from Jay Park.

Most of the cases were reported by veterinarians and police after 2000, the study said. But it was not clear if sex with animals had become more common or if people had become more likely to report it, it said.

so in a way, it's kinda like kids who had sex with Michael Jackson...

A wonderful, magical animal. Tue May 3 2005

A bandage designed specifically for will and his love of bacon.

Naked dude goes on rampage (no pictures)

anti-santa show cancelled

More fingers

"I thought it was candy because they put candy in your ice cream ... to make it a treat. So I said, 'OK, well, I'll just put it in my mouth and get the ice cream off of it and see what it is.'"

All this News of the Weird comes from Derek.

And the bartender said, Tue May 3 2005

Oof sent this: A British magazine recently ranked the 50 best restaurants in the world. To no surprise the several London eateries rank in the top; I have even eaten at #5. Of course, I can't help but notice the glaring omission of Chez Tom aka PiKA. Be sure to click the pop-up link to see the full list.

geeks Mon May 2 2005

Time Traveler Convention. The MIT kids are at it again. From oof.

I'm from the future, and I'd like to attend!

We're not sure how you're emailing us from the future, but we'd love to have you! Come as you are! No dress code whatsoever.

'Oh, my gosh, they're talking about my burrito.' Sun May 1 2005

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon Brick sent this one in.

"There needs to be security before the kids walk through the door," said Heather Black, whose son attends the school.

It's not just the South that is backwards... Fri Apr 29 2005

From Oof: A Norwegian woman was recently convicted of rape. Unfortunately, the blurp does not offer more info about their relationship. Cause if this was just a random hook up I don't see what is so bad, and if this was two people in a relationship I don't see what is so bad. I wonder if this has ever happened in the US?

Guy you dont want to bump into... Thu Apr 28 2005

Providence cop killer. With gnarly pic. Ryan sent this one. Does anyone know what that thing is? Is it a Hannibal Lecter thing to keep him from biting? And can we just go ahead and execute this human garbage? Please?

YAY-UH!.... OOOOooh KAAaaaay!.... Wed Apr 27 2005

DIY Pimp Cup This one's from Jay Park. Might be NWS due to advertisements.

Manifest Destiny Wed Apr 27 2005

So the Chinese government is set to sponsor one of Europe grandest soccer teams. Basically, the Chinese government wants to advertise for the 2008 Olympics on Spanish soccer shirts. I realize that US Postal Service has been a long time sponsor of cycling, and specifically Lance Armstrong. This new action is just wrong.

Actually, Discovery has taken over for USPS this year, due to annoying questions like 'Why is the government advertising?' -ed.

Spicy Curry Wed Apr 27 2005

Crazy homepage for a sexy guy. Jeremy H sent this one to me, and couldn't tell if it was for real. I think it maybe was at one point, but the domain is gone and it's been picked up as part of a larger web-design firm. Anyway, it's awesome. Be sure to check out the videos of Pick-Up-A-Chick.

Helpful How-tos Wed Apr 27 2005

Making a coin-ring

Cooking with Lava

From derek. Everyone say 'Thanks derek'.

BFF Tue Apr 26 2005

Dear Japanese people, Tue Apr 26 2005

You are scaring the crap out of me. While making me question reality. And be afraid. 4MB Flash video. This is more on the derek/will end of the humor interesting-weird-crap-on-the-web spectrum.

I heart magic tricks Mon Apr 25 2005

Video of some card tricks. Ron Mexico sent this in, adding this guy's pretty good I would also encourage you to wait for the money shot at the end.

Geeks abound... Mon Apr 25 2005

Buy one of 8 known X-Wings. It's a fiberglass replica, but you drop a hemi in there. I'm talkin' some fuckin' mu-scle. This one's from oof.

Shooter's gonna choke! Mon Apr 25 2005

Golfer hits ball onto alligator tail. The 'gator didn't move, but Chubbs Mike Rothermund took the drop instead of retrieving the ball.

Advanced Photoshop? Mon Apr 25 2005

These are supposedly undoctoctored. Oh, AP, what are you doing?


Morning chuckle Mon Apr 25 2005

We Found the Terrorists From JT

Sick balls chopper! Sat Apr 23 2005

Insane video of French-trained police dogs in action. Just watch the whole thing. WMV video.

You done with those tots? Thu Apr 21 2005

Pedro's House From JT.

Adding to the list of people I don't understand. Thu Apr 21 2005

Why people buy $500 jeans and what you get. They're pants. Made out of denim. Unless they're coated in Goretex, this is just dumb. Of course, this is coming from a guy with a $500 snowboard. Priorities.

I guess fruit is within a vegetarian diet. Thu Apr 21 2005

Interesting food cart on miolla's way to work everyday. All from Miolla, who adds I pass this twice every single day and I finally took a picture of it. Enjoy. Excellent tag line.

more crap than humanly possible Wed Apr 20 2005

All from derek: baby getting smacked by cat

Commando Hiding Cream

Pimp my shopping cart

Tetris shelves

Police looking for swat monkey

ddr sucks

Notes: The Tetris shelves are $7,000 for 10. The DDR thing is an insane video.

Lei'd never gets old. Never. Wed Apr 20 2005

JT sent this along adding Sounds like a Hawaiian dance for Weinstein.

Don't Nobody Touch a Black Man's Radio Tue Apr 19 2005

Chris Tucker busted for doing 109. He was in his new Bentley, if that helps. As someone on Fark said 'Do you understand the Miranda rights comin' out of my mouth?' JT sent this along.

Funny Title Tue Apr 19 2005

Crazy videos. There are a ton of videos involving just about any kind of trick/wreck you can imagine, focused mainly on motorcycles. Ryan, I recommend the Frenchman on a bike. Mayes, have a look at the rollerblader. Philippe, check out the X5 recovery. Some of these are pretty gnarly, just as a heads up.

eXtreme moron Tue Apr 19 2005

A guy jumps a 'crotch rocket' motorcycle into a foam pit. Sort of. It's a GSX-R, for those of you into that type of thing.

Look at the monkey, marge. Tue Apr 19 2005

Drunk monkeys attack a village. That would be a good name for a band.

and the rest Tue Apr 19 2005

chinese are wierd

Pac-man hat

All from derek.

set it to vibrate Mon Apr 18 2005

Romanian Woman Thief Hid Mobile Phones In Her Hoo-Ha All from Ron Mexico, who adds I guess it's work safe since there are no pictures. (unless the word VAGINA is not work safe) And Ron, may I direct you here?

It's not just the wrong side of the street anymore... Mon Apr 18 2005

While living there I discovered some of the backwards ways of our ancestors, but this is incredulous. Damn hippies. Oof sent along this well-formatted entry.

Ahhh, the eBay Thu Apr 14 2005

Jilted husband selling his wife's crap. She's been cheating on him, so he's getting a little revenge. Tremendous.

Next up... bhendrix comments generator. Wed Apr 13 2005

randomly generated paper accepted to conference. This one's from ms. minardo, whose shift key I can only assume is broken.

randomly-generated CS articles for technical journals. spits out somewhat readable garbage that sounds like a real paper. one was accepted for presentation to a conference and authors are planning to present. the kids at MIT apparently have too much time on their hands.

In case you needed more proof, check out the USB controlled disco dance floor.

DNSB Wed Apr 13 2005

More Q&A from JT:

Q: What is the difference between this kid and Shek?

A: The 12 year old wakes up after passing out.

Affiliated with the Catholic church? Tue Apr 12 2005

A lesson in poor logo choice. From will, who adds Who are the adwizards that came up with this one?

beyond a title Tue Apr 12 2005

beyond a real description except maybe yeesh. All from derek.

robots rule Tue Apr 12 2005

Camel jockies replaced by robots. Once again, robots save the world, and by world i mean 4 year olds racing on camel back. Thanks to Jay Park, aka Ron Mexico for this one.

Shocking. Mon Apr 11 2005

Wendy's chilli finger lady sues everybody. She's got a history of lawsuits against anybody and everybody. In other news, the #6 combo is still delicious. Follows up on this. Got it from the Fark.

My third sophomore year. Mon Apr 11 2005

11th year senior going for one more. He's sort of a Van Wilder kind of guy. I will not draw the links to others.

This is a family site. Mon Apr 11 2005

The Pandas are mating. This is one of those times I would have taken their word for it. Who lies about this kind of stuff?

Is Crescent City near Fort Walton Beach? Mon Apr 11 2005

Romeo and Juliette -- Trailer Park Style From Boot.

My husband's not a violent person. He's been in the United States for 24 years and he's never been in trouble," Lisa Riojas told WJXT-TV of Jacksonville.

In answer to his question, not really.

Insane in the brain. Sat Apr 9 2005

Sony patents tech that goes straight to your brain. Hopefully they can't get anything out of there. Unless it's answers to test questions. That would be helpful. Oof sent the link in.

YEEEARRGGGHH! Thu Apr 7 2005

NCSU election results video. From Fark via JT Fast Forward to about 6/10ths (or 3/5ths, for you reducers out there -ed.) of the way through to hear 'The Pirate Captain' basically win the election for student body president at NC State.

Also listen for cronie comments like "We got 44%, YEEARGH!", "Long live the captain" (chorus of cheers), and "Ye ship set sail, YEEARGH!"

Life intimidating art... Thu Apr 7 2005

Following on from CBS's movie-of-the-week, Sping Break Shark Attack, it seems as if real sharks are congregating and copying their digital, small screen brothers. Click on the picture it is pretty crazy. Update Oof sent this one in. I robbed him of credit. Sorry oof.

Wasn't Daylight a bad Stallone movie? Thu Apr 7 2005

This one's from oof: Ed Markey of Massachuesetts asserts that daylight saves energy. And now he is working to get his Congressional colleagues to agree, and change daylight savings time. I just laughed when he was quoting as saying, "The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use." - as if some Congressional action can change when the sun rises. And Daylight was an excellent movie, especially when they go shooting out of the tunnel at the end.

Ball carrier. Tue Apr 5 2005

Woman says Mike Vick gave her the herp. I nominate him World's Greatest STD carrier. Previously covered here and with the poll. Via Fark.

Owww. Phhhhttttt. Oh. Tue Apr 5 2005

Body Suspension convention coverage from Providence RI. If you are squeamish, DO NOT CLICK THROUGH. Seriously. I don't want to be responsible for you depositing your lung butter on your computer. If you're really sacked up, though, check out the photo gallery. Yow. I marked this No Desks just to make sure there were no accidental clicks.

Can't we all just get along? Mon Apr 4 2005

Woman with MD stripped of Ms Wisconsin throne because she can stand up. Make no mistake, she's definitely handicapped. It's just that for brief periods she can appear as though she isn't. Thanks to boot for this one.

Afternoon mortality update. Thu Mar 31 2005

Death When will you die? From Jay Park, who adds i will die on sunday, January 31st, 2066 BHendrix will be outta here on Sunday, July 2, 2051.

Mr. Butt Tue Mar 29 2005

Credit card prank Seems strangely like Monzy's writing style. Pretty funny. The last part is a bit of a dick move, but there it is. Thanks to Jay Park for this one.

Motive: he passed out with his shoes on. Mon Mar 28 2005

Teen has 'obscene phrase' tattoo on his forehead. From ms. minardo, who adds amazingly, came up via google. Ahh, google. What can't it find?

Driver in search of buggy tape Sun Mar 27 2005

Marissa (Ms. 2:06.71) is sending out this plea, so listen up:

The only tape I have of buggy is of hills 1, 2 and 5 from 2000. I am looking for a copy of the lead truck and follow truck footage of all the races for 2000 and/or '99. A copy of either psych tape would be a great bonus. If someone can get me this and give it to me at carnival I would be very grateful and will reimburse the person the cost of the copy.

I would also be interested in this stuff, if you've got it. - ed.

I'd like to order chili con finger. Thu Mar 24 2005

Finger found in Wendy's chilli. Arjen sent this in along with the tag line. Jeremy H also sent it in with "You want fingers with that?". My comment about Radiohead laughing at Scott Tinneman would be a distant 3rd.

This is fairly F'd up Thu Mar 24 2005

The latest high school shooter's first foray into the world of Flash animation.

I'd probably take the 'fairly' out of there. Hindsight is 20/20. This one's from Fark via JT.

Today Craig's List, Tomorrow Wed Mar 23 2005

Craig's list just got beamed out into space. He said 'beam'. Thanks to arjen for the link and excellent tag line.

Take another piece of my house now, baby. Wed Mar 23 2005

Thieves steal house brick by brick. The sheer instanity of this boggles my mind. Thanks to AC for this one.

A crapload of crap Wed Mar 23 2005

Solar death ray
How to confuse your party guests (crappy redecorationg)
Skiing on powerd gives faster tans From the guy that sent in the last two.

Mer-Man Dad! Mer-MAN! Wed Mar 23 2005

All from boot: On the advice of an 'advisor' a gullible zimbabwe-an woman pays to have 5 'mermaids' flown from London and put up in a fancy hotel to help recover her stolen car and thousands of dollars.

Pandering Tue Mar 22 2005

The Slut/Slot machine. Line 'em up. This is 100% absolutely not safe for work. Lots of boobs.

Big Time. Mon Mar 21 2005

novelty sized everything. From derek, who adds because if its not big enough to put on your head like a hat, its not really a martini glass The number of puns on the site may make your brian hurt.

Randomness Thu Mar 17 2005

Farting Fish Fingered Scientists figured out that herring pass gass to stay together. From Brick.

Sex Doll sparks bomb alert at post office. Not quite the old 'Brian left a walkman in his locker and caused a bomb scare', but a good one nonetheless. Thanks to Arjen for this one.

Excellent upcoming programming from Sci-Fi. This titan of programming has got quite a lineup of stuff. Ever since I saw 'Cube', I can't wait for Cube 2. This one's from Rollins, who adds I, for one, have already set the Tivo for Corin Nemec in "Mansquito". I guess Parker Lewis really can't lose.

In other news, Nevermind shows a swimming girl. Wed Mar 16 2005

Poster Company Removes Cigarette From Beatles' Album Cover From Brick, who adds from a web site with a very Orwellian name

Atomic Wed Mar 16 2005

Video of a giant wedgie. They didn't hang him by a door, but man, this is ruthless. Thanks to JT for this one. In related news, wedgie was added to Webster's.

House cats are small ligers. Tue Mar 15 2005

Cat going absolutely nuts on a guy. This one's from Arjen, who recommends you have your sound up. As do I.

The cost of bathroom dancing Tue Mar 15 2005

Bunion pictures. From someone who (maybe wisely) didn't claim credit - This is so so gross. In fact, don't even look at it. And you thought podiatry was so glamorous.

Bred for its skills in magic. Mon Mar 14 2005

An actual liger. I post this because someone wrote into Newsweek last week to ask 'Do ligers exist?' and they answered very seriously and with no Napoleon Dynamite references. It was surreal. Anyway, there are also 'tigons'. The first animal is the father, so a liger has a lion for a dad and a tiger for a mom.

Must like to bone. Mon Mar 14 2005

Pigeons have been known to "make whoopie" with dead pigeons. work safe link from Jay Park.

Morning chuckle Mon Mar 14 2005

Mr. Spears stinks. Literally. He smells bad. According to his previous girlfriend.

Crazy Cow-worshippers Fri Mar 11 2005

This whole thing is from oof: Imagine how annoying this would be with all those six-armed people drumming.

It's been too long since porn Thu Mar 10 2005

I won't dress it up for you. It's Angelina Jolie in the shower. And it's awesome. The keg's in the back. EN-joy. This is from none other than miolla.

There is nothing funnier than people getting hurt... Thu Mar 10 2005

Just watch it and wait for the donkey noises. Miolla sent this entire thing in along with It might win Best Screenplay at next years Oscars. Ow. Update rcr sent this in a while ago, and I forgot.

I will follow... up. Thu Mar 10 2005

Part II of the guy looking for the A-team on Craigslist. Now includes a questionaire. So get to it. Follow up to the initial post.

The New Fart Tape Thu Mar 10 2005

It's Flash, it's farts, it's just plain entertaining. From who else but miolla.

A delicious treat. Thu Mar 10 2005

17 Year Old sends assholes semen frosted brownies. If he had paid a little more attention to Van Wilder, he would know he should have used his dog. He could be in detention for up to nine months, which seems a bit harsh. Thanks to AC for this one.

I love the Burgh Thu Mar 10 2005

Son sues Dad over Steelers tickets. Somebody sent this in adding I kind of hoped/thought I'd open this and would see Blum's name. Too bad.

Duping myself. Wed Mar 9 2005

Video of guys doing the robot. The first guy is pretty good, but the guy in orange is amazing. With the advent of one Napoleon Dynamite, naj forwarded it to me, adding Why does this make me think of Art? I posted this a long time ago, but it's worth another look.

Afternoon chuckle Tue Mar 8 2005

The iNO. Because youNO gotNO money.

Rise up, boozehead! Tue Mar 8 2005

Modern Drunkard drinking convention. Jay Park sent it in, adding it's worth it for the t-shirt

The EU's military might Tue Mar 8 2005

Norwegian Tank units having a bad week. So with the French as nonviolent as your usual Holiday patrons, and the Swiss as noncommittal as Rick Simmons, it is a good thing at least one European nation isn't afraid to mimmick a Bruckheimer movie. Thanks to oof for the whole write-up... all three submissions worth.

A few things... Mon Mar 7 2005

1 in 7 Thai police fail traffic test. Luckily the Pittsburgh police can't fail, due to the complete lack of traffic laws.

Snow sculpture contest winners. Great pictures of the winning and competing snow sculptures from this year's contest.

Thanks to oof for both of these.

Playing with pain. Mon Mar 7 2005

Man gets 5" blade removed from head. Includes grizzly x-ray. Thanks to my dad for this one.

"My head hurt a bit, but I was convinced that it was from the fall. There was a small gash on the side of my head near my ear, but I thought it would soon heal and did not make much of it. I put a plaster on it and left it."

Hodge-podge Mon Mar 7 2005

All from derek:

someone uses craiglist to assemble a modern day a-team

teen driving video from geico...
unintentional comedy abounds
unfortunately there's no rewind/ffwd

No word on the Clavin entry. Sun Mar 6 2005

World Beard championships. Jay Park sent it in, asking only 'Why?' I don't know, but I'm glad it's on the 'net.

CMU Boobs Now Playing on Sun Mar 6 2005

Boobs from CMU... Need I say more? I was just surprised that the prudes from CMU final ponied up a Ho to get naked for In fact, I was more surprised that she went for full frontal. This makes me wonder if she is from Central Michigan University. But for now we'll just assume that CMU is awesome for finding a cick to get naked. This whole thing from Miolla. See the desk. Naked chick behind link.

as if you needed another reason to be bitter and think kids are dumb Sun Mar 6 2005

garage jumping newest fad

Mr. unClean Wed Mar 2 2005

Being unclean as a reason for divorce... I think I was on a plane with this guy last weekend. Thanks to yourmom for this one. An Iranian woman has requested a divorce from her husband on the grounds that he has not washed for more than a year.

I can still see you. Wed Mar 2 2005

Scientists come up with 'cloaking' device. Or invisibility shield, or whatever. It's a little scarce on details, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks to oof for this one.

A report in the journal Nature reveals that the new system is far more ambitious, being both self-contained and reducing visibility from all angles. In this sense it would be more like the shields used by the Romulans in the Star Trek episode Balance of Terror which hid their spaceship at the touch of a button.

All you can eat lobster Wed Mar 2 2005

A 22 pound lobster delivered to Wholly's in the Strip could be over 100 years old. Thanks to boot for this one.

Another group calling itself People For Eating Tasty Animals reportedly offered Wholey a hefty price for the lobster. At Tuesday's price of $14.98 a pound, Bubba would retail for about $350.

Terrorists hate us for our freedom. Tue Mar 1 2005

Bacon Shek sent the tag line and link in. Thanks.

Finally, you can have tasty, sizzling bacon, without all the shopping, planning, and preparation. Just schedule your appointment at, and our trained experts will come and prepare bacon for you, exactly the way you like it.

More Pittsburgh Fun Tue Mar 1 2005

At least this one wasn't in Shadyside. Thanks to JT for this one. This sums it up nicely: The girl, who, as a juvenile, was not identified by police, was wounded in the groin with a .45-caliber handgun and was taken to an undisclosed hospital.

The shame. Tue Mar 1 2005

Maine Lobster Game. It's a vending machine with the hook/claw thing, but it grabs lobsters instead. Please keep in mind that you get a Maine lobster, not that this is indiciative of Maine in general.

Shadyside In The News Tue Mar 1 2005

Just another routine Meth Lab bust in my quiet neighborhood... Thanks to JT for this one.

So North isn't really North? Mon Feb 28 2005

The 38 States. Interesting suggestion for re-drawing the US Map. I can see a few problems already, such as Madison, WI's reluctance to be included in a state with Milwaukee, Chicago, and Gary, IN. Also, "Don't mess with Alamo" doesn't have the same ring. Anyway, something a little different on a boring Monday night.

Tasty Trogdor Wed Feb 23 2005

When is this "people buying random crap on eBay" thing going to stop? $34 dollars??

Warning: Do not attempt to stop chain with police officer Wed Feb 23 2005

Man attacked trooper with chain saw
Right after Brian leaves eastern PA, everything goes to hell.

We're lovin' it today and we hope you are too Tue Feb 22 2005

McDonald's Bathroom Attendant

The Internet Loves Paris Hilton Mon Feb 21 2005

So the initial draft of this dissappeared, so check Someone hacked Paris' Sidekick. Check here for links to everything that was on it (pictures, emails, notes, phone numbers) along with some crank calls. The second link is NOT safe for work. Thanks to Cpt. Park for at least one of those, and no thanks to Brian's "draft" function, which makes things disappear.

I do like me some of this pussy! Fri Feb 18 2005

A friend of a friend lost their cat (yes, that's gay) but they're probably going to replace the cat with one of these. If hell froze over and I got a cat, this would definitely be the one. Thank to miolla for this one.

flying squirrels? Fri Feb 18 2005

Innovative squirrel trap. Possibly NSFW (its blocked by WebSense on my cpu).

More follow up. Thu Feb 17 2005

The lip-syncing fat kid is identified. This would be the kid from this story.

Grim. Wed Feb 16 2005

Thieves Burned Alive by Flaming Tyres It's from the BBC. From Brick, who adds Why does this sort of thing sound familiar?

I am the smartest man alive Tue Feb 15 2005

well not me personally, but i guy i know... Save okay, so i don't know him, but this is a pretty damn good idea. This is all from Jay Park.

Lost in transition Tue Feb 15 2005

All from JT: Something about this transition struck me as very funny:

The man, who was standing on the court, dropped to a knee and asked the woman to marry him.

Instead of answering, the woman turned and ran off the court with her face in her hands.

Meanwhile, Steve Francis scored 22 points and handed out 10 assists to lead the Orlando. Hedo Turkoglu also had 22 points in the win.

Bad Ideas 101 Sat Feb 12 2005

snow tow video You can probably see where it's going right off the bat, but enjoy the ride. And be glad it's not you. Thanks to longtime lurker Marissa for this one.

No more tears. Fri Feb 11 2005

Fat toilets for fat people From Jay Park. it's a toilet for fat people. does it self plunge itself? work safe link

Shoot the Dog - Vegas Fri Feb 11 2005

National Lampoon Vegas Tours Check out the link at the bottom, "Sign up now, or we'll shoot this dog." All from Nino.

that sort of thing isn't my bag, baby Wed Feb 9 2005

Judge gets busted with a penis pump while behind the bench. From Jay Park, who adds the appropriate disclaimer it's work safe as far as there being no pictures.

i just played dodgeball in gym class Wed Feb 9 2005

Teacher nails 13 yr. old student. Tag line and link are from bob, who adds i remember the last teacher that did this was busted, but this one... wow. to be 13 again....

Cooking for seduction Wed Feb 9 2005

Dude learns how to cook. May get girls at some point. From ssss, who adds I put this under the craziness category because he thought that he could kiss one of the girls after the meal but he was "too tired"

You got surrvd Mon Feb 7 2005

Insane breakdance video. From Jay Park. I haven't watched it, so you're on your own. I just hope it's better than those m:robe commercials from last night.

...and his love of the New York Yankees Mon Feb 7 2005

The Story of Oedipus (sorta) from derek

For really heavy flow. Fri Feb 4 2005

The tampon doll. They should come with accessory ketchup packets. I love the internet.

Lemme just hit the ATM. Thu Feb 3 2005

Tara Reid wants a regular boyfriend. From s, who adds She'll suck your cock for a thousand dollars. Or for free if you get married to her. Hey, you could even get settlement money if you get divorced! So maybe its more like: She'll suck your cock and then pay you a million dollars... In case you were wondering, it's been three whole months since the 'boob-falling-out-of-the-dress incident.

Can I get that to go? Thu Feb 3 2005

Nudie Bar is a juice bar and movie theater. To get over a loophole in the local laws, owner installed a movie theater. Beautiful. Thanks to boot for this one.

You know you've got problems... Thu Feb 3 2005

Wife charged with killing her husband via alcohol poisoning from a lethal sherry enema Holy crap.

Michael Warner, a 58-year-old machine shop owner, had a long history of alcoholism, but couldn't ingest alcohol by mouth because of painful medical problems with his throat, said Lake Jackson police detective Robert Turner. The enema was a way he could become intoxicated without drinking alcohol, Turner said.

"I heard of this kind of thing in mortuary school in 1970, but this is the first time I've ever heard of someone actually doing it," Turner said.

Update The Smoking Gun has pics and the rap sheet.

I'm a giant nerd Wed Feb 2 2005

The Asshole Quiz - clickable version. I've been doing way too much coding lately. Anyway, thanks to mayes for the inspiration.

110% Wed Feb 2 2005

Reviews of celebrities from wait staff. Some interesting tidbits in the bottom section. Thanks to naj for this one.

A true follow-up Wed Feb 2 2005

Another american hero has been taken hostage. What depths will they sink to next? Bastards.

GI Joe Tue Feb 1 2005

The AP Story

The Drudge Story

JT sent these in. Update The AP followed up with a confirmation that no soldiers are missing.

What's eating the Aviator? Tue Feb 1 2005

DiCaprio receives lifetime achievement award. The dude is 30, and his first movie was Critters 3.

He said: "From what I understand, it's a lifetime achievement award, which is completely and utterly surreal, considering I'm 30 years old.

What he meant to say: "From what I understand, which isn't too much, it's a lifetime achievement award, which is completely and utterly f*cked, considering I'm 30 years old and look like I'm 15. I'd love to know what those Californian Film Festival judges are smokin' because I want some."

Brick put this one together. Thanks Brick.

Still only two points Mon Jan 31 2005

Girl thrown through basket. Dude, it's nuts. I can't believe they put her through that. Goes to show you that you can get a girl to do anything, unless you're rick. Thanks to jm, by way of Berlin for all of this. It's the intro video from this post. I enjoy the way the guys are celebrating while the girl nurses her concussion.

Ring around the wrond. Mon Jan 31 2005

Teacher in wheelchair bites special education student. Thanks to Jay Park for this one. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page for more excellence in teaching.

Attention 212 Mon Jan 31 2005

1000 Bars blog. This guy is going to go to a thousand NYC bars this year. And have a drink at each.

Marketing 101 Mon Jan 31 2005

Why don't more companies glom onto the whole '2 months salary' thing? Everyone knows that's how much a wedding ring is supposed to cost, although they should really just measure up the dude's dick and devise a formula that involves the constant ct./in^3. and cut out the middle man, but I digress. If TV makers were like, oh yea, you should spend 2 months salary, 3 if you watch a lot of sports, that would have to go over. Or furniture makers could be like, a couch should cost one month's salary. Anyway, feel free to take this and use it for the forces of good. They could even phrase it like 'well, that's the bare minimum we recommend'.

Sober outrage. Mon Jan 31 2005

It came to my attention this weekend (though not anecdotally) that 'only 20% of people have sex on their wedding night'. So, through a bit of sleuthing, it seems that 30% of people don't have sex on their wedding night. While this is a little better, I just can't understand the logic of not getting it on on the first day EVER that every person on earth, up to and including your parents and the pope, says it's cool to get it on. Anyway, just something to keep in mind for those of you planning your big day (and night).

That Clears it up. Mon Jan 31 2005

Bigot that called SpongeBob gay says he didn't. He did say there's a sinister pro-homosexual conspiracy behind the video that features cartoon characters singing 'We are family'. Includes obligatory biblical quotes with verse number. Ryan, can you add this guy to the beat-down list?

So in trying to find out why he's Dr Dobson, I came across this:

Although Dobson professes to be a Christian, he continually denies Jesus Christ by adding to His Word the philosophy and false teaching of the world. He, thus, is a type of Antichrist (2 John 7). He transgresses and abides not in the doctrine of Christ. Therefore, the Scripture says he hath not God (2 John 9), and those who bid him well, support him, or sponsor him are partakers of his evil deeds (2 John 11).

For Shizzle, my Nizzle Mon Jan 31 2005

Youth Ministry Teen Lingo Dictionary. Somethings just don't need a witty intro. Though its definition for "gank" brought back some old memories.

1. "gank" is to steal or take without permission. Same as "jack" and used the same way. "He ganked that hat from da mall." Thanks to jm for this whole thing as well.

My new home base... ahhhh. Fri Jan 28 2005

Massive cow shit fire rages in Nebraska. Update Ms. Pino (sorry) sent this one in, adding "those vegetarians certainly do have a point If by 'point' you mean smelly farts, then yes, they do.

The other booi-oi-oi-oing Thu Jan 27 2005

Pittsburgh drive-through strip club on eBay. This one's from naj, who sums it up thusly - All of my life was spent leading up to this point. i have realized why i was put on this earth.

Study Hall Tue Jan 25 2005

Sex gets you good grades. In less-than-obvious ways.

Guys? Tue Jan 25 2005

New Yorkers enjoy the hooch. Neighborhoods with particularly high rates of excessive drinking include all neighborhoods below 96th Street in Manhattan; Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and Maspeth in Queens; Brooklyn Heights, Fort Greene and Park Slope in Brooklyn; and northern Staten Island.

Nebraska Rules Tue Jan 25 2005

Dude auctioned forehead for advertising space - got $40k Stow with no e sent this in, adding Everyone on Ebay is copying this guy, I'm tempted to bid on some of the idiots with no minimum.

Inside Joke central Tue Jan 25 2005

McGruff the crime dog's album. It's in MP3 form. Not to be confused with Fred McGriff, the crime baseball player.

You'll gouge your eye out... Fri Jan 21 2005

Recursive graphic. Safe-ish for work... but scary. Mp sent this one, so thank him.

Attention!! Attention!! Fri Jan 21 2005

The Idiotarod Yes, I typed that correctly.

Absurd shopping cart race.
January 29, 2005
Race begins at Fulton Ferry Landing Pier, between Old Fulton and Water streets, Brooklyn
2pm; $5 per person

*Can we get drunk?*
It makes the pain go away.

No, HE took the biggest dump in the world. Fri Jan 21 2005

Elephants trained to use giant toilet. This is for real. Picture included. Stolen from jwz.

Healthiest Readership in the world. Thu Jan 20 2005

Beer fights cancer. Aside from the Modern Drunkard crew, this crew is gonna live longer than anyone. Not sure how valid this study is, but who am I to argue with science? Thanks to brother Bharath for this one.

One way to lose weight Thu Jan 20 2005

Brazillian woman gives birth to 16.7 lb baby. Thanks to JT for this one, who adds Reason #765,234,000,006 Why I'm Happy To Be Male. Agreed.

Afternoon chuckle Wed Jan 19 2005

Goodie Box Of Misc Electronics, A Cane, And A Small Bat from police seizures. This site has all sorts of random stuff. I think this was the most random, aside from maybe the cell phones by the pound.

Dork or Not Wed Jan 19 2005

Rate My Network So I thought this would be a big joke/parody, but they're serious. I must say, there are some impressive diagrams here.

Happy Gilmore Redux Tue Jan 18 2005

Construction worker has nail stuck in head for six days. It wasn't just a nail. It was a 4 inch spike. Thanks to CB for this one.

gays in the military? Tue Jan 18 2005

US DOD funded study to decrease moral in troops. Turning them all into homosexuals was suggested.

respek Tue Jan 18 2005

Ali G escapes potential riot at a rodeo. After telling the crowd he supported America’s war on terrorism, he said, “I hope you kill every man, woman and child in Iraq, down to the lizards ... And may George W. Bush drink the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq.” He then sang a garbled version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Thanks to derek for this one.


Ebay Mugging Sale : Any and all monies collected from the sale of this shirt go towards alcohol and the security deposit on my next apartment. Thanks to Philippe for this one. Note: I don't know this person.

Sex Sells Thu Jan 13 2005

Subliminal Messages from Pepsi. Thanks to Jt for this one.

His boy needs a house. Wed Jan 12 2005

Ex-girlfriend rips off guy's nut after he denies her sex. Ow. Just plain ow.

Another struggle took place and Monti was knocked to the floor, from where she pulled down Mr Jones's shorts. Monti initially tried to hide the testicle by putting it in her mouth, but released it.

Can you hear me now, bitch? Wed Jan 12 2005

Interview with dude that trashed Verizon store. This actually happened.

Give us the blow-by-blow.
I threw my phone from 10 feet outside the store and it drilled the guy behind the desk right in the shoulder. Hard. Then boom, I just lost it.

I understand you removed your shirt for maximum destruction?
Yeah. That's when the employees locked themselves in an office. The 25 or so customers scattered.

Salacious Tue Jan 11 2005

Jeff Garcia's girlfriend beat up his ex-girlfriend. Oh yea, and his current girlfriend is playmate of the year. Two of Hine's friends testified they saw DeCesare (current JG Girlfriend) grab a dance pole for support and karate-kick Hine in the head. Capital C Capital F Cat Fight. Campen sent this one in.

Goin' to hell Mon Jan 10 2005

Andy sent the pic in, hoping for a little levity in the face of tragedy.

More power to 'er Sun Jan 9 2005

Manuary - a chick's search to get laid this month. Linked from It seems sort of fake-ish due to the sponsor links, but it's entertaining nonetheless. Definitely not safe for work if you're concerned about language.

I've decided to rename January 2005 Manuary 2005 because I am going to spend as much of it as possible under, on top of and next to men.

Ow. Fri Jan 7 2005

A Deer loses a car collision. This is not for the faint of heart, those who like deer, or those who have eaten in the past hour. I just can't believe how the blood got all the way to the back. Thanks to Mr. Rollins for this one.

WWF Canadian Style Thu Jan 6 2005

Canadian dude goes toe to toe with a wolf. And wins. Includes pic of the burises the wolf left. Okay, so this guy decided to run the 3 km back to camp from his shift at the uranium mine. I'd say the wolf can't pick 'em. Thanks to oof for this one. And somebody call Maddox.

When his chance came again, Desjarlais made good. He locked onto the wolf's back and threw his arms around the animal's head, putting it into a headlock.

Daily Derek Thu Jan 6 2005

Somewhere on I came to a link for this Steve Perry (of the musical "group" Journey) fan fiction. I was looking for a witty title for this, but instead I found this: The Journey Atari Game. Here's where an "Ultra stupid" Category would be useful. Thanks to Derek for all of this.

Sac? Wed Jan 5 2005

Bulgarian has .94 BAC. That's not a typo. For those not up on such things, .08 is the drunk driving limit in most states.

A dollar's a dollar. Tue Jan 4 2005 It's for real. IF you're in the LA area, you can get a little person to 'start shenanigans'.

Lists and Lists Mon Jan 3 2005

BBC's 100 things we know now we didn't know a year ago. A pretty interesting / amusing list of random stuff that came to light this year.

9. Some pigeons follow roads and turn off at motorway junctions to navigate their way round.
38. Yoda was based on Albert Einstein.
43. In 1911, Pablo Picasso was one of the suspects arrested for the theft of the Mona Lisa.
74. Lasagne has replaced chicken tikka massala as the favourite dish of Britons. Sainsbury's sold 13.9 million lasagne ready meals and just 7.4 million chicken tikka massalas last year. Tesco sold 9.8 million lasagnes and 6.3 million chicken tikka massalas.
96. One in four 16- and 17-year-old girls in the UK is on the contraceptive pill - more than ever before.

Thanks to Shoof for this one.

No word on capes. Mon Jan 3 2005

Mexican government publishes comic book to aid border jumping. Jaiman sent this one in.

Eugene got married? Wed Dec 29 2004

Woman diving in Thailand during tsunami. She didn't realize anything had happened until they came up.

Bringing down the house Wed Dec 29 2004

Brian Berg - Card Stacker. He holds the Guiness record for tallest free-standing card tower - over 25 ft. Be sure to check out the gallery. Hope his dog tiger doesn't knock him over from behind. That would be some crazy hijinks.

More red state blue state Wed Dec 29 2004

What they call carbonated syrup-based beverages by location in the US. Really detailed map based on 120,000+ respondants. I just want to know what all the 'Others' are. This has nothing to do with Soda 'Pop' Popinski from the video game formerlly known as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.

American ingenuity at work. Wed Dec 22 2004

Great new holiday slippers.

hese slippers are soft and Hygienic; Non-slip grip strips on the soles; Built in deodorant feature keeps feet smelling fresh; No more bending over to mop up spills; Disposable and biodegradable; Environmentally safe

A few says left... Tue Dec 21 2004

Burpl Blaster Toy drops the 'S' bomb. Thanks to JT via Fark for this one.

TV time out Mon Dec 20 2004

A video of some sort. I haven't watched it, but Jaiman sent it in, so take that as you may. Thanks Jaiman.

DR Trimmer mower Wed Dec 15 2004

Mr. Rollins sent these in

The male answer to the boyfriend arm pillow. It's a foam lap. The Japanese provide me with so much electronics joy, yet so much fear of their creepiness. - Ed.

Decker's Llama's ain't got shit on the Lions of Kenya.

Ow. Just Ow Wed Dec 15 2004

Glasses pierced on. They hang off of a bridge piercing. Looks kind of cool, I guess. Ow.

Australian for stomach pump Wed Dec 15 2004

Australian dude uses pump to force beer into gut. Gut ruptures. Stolen from a million places.

Free publicity Wed Dec 15 2004

Ben Roethlisberger's Monday night agenda. He goes to midget madness. Thanks to JT for this one. He's also got this website.

Paging Quint... Tue Dec 14 2004

Giant Shark tows boat for an hour. Drowns. This is almost too crazy to be true, but I've seen it elsewhere. The Red Bull Icebreaker is a surfing challenge, BTW. Thanks to Oof for this.

Livestrong watch Tue Dec 14 2004

Juror that condemned Scott Peterson to death also rocks the Livestrong bracelet.

Huh? Mon Dec 13 2004

This is the photo CNN is running for a 'crowd reaction shot' to the Scott Peterson death sentence. Anyone notice the wierd part? Yea. That guy in the front is wearing a Livestrong bracelet.

Idiot Update Mon Dec 13 2004

Some moron knocked over the Posh/Becks wax nativity figures. This would be a follow-up to this post.

The ultimate follow-up Thu Dec 9 2004

Dude that covered his hotel room in Vaseline pays damages. Case closed. There's a picture of the guy. He looks a little kooky, but not freaky. I can picture him hanging out with Kramer. This would be a follow-up to a story from a while ago (link no longer good) and the smoking gun link.

Even more surprising news Wed Dec 8 2004

ODB had 'bag of white substance' in his stomach. It's from the Post, so who knows, but would this surprise anyone? Dirt McGirt - drug mule.

Gorillas all misty Wed Dec 8 2004

Zoo organizes a gorilla wake. I got this from bharath, who didn't really know how to explain it. I'm still not sure of what I read, but there it is.

Baby Brooklyn Wed Dec 8 2004

Brits make nativity featuring Beckham and Posh Spice. Ms. Minogue is an angel. It's all in wax. This is from Oof, who points out the best line - God is not going to worry. He is going to cope -- but it is a bit depressing.

Future Sorority Members of America Wed Dec 8 2004

8 Year Old girl suspended for bringing Jello shots to school. Again, I went to the wrong school, I guess. Thanks to CB for this one, who adds who needs bake sales anymore? Update Found a reg-free link.

Oh, to be in the right place at the right time Wed Dec 8 2004

Disgruntled driver lets people raid beer truck. Thanks to JT for this one. And if you ever want to hear some entertaining stories, talk to beer delivery guys in urban areas.

Lite Brite Tue Dec 7 2004

Glow It's a thong made of those necklaces you get at fairs, etc. that glow. Freaky. Thanks to Najeh Davenport for this one. Not Safe For Work.

Anyone for some Schlitz? Thu Dec 2 2004

$10,000 martini available. It has a diamond at the bottom that you pick out three days in advance. Thanks to Weinstein for this one.

Cracked out of his f-n mind... Wed Dec 1 2004

A Crazy Guy This one's blocked for me, but Bricker sent it in, so put your faith in him and click through.

Commuter Jet Wed Dec 1 2004

Air Force Jet makes surprise appearance on highway. Thanks to JT for this one. In case you were wondering how big this thing is, check this out.

A C-5 with a cargo load of 270,000 pounds (122,472 kilograms) can fly 2,150 nautical miles, offload, and fly to a second base 500 nautical miles away from the original destination -- all without aerial refueling. With aerial refueling, the aircraft's range is limited only by crew endurance.

Overflowing with goo. Tue Nov 30 2004

Lava Lamp of Death Thanks to Derek and Arjen for this one.

The apocalypse is upon us Mon Nov 29 2004

Hooters to open store in India. I'm just baffled. Thanks to Shek for this one. This page is safe for work.

Daily derek update Wed Nov 24 2004

Whack your Throw down on your boss in seven different ways. Like, 50's style boxing.

Searchable comic book covers. Like, all of them. for anyone that ever loved comic books...

Thanks to derek for both of these.

Halloween is early. Wed Nov 24 2004

The naked man costume gets a new twist. This is an update from Jacques, the orginator of the naked dude costume. Probably not really safe for work.

I now have purpose. Wed Nov 24 2004

Two guys drink in all 50 states. That's dedication. Now on to Canada!

Daily derek update Tue Nov 23 2004

Stop - Hammer Time opportunity to beat the crap out of electronics.

Idiot theives are, well, idiots. They couldn't bust down a glass door. Thanks to derek for both of these.

But this is... Tue Nov 23 2004

Radiskull and Devil Doll. Going out to Arjen and Jaiman.

Grade the grader Mon Nov 22 2004

Professor ratings CMU has quite a few ratings, although none for my best economics bud.

He may actually die. Sun Nov 21 2004

Dude is drinking only Pepsi Holiday Spice for 45 days. I wish him luck, but man, this is not a good idea.

The internets Fri Nov 19 2004

A Chimp that knows karate. MPG Movie. I haven't watched it, but c'mon, it's a chimp. That knows karate.

On the lighter side... Fri Nov 19 2004

Super Hero Unitards. Jacques sent this in, along with an admonishment to also visit the 'active bottoms' section as well as the, and Shek, Blum, I'm looking in your direction, 'wrestling outfits'. Happy freakin' Friday.

No, really. Thu Nov 18 2004

Wean Hall is sorry. Scroll down a bit. I'm not sure if they're talking about the election or the architectural abomination aspect, but there ya go. Thanks to Bricker for this one as well. And in related ryan/jb pissing off news, apologies

Don't mess with Texas... again. Wed Nov 17 2004

Site offers hunting over the net. You can pretty much get anything else, so why not? Damn is this hill-billy.

The idea came last year while viewing another Web site on which cameras posted in the wild are used to snap photos of animals.

"We were looking at a beautiful white-tail buck and my friend said, 'If you just had a gun for that.' A little lightbulb went off in my head," Underwood said. Thanks to Bharath for this one.

More sandwich news. Tue Nov 16 2004

Woman puts Virgin Mary grilled cheese on eBay. They took it down the first time thinking she wasn't serious. But she was. Brian E sent this in, and has $50 on her voting Bush.

Proud to be an American Mon Nov 15 2004

Hardee's introduces 2/3 lb burger. Bharath sent it in and points this out (aside from the fact that he's proud of his vegetarianism):

1420 calories, 107g Fat - with fries and a coke, has more calories than you’re supposed to eat in a whole day.

Three's Company Mon Nov 15 2004

Three people got Fox a $1.2 million fine. Some Fox show called 'Married by America' got this fine because of suggestive material. The FCC said it got 159 complaints. In fact, it got 90. And those 90 came from 23 people. And all but 3 of those people were just sending copies of the letter from others. What is going on?

Wow. A Rolex!! Mon Nov 15 2004

Girl smuggled across border in pinata. Now that's dedication.

Better than one. Sat Nov 13 2004

Two-headed tortoise - with pics. JT points out that this sounds like a He-Man character, to which I say, yes, it does. Thanks to him for the link.

Close to (a former) home Thu Nov 11 2004

Olney, IL's white squirrels They're kind of freaky and kind of cute. And they really like corn. I used to live there, and just stumbled upon this, so here it is.

From all angles. Wed Nov 10 2004

Soccer is changing the US for the better. Man, this guy really has it in for the States. Calling praying people a 'freak show' isn't cool any way you slice it. And soccer's growth is great, but I doubt the NFL and MLB are going anywhere anytime soon. It would be like saying the X-Games are going to eliminate the NBA because towns keep building skate parks. Thanks to JT for this one.

Forget 4 years and $100k... Wed Nov 10 2004

Instant Thanks to Jaiman for this one.

What the fucking fuck? Tue Nov 9 2004

Pharmacists refusing to fulfill birth control prescriptions. Jesus Fucking Christ you god damned morons. Take your moral objections and shove them up your fucking corn holes and do your fucking job. If you don't like it, get the fuck out and let someone with two brain cells do it. First the morning after pill and now this? Lemme guess. They still fill viagra prescriptions, though, right? ARRRRRGGG!! If you live in one of the states talking about supporting these ass clowns with legislation, call your local representative.

Poor badgers Mon Nov 8 2004

Wisconsin school district okays teaching other theories of evolution. In this case, it seems to mean creationism is back. Which is, of course, a perfectly valid theory, except that it flies in the face of everything that's ever been dug up on the face of the Earth. In case you were wondering where this is, it's in north-west WI near Minnesota.

Crazy Brits. Sun Nov 7 2004

Sex Advice show goes play-by-play. They watch couples shag and then critique it.

Damn Paparazzi! Thu Oct 28 2004

Bunch of Paparazzi shots. Not really safe for work. Mostly people eating and showing too much skin.

He's a quick one. Wed Oct 27 2004

Stern called up FCC Chair Michael Powell during another show. He confronted him. They had words. There's a link to a couple recordings on the site.

Need another degree? Mon Oct 25 2004

Maxim college sex stats out. Lots of 'learning' going on.

Finally, 46 percent (of girls) have engaged in threesomes.

What, like the back of a Volkswagen? Mon Oct 25 2004

Man fined for putting Shetland pony in a hatchback. While cruelty to animals (well, cute, furry ones anyway) isn't funny, I would really like to see a picture. Thanks to Bricker for this one, who adds Honestly... It's a Shetland... he likes being stuffed back there...

Catch Up Fri Oct 22 2004

My bhendrix mail was hosed all day yesterday, so without further ado...

Woman write a poem. Wins competition. Derek adds this commentary: fat woman from pittsburgh wrote a poem that won Slam Bush National Rhyme

Competition, she's really really fat, Chuck D was there. He thought she

was fat too

Arby's for lunch. Thu Oct 14 2004

Don't eat the flowers. This is related to a wang-losing incident I posted a while ago.

Afternoon moment of levity Thu Oct 14 2004

2nd cat pic. Sorry Jack.

Good God, Man Thu Oct 14 2004

Starbucks introduces new beverage. Be afraid.

Unlike hot chocolate, which is made from cocoa powder, Chantico is steamed with cocoa butter and whole milk. It's no diet drink: A 6-ounce cup has 390 calories, 21 grams of fat and 51 carbs.

Thanks to Bharath for this whole thing.

I also liek milk. Wed Oct 13 2004

Crazy Japanese guy's web site. I doubt this is real, but man is it funny.

I fold Wed Oct 13 2004

New Age Origami Holy cow is this cool. It's in moon-man, but just make with the clickin' and you'll make with the 'ooohs' and 'aaahhhs'.

Mighty Moron Tue Oct 12 2004

Guy stages robbery to impress wife. He was gonna stop it to look cool. Isn't this a movie / Seinfeld plot? Thanks to Oof for this one.

Bad Dog. Tue Oct 5 2004

Dude chops off wang. Dog Eats it.

"I confused it with the chicken's neck."

I am Jack's moment of levity. Mon Oct 4 2004

Vibrator shuts down airport.

Nine times out of ten, it's an electric razor. One out of ten, it's a dildo. Sometimes it's even a *man*. It's airline policy not to imply ownership in the event of a dildo. We gotta se the indefinite article: "*A* dildo". Never *Your* dildo".

Paging Tyler Durden.

Too much time... Fri Oct 1 2004

Things to do with people's offices when they're away. Thanks to Stow for this one.

Tombstone is now 10 minutes shorter. Fri Oct 1 2004

Jack Daniels watered down from 86 to 80 proof. Damn metrosexuals. Bharath, who sent this in, points out the best part:

"You can't screw with a legend like that and get away with it," said Frank Kelly Rich, editor of Modern Drunkard magazine. "I'm sure Jack is spinning in his grave."

Here's to that building. Wed Sep 29 2004

Punk/metal kids wreck three houses. They were going to be torn down, so they got a move on. JT sent this in memory of 5315 Fifth Ave.... Thanks JT.

9 to 5 Mon Sep 27 2004

Worst Jobs in history. Such winners as King's ass wiper (no TP) and Roman gold miner. I got a 90 on the quiz. Re-armoring knights in battle, here I come.

Ow. Just plain Ow. Sat Sep 25 2004

Video of a rope swing gone bad. WMV file.

Dual purpose Wed Sep 22 2004

Twinkies' manufacturer files for bankruptcy. Naj points out that it's his favorite snack and nickname. Thanks to him for the link.

Awwww... Wed Sep 22 2004

Mom puts out request for a ride in a Subaru for son. Thanks to Jaiman for the link.

Mama Mia Wed Sep 15 2004

Profile of some pro-anorexia and bulimia web sites. This is just sad.

Life Wish Sun Sep 12 2004

Video of a guy that jumps out of an airplane holding the parachute. Creepie, cool, and eerie, all at the same time.

Hand Job Tue Aug 31 2004

Aaron Ralston talks about amputating his hand.

When I amputated, I felt every bit of it. It hurt to break the bone, and it certainly hurt to cut the nerve. But cutting the muscle was not as bad.
Overall, it was a hundred times worse than any pain I've felt before. It recalibrated what I'd understood pain to be. At the same time, it was also the most beautiful thing I've ever felt.

Jumping for a cause. Tue Aug 31 2004

Skydiver does 100 jumps for cancer charity. Doing something fun to raise money for a good cause. Can't beat that. Wisconsin represent.

Lucky Stiff Mon Aug 30 2004

Dude grows jaw on his back using stem cells. His first meal was a brat - bu no word on the cheeziness of it. Thanks to Burch and Eisemann. Brian sent in the excellent South Park snippet as well:

Larry King: "I'm here with Christopher Reeves who is a strong advocate of stem cell research and is here to demonstrate it's importance."
Christopher Reeves: "It is quite important and I'll show you how. You see Larry, I take this fetus and suck out it's stem cells."
LK: "How interesting."
CR: "Yeah, now I can move this arm."
LK: "Amazing!"

Quickies Tue Aug 17 2004

Porn is good for you.
Costco going after caskets.
Thanks to Whogene? Not Megene - Eugene for these.

Bees. With Bees in their mouths. Tue Aug 17 2004

Bees go crazy in LA. I like the fact that the reporter got bit. No word yet on how Oof is reacting to the decimation of his plan to take over the valley. Thanks to Arjen for this one.

Learnin's for suckers. Mon Jul 26 2004

State of the GED. The article is sort of interesting, but the stat that caught my eye was the statewide percentage of people who don't have high school diplomas. Over 25% in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisianna. That's one in 4. What is going on?

The other netflix. Mon Jul 19 2004

Netflix for Hand Bags. Going out to, well, every woman I know. Get a new bag whenever you want for a flat fee.

Get the hook. Mon Jul 19 2004

People hanging themselves on meat hooks. For fun. Anytime the word 'ruckus' appears in a story, you know it's good. Thanks to Billy M. for this one.

Daily Time Suck II Mon Jul 19 2004

Bikini I'm assuming this isn't safe for work, but there ya' go. Thanks to Eugene (who I'm assuming is really excited about the new iPods) for this one.

Found Bobby Fischer Fri Jul 16 2004

Bobby Fischer was detained in Japan yesterday. Does anybody know why a chess match would be prohibited under any sort of sanctions? I'm a little confused. If they photograph him, I'd love to see the pic.

No really, hang up. Thu Jul 1 2004

CNET editor says he can drive, talk, e-mail and eat just fine, thanks. As I sit here in an airport wanting to track down everyone responsible for making cell phones a reality, I'm calling bullshit on this assclown and his studies. I'd challenge him to go out on a bicycle sometime. I'm not even talking in traffic. I'm talking somewhere *near* cars. You'll start fearing for your life within 5 minutes, much less actually being in traffic with a Soccer mom in her excursion with the 19 spawn in the back. I gaurantee you, whatever you're talking about in the car can wait. It did 5 years ago. And while I'm at it, no one in the airport wants to hear how important you are, even if you were denied your upgrade. I think I'm gonna make a shirt - Hang Up and Shut Up. Ah well.

I'm stupid Wed Jun 30 2004

A hard-ass 8th grade test from Kansas circa 1895. Man, they didn't mess around.

Rejoice. Wed Jun 30 2004

Prickly Pear can end your prickly morning. It can help hangovers. I'd like to see a Chaser/Pear face-off. Coordinating taking it 5 hours before drinking would require math, which is hard. Thanks to Eugene for this one.

Nip/Tuck Thu Jun 24 2004

Origami Godzilla Make and collect them all! I'm making Mothra! Oh, our Japanese penis so small. You American penis so, so big. We no pleasure women at all. You, much pleasure. Thanks to DP, Matt & Trey for this one.

Don't make them mad. Wed Jun 16 2004

Truck overturns with bees. Can you imagine if this happened in Manhattan? You thought MaCaulay Culkin got it bad in 'My Girl'. Thanks to Andy for the last part there and the link. Thanks to Arjen for the link as well. Dogs, with bees in their mouths, and when they bark, they shoot bees?

Group Effort. Mon Jun 14 2004

PA beer sales flat. Guys, this is not good. Could it be the latest exodus out of the burgh? Thanks to naj for this one.

Hard Hitting News Mon Jun 14 2004

Cameraman bit by car while filming story on dangerous intersection. I'd like to mourn for him, but man, this is just Darwin. Thanks to Arjen for this one.

Tommy want wingy. Wed May 26 2004

Origin of Wings. A somewhat interesting article and timeline. However, it made link status because it explains where the 3 in BW3 comes from. The third W is for 'Weck', which best I can figure, is a bunch of Kaiser Rolls with a water-conrstarch mixture over top and then sprinkled with caraway seeds and pretzel salt. Then you cook it 'till they get crunchy. Almost like a pretzel, I guess. They dropped the third W but kept the acronym.

Cicadian rythms. Wed May 12 2004

The Cicadas are coming back. People are doing stupid stuff. Just a heads up for this weekend's festivities... Thanks to Shek for this one as well.

Everyone's a little racist. Tue May 11 2004

A Day without a Mexican. What would happen if there were no Mexicans in California? Have a look.

Fun with chemicals. Tue May 11 2004

Valence Batteries vs. Lithium Ion. Apparently these things are pretty volatile. The Valence ones are not.

Worst. Tenant. Ever. Thu May 6 2004

Zoo found in Milwaukee apartments. Thanks to Arjen for this one.

Sweet Tooth II Wed May 5 2004

Woman buys 10,000 Mars bars - drives off in limo. I'd think this was fake if it wasn't on CNN. No word on how CB was involved. Thanks to Oof for this one. And the additional British account.

Nature rules. Wed May 5 2004

Eagle snatches a Bear cub. If only they had a video... Reminds me of some special I was watching where a large bird would pick up turtles and then fly really far up and drop them on a large, flat rock to crack the shell.

Serving frog. Tue May 4 2004

Frog found in airline salad. Frogs in Australia on the Simpsons, anyone? Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Cue the Family Truckster Jokes Fri Apr 30 2004

Woman drives for days with dead mother in front seat. Probably not the best road trip ever. Thanks to naj for this one.

Jim's family tree Thu Apr 29 2004

Staten Island couple found with arsenal. Maybe they were pissed off about the bridge toll. Thanks to Sperl for this one.

News of the Odd Wed Apr 28 2004

Two from Arjen. Ski resorts give Howitzers back to Army for use in war. I always thought they used cannons, but there ya' go. Hunt for Giant Snails "which reproduce rapidly, destroy plants and can transmit meningitis." aside from being ugly as hell.

Ow. Tue Apr 27 2004

Penis explodes during sex. Those crazy Transylvanians. Thanks to Burch for this one.

The Vivid Sex Ed room Thu Apr 22 2004

School re-naming for cash. I for one, hope this trend doesn't make its way to professional sporting arenas and stadiums. What a sad day that would be. Thanks to Sperl for this one.

Damn you Dave Thomas... Thu Apr 22 2004

Food addiction is real. They starved people (most likely fat) for a day and then measured their bodies reaction to a cotton swab "IMPREGNATED" with their favorite food. The subjects reaction was similar to that of a coke head when he gets a whiff of blow. Thanks to sperl for the link and setup.

I'm ready. Tue Apr 20 2004

How to be on 'Cribs'. A little rough language, but really funny. The best ones are definitely the ones where the person breaks as many of these as possible. See: Red Man's place and Stiffler's crib. They also forgot the mandatory Scarface poster / DVD box set and bottle of Krys.

No cigar. Tue Apr 20 2004

Short little video dude jumping away from train. Can't figure out how you would fake this one, so I gotta go with drunk guy.

Build it. They will come. Mon Apr 19 2004

Volvo XC90 built out of LEGOs. Awesome.

But I'm very much alive... Tue Mar 30 2004

Man survives 36 hours on freeway with broken neck. No one had stopped, unfortunately. I would make a reference to Mustaffah from Austin Powers, but that would be inappropriate. Thanks to That Guy for this one.

Field Day of quotes. Tue Mar 30 2004

Building a backyard monorail. I can't believe this guy's wife let him do this, but it's kinda cool. Not terribly useful, but neither is snowboarding.

Cross your legs now. Mon Mar 29 2004

Cambodian Dude cuts off dick to appease spirits. Good move, douche bag. Just make a feature film like the rest of the devout. Thanks to someone for this one. Yahoo didn't say who.

Creepy time. Sat Mar 27 2004

Photo journal of Chernobyl. This woman rode her motorcycle through the region. It's one of the creepiest things you'll ever see. I forgot to thank Pro for this one. Thanks Pro.

In the nuts. Thu Mar 25 2004

Shaolin monk takes one for the team. (with pic) Thanks to Bernard via Philippe for the link. In related news, Shaolin Soccer is coming to the US.

Munchies update. Tue Mar 23 2004

5 year old biggest dealer in kindegarten. Thanks to naj for this one.

You will obey. Mon Mar 22 2004

How to Hypnotize a man. NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Yet funny. Thanks to Sperl.

Look out. Fri Mar 19 2004

Ultimate Weinstein clip. Woman falls in hole. This is from ebaum's world, which is a treasure trove of time suck. So when you're done with the video, head to the home page or the games page. Thanks to Oof for the tip.

Water! Water! Thu Mar 18 2004

Idiots with fireworks video. 3.5 MB WMV with sound. What happens when you shoot 25 roman candles at someone else?

New Toys Thu Mar 18 2004

CMU ATM crashes and reboots to WinXP. Of course there were pictures and hacks. Not great ones, but with no keyboard and no internet, a good time was had by all. Thanks to Diebold for making this and the electronic voting machines to be used in the upcoming election.

Look Around Wed Mar 17 2004

Text on Things. That's all it is. The pinnacle of the web. Thanks to Caldeira for this one.

Nun on the run. Mon Mar 15 2004

Polish nun drunk driving - on a tractor. Sometimes the jokes can't possibly beat the headlines. She was seventeen (17) times the legal limit. Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Not Elmo... Fri Mar 12 2004

How to dress emo. Load up the messenger bags and iPods kids, we're going to poseur-ville.

WWE road to NFL? Thu Mar 11 2004

Wrestler may head to NFL. Odds that he'll a) play a game and b) last more than a year? Thanks to That Guy for this one.

Wrong DD. Thu Mar 11 2004

Guy asks 11 year old to drive. I appreciate the thought, but taking a kid to a bar and then asking him to drive 200 miles is a bit much. Thanks to threatening Steve for this one.

Good News... Wed Mar 10 2004

for fat smokers. Thanks to Prommel for the link and setup. This sounds like a spam advertisement, but who knows? Also cures the munchies.

Stretch first. Wed Mar 10 2004

House Gymnastics. It says not to do it while drunk, but I think that's just a recommendation.

What about beer? Tue Mar 9 2004

Porn and Prostitutes not covered by German welfare. Thanks to Bobby D for this one.

Worst. Salad. Ever. Mon Mar 8 2004

Finger piece found in salad. The obligatory joke here is of course, 'Keep the tip.' Thanks the That Guy and arjen for this one.

Misc. Fun Mon Mar 8 2004

Transsexual to play women's golf. You go, uh, girl. Thanks to Philippe. And in case you were wondering, here's an Olsen twins countdown. Getting close. Thanks to Arjen.

Safe for something Mon Mar 8 2004

Trojan Games I These are some definitely NOT safe for work movies that are pretty funny. Another one. Last One. Thanks to Philippe for these. They go along with the one Arjen sent a while ago.

He's a quick one. Thu Feb 26 2004

Rumsfeld - master of defense. And offense. A little levity for your afternoon. Also, if you have a chance, try to catch him on 'Kid Notorious' on Comedy Central.

Spare Parts Tue Feb 24 2004

Extra kidneys are secret to drinking success. I'd be curious to find out how these are hooked up - series or parallel. Ahhh, to be these guys.

Good idea gone bad. Tue Feb 24 2004

Woman says no to half-time proposal. Girlfriend runs. Crowd groans. Be sure to check out the slideshow.

Labotomy Lite Tue Feb 24 2004

Trepanation means cutting a hole in your skull. This guy decided to do it at home, you know, to increase his conciousness. Also on this site, castration gone awry. Yes, people are cutting their balls off voluntarily for non-operatic reasons. When you're done with that, check out the home page. And if you haven't lost your lunch, check out The Lizardman. Proving once again that split tongues can move independantly.

Insert bowel joke... Mon Feb 23 2004

Man swallows 12 pounds of change. That's 5.44 kg for anyone outside the US. Thanks to Ms. Chiodo for this one.

Ayn Rand - Pimp Wed Feb 18 2004

Dating site for people who like Ayn Rand books. It's called the Atlasphere, which was also the name of that game on American Gladiators. I'm not gonna join, but man, this would be one weird-ass get-together.

I said science! Tue Feb 17 2004

New Strong Bad E-mail Be sure to click the Cheat Cake at the end. Thanks to JT for this one.

Learn a trade. Mon Feb 16 2004

Flash app to teach replacement knee surgery. Take a break from the usual flash games and learn something new. Only on the net.

It's permanent. Mon Feb 16 2004

Get a tattoo and be part of a story. From Burch - The thin line between art and shit just being fucking stupid. My cousin’s word is “leaves”. She got it on her foot. I feel sorry for the people with the words “the” and “a”.

Happy V-Day Wed Feb 11 2004

'Wacky' Valentines. Reminds me of Maddox. Thanks to That Guy for this one.

CNN == FARK? Thu Feb 5 2004

Two Headed Baby. Brian E and That Guy both sent this in, and yes, it's freaking me out too.

Don't try this at home. Thu Feb 5 2004

Man tries for pond jump. In Buick. Claims he would have made it with a ramp. Thanks to That Guy for this one.

Long winter. Wed Feb 4 2004

Finnish Shouters doing pretty well. "because such antics create a form of absurdity which we find works the best." Sounds like some people I know. Thanks to Dave H. by way of That Guy.

It's alllll right... Mon Feb 2 2004

Saved By the Bell message forums. Art likes to lurk as SlaterFan01. However, AC is the number one fan site. And Here's a good overall site. And it's not the interweb unless there's a Which SBTB character are you? quiz. Wast time with Google.

Look Out. Thu Jan 29 2004

Don't feed the fish. Apparently Jim needs to keep this little incident under wraps. Thanks to Philippe for the story and research.

Heh Heh... Sperm Wed Jan 28 2004

Sperm Whale explodes. Entire town impreagnated. Just kidding. Thanks to That Guy for this one.

Kill 'em dead. Wed Jan 28 2004

Stuff being shot in super slow-mo. Not a big fan of the guns, but this is pretty cool.

Nude for Jesus. Tue Jan 27 2004

Christian Nudist colony to open. Apparently JC was a fun of doin stuff in the buff. Rock out with your cock out. Thanks to Arjen for this one. I believe he said he was going to join. Not sure, though.

Get Down with the Pope Mon Jan 26 2004

Pope blesses break dancers. He then proceeded to Pop n' Lock with them for a while. Thanks to That Guy for this one and the Razzies one.

Spend Money. Sun Jan 25 2004

$250 Von Dutch Jeans. If you're looking for $250 pants, I have a better suggestion. And in case you were wondering how stupid trucker hats can get, look no further.

A+ Thu Jan 22 2004

The Book of Ratings. Some random guy rates a ton of stuff. Check out the archive for Superfriends and Legion of Doom ratings.

Maine-iacs Thu Jan 22 2004

Dressing up lobsters for fun and profit. Well, for fun anyway.

Color Me Bad Wed Jan 21 2004

The Law and Order Coloring book. Going straight out to Seth.

Hey Allah Wed Jan 21 2004

Saddam's an Outkast. Excellent Flash skit. Thanks to Katie M for this one.

State of the Sobriety Tue Jan 20 2004

Sate of the Union Drinking Game. Thanks to Shek and Minardo for this one. I may have to try it out.

Video Game Madness II Wed Jan 14 2004

Found these via Slashdot, and they seem to be real. Insane Tetris skills. - 12MB video Be afraid.
Minesweeper Expert Level in 43 seconds. Be sure to download and install the codec for Minesweeper.

Buyer Beware. Tue Jan 13 2004

Potato Computer lacks math coprocessor. I'm assuming this is fraud. If you ever hunt down Evan R., be sure to ask him about all the stupid stuff people returned to the Wal-Mart electronics section. Pure comedy. Thanks to That guy for this one.

Living the good life. Tue Jan 13 2004

Golf Course guy evicted after 40 years. I'm with Bill. I can't believe this is real. But thanks to him for it.

Drink Up Mon Jan 12 2004

Anti-aging beer. Thanks to Sperl for this one.

Souls, kidneys, virginity... Thu Jan 8 2004

Click here right now for hot virgin sex on eBay."Please, no women or men over 60. If you know you carry an STD, please do not bid." Safe for work. Thanks to Emily for this one.

Be Afraid Wed Jan 7 2004

Stuff you don't want to see out of an airliner window. Ummm, yea. If I saw this thing, the last thing I would think to do would be take a picture. So props to that guy. And props to Philippe the High Roller for the pic.

All about the bling Wed Jan 7 2004

Th Smoking Gun weighs in on Lottery idiots. Thanks to Shek for this one. If you haven't been playing along, Here's the CNN article on the winner. Sort of sucks that a $162 Million only nets you $67 million if you lump sum it and then take out the tazes. Ah well. The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math.

Don't be an a-hole Tue Jan 6 2004

Bush in 41 point 2 seconds. Before you get up in my grill, keep in mind that this is a joke. J to the O-K-E.

I heart Slashdot Tue Jan 6 2004

I found this post by an Anonymous Coward under the Apple news discussion. I'm still laughing, which is making it hard to type. Click ahead for the vulgarity.

"I will not be buying any Apple hardware or software you fucking cocksuckers. You can take that IPod and IRamItUpYourAss. OS X can OSuck my dick. I will take a G4 PowerDump on your PowerBook. QuickTime can QuickBlowMe. iTunes, more like shiteTunes. Expose? I'll Expose my fucking nuts to your chin.

I will be using Linux, XFree86, and Gnome. You Apple cockgobblers can keep taking it up the ass from Panther, or whatever new animal you like beastial anal sex with. Penguins never rape anyone, although they bite if they have to.

Apple is just another company that wishes they were Microsoft, so they can ass-ream you repeatedly with ease. If they had the market share that Microsoft had, they would be ass-fucking you harder and faster than Microsoft is. They already have a small group of willing homosexuals that let them do this to them already. But its not enough. What they want is the whole world to be forced to bend over and take a huge titanium iCock up their rectums."

I got a snake, man. Sun Jan 4 2004

49 foot snake on display. It eats dogs. 5 a month. From JWZ.

Flying idiots. Sun Jan 4 2004

Woman detained after in-flight idiocy from PGH to Minneapolis. As Philippe points out, think cans of Iron City and big hair.

Crazy like a Possum Sun Jan 4 2004

No Ball? Dropp a possum. Probably wouldn't believe it if it wasn't in the NYT. Crazy. Thanks to Chris for this one.

Hungry, Hungry Hippos Wed Dec 31 2003

Beauty queen mauled by hippos. Just plain weird. Thanks to That Guy for this one.

Tight, yo! Mon Dec 29 2003, your online source for wiggers, white rappers, gangster and wigger culture. Word.

Best. Poster. Ever. Fri Dec 19 2003

Trust in Bush. Maybe not safe for work, but probably okay. Go to the rest of the site for the other embarrassing stuff.

Where's Nino? Fri Dec 19 2003

Man survives .722 BAC. You read that right. Drunk driving is .08.

Like a Pig Fri Dec 19 2003

Dueling Banjos Flash I still can't figure out why I laughed. Thanks to Brian E. for this one.

Whip the llama Tue Dec 16 2003

Winamp 5 out now. Winamp 3 blew the llama's balls. Winamp 2 is awesome. Winamp 5 is all that was good about 2 + all that was good about 3. Yea. Go download it.

Midnight Madness Tue Dec 16 2003

Sleep Eating next big thing. Thanks to JT for this one.

End of the Internet Thu Dec 11 2003

I've reached the end of the internet, and this is what I found. Thanks and good night.

Yo Yo Ma. Mon Dec 8 2003

Japanese national Yo-Yo championships. Pretty unbelievable.

Raughing at people. Mon Dec 8 2003 Because making fun of speech impediments is always funny. Of particular note is this shirt. Thanks to on for this one.

The honorable Sen. Santorum Fri Dec 5 2003

Spreading Ummm, yea. This is probably the grossest thing you're gonna hear about for a while. Dan Savage has a really funny write-in advice column, and that's where it all began. You heard it here first. Probably not a great idea for work.

Eternal Coffee table Thu Dec 4 2003

Casket Need a Pet bed made from a pet coffin? You're in the right place. Thanks to Emily for this one.

King Montana speaks. Thu Dec 4 2003

My Pron Good for a laugh. Thanks to Andy for this one. This is actually safe for work.

Fun with dictators Tue Dec 2 2003

Tourism in North Korea. Man, is this ever strange. Thanks to Shek and his Wal-Mart lovin' ass for this one.

Huh Huh Bust Mon Dec 1 2003

The Tartan on the 'heist' to steal Andrew Carnegie. Tremendous story. Where's Dave with a Crime and Incident re-enactment? Thanks to Sperl for this one.

Fried Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail, Shrimp Kabob... Mon Dec 1 2003

Bubba Bubba Bubba is one the prowl. At least he could have changed it to Buba Bubba Bubbe, like Toni Tone Tony. Thanks to Shek for this one.

11:02 Wed Nov 26 2003

How to beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in Eleven Minutes, 2 Seconds. [Movie] I thought Contra on one guy was impressive. I was wrong.

Drink this Wed Nov 26 2003

English Rugby player almost beats England-Australia Beer record. The record, for the record, is 54 cans of beer. Damn. Thanks to Fark for this one.

For Shek Wed Nov 26 2003

Andy has Hulk Hogan. Shek needs this. Awesome. I wish it said "911's a joke".

Five Legged Fun Wed Nov 26 2003

Five Legged Dog has 2 legs removed. The picture is tremendous, yet freaky.

Too much bourbon Tue Nov 25 2003

Kentucky residents must bathe once a year. A bit on the lighter side. Thanks to Mayes for this one.

World Gone Mad Tue Nov 25 2003

Male enlargement ads prompt spam rage I particularly like the allusion to this image - "torture him with a power drill and ice pick". Thanks to Shek for this one.

Holy Cow. Sun Nov 23 2003

To the right is Matt Blum, Chicago resident, toy designer, all around good guy. is proud to present the following movies of Matt RIDING A MECHANICAL BULL. You're welcome.

Matt's Warmup

Matt Riding the Bull

Matt Gets Tossed

Who's the man? Blum's the man. Nice job, buddy.

He's on a Roll Fri Nov 21 2003

Jacko is wacko Thanks to Brendan for this one.

Michigan Fan on the Loose Fri Nov 21 2003

Naked Dude caught after taking pics of surprised women Ahhh, Columbus. Bastion of the naked. In other news, no one has seen Charper for a while... Update It appears as though Chad is off the hook. And the GOP is on it.

Only in Ohio... and Texas.. Thu Nov 20 2003

Judge lets prisoner stay in facility to watch Michigcan-Ohio game if he pleads guilty. As Charper points out, the best line is "he thought he should do his part for the Buckeyes." Thanks to Chad for this one.

Jacko is Wacko Wed Nov 19 2003

Michael Jackson Smoking Gun Report This is not a parody. Repeat. This is NOT a parody. Thanks to Jeanine for this one as well.

Mourning and Loss Tue Nov 18 2003

Dyed Shoes and all Mon Nov 17 2003

Ugly Wedding I love the internet. Going straight out to Meg, wearer of the aforementioned dyed shoes.

Everyone's doing it Mon Nov 17 2003

The Obscure Store Reading Room Chock full o' links. A lot of really good stuff. on steroids. Thanks to sperl for this one.

Who doesn't love it? Wed Nov 12 2003

Naked Sushi sweeping the nation A bit of an overstatement, but there ya go. Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Smokin in the... baby's room Wed Nov 12 2003

Smoking Baby Rules Tremendous.

McCrazy Wed Nov 12 2003

McJob is here to stay Along with McMansion and a million other stupid variations. Today's challenge: Come up with a clever variation. I'm going with McMick - the Irish guy that works at McDonald's. And before you pull out the insensitive clod remarks, I'm part Irish. Thanks to JT for this brain buster.

Cheap at twice the price Tue Nov 11 2003

6 German Women offer sparkle for a party. Get 25000 euros. It's a world gone mad. Hope that beer is really good. Hope they bring that crate too, we could use it for buggy. Here's the original photo Anyone speak German? Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Time Suck Tue Nov 11 2003

Catapult Game Reminds me of that old QBasic game with the monkeys. Pretty fun. I think.

Beer Engineer Tue Nov 11 2003

Skittlebrau lives This was linked (two away) from the Tomacco plant. I appreciate the inclusion of the Old Mil. Pounders no less.

Oh daddy, this tastes like Grandma Tue Nov 11 2003

Tomacco Plant is real This guy is a hero on several levels. For sure. Thanks to Burch for this one.

Uh-oh Mon Nov 10 2003

Singpore man jailed for BJ It might be time to move, buddy. Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Rage Cage Tue Nov 4 2003

Dad arrested over trick-or-treat rage "He then tossed a small pumpkin through a window, threw another pumpkin at the front door and smashed a bird feeder standing in the front yard, the newspaper reported." As Jim points out, why the bird feeder? What did the birds do to that guy? Thanks Jim.

Costume Ideas Tue Nov 4 2003

Hero Machine Build Your Own Super Hero. Suck Time.

Oh, the puns Tue Nov 4 2003

Reports of sex in classroom investigated Guess they're teaching other stuff now.

Flipped Off Tue Nov 4 2003

BBC Beer mat flipping 'perfected' By 'beer mat' they mean coaster. Those crazy Brits. And yes, this brings the tally of British stories on the site to somewhere close to 4,528.

Freakin' me out Mon Nov 3 2003

Famous Freaks Be sure to check out the gallery.

Cross-mojonation Mon Nov 3 2003

Rumsfield doesn't know what mojo is So he couldn't have lost it. It's even stranger that none of his staffers knew. But give him a break - he is in his early 70's.

1000! Mon Nov 3 2003

Bizarre Flash 101 And, I never did post this, but from back in the day: Kikko Man - Show Me Show You. And, Here's the related Strong Bad E-mail.

Monkey business Mon Nov 3 2003

Monkey Madness in India Too funny not to post. Thanks to Bean-O (Duff Man) for this one.

More Xmas presents Thu Oct 30 2003

eBay will sell anything. I can't believe that fellow Maine-iacs would do this to each other. Remember Alf? Well he's back. In POG form. Thanks to DTsperl for this one.

The other DP Thu Oct 30 2003

Get list of uh, stuff Probably not a good thing to read at work, but the One-Eyed Pirate is worth the price of admission. Don't click through if you are easily offended.

Not Jackass. Real. Wed Oct 29 2003

Corpse escapes on highway. Delay ensues. Not good.

Costume Idea Wed Oct 29 2003

Man wearing "Porno Pants" pulled over At least he gave the officers fair warning.

Fun with booze Wed Oct 29 2003

Are you Plug in your data, your drinks, and calculate Jim's... er... I mean, your drunkenness. Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Face Tattoo Tue Oct 28 2003

Irony in picture form

DJ Dork Tue Oct 28 2003

Rapper takes aim at Enron execs. Ex-employee decides not to go postal. Record ensues. Thanks to Kulla via Bob for this one.

Shocking Mon Oct 27 2003

The Big Shocker If you're a fan of the shocker, accept no substitutes. Awesome. Thanks to Jay for the one. Update Be sure to download the commercial.

Crazy Europeans. Mon Oct 27 2003

This commercial is hilarious

A New level Mon Oct 27 2003

Cheerleader shoots cheerleader with paintball That had to hurt.

The ultimate site Sun Oct 26 2003

Hand Sportz - X-treme Hand tricks If you know me, you've probably had the misfortune of watching me spin my pen until you want to puke. And now there's a web site for it. And other crazy tricks. Awesome.

Bow wow wow Sun Oct 26 2003

Farting Dog toy confuses airport security Between this and the kid that put all the 'weapons' on the Southwest flights, it's really been an excellent week for the airport security industry.

Good Lord Fri Oct 24 2003

Britney Look-a-like Pretty impressive. Be sure to read the whole page. Thanks to the newly employed Mr. Park for this one.

Arff. Tue Oct 21 2003

Helicopter+Soldiers+Dogs = Hilarious Reminds me of this one time, in Ace Ventura II when the racoon fell off the rope. Thanks to JT.

Fasten Your Seatbelts. Tue Oct 21 2003

Bus Tips over - in Bus Cam This is so... disturbing. Reminds me of the rocket sled footage they used to show in physics class where they guy's face would completely distort due to the G loads. Thanks to Katie M. for this one.

More Quizzes Mon Oct 20 2003

I am Duffman!
Which Simpsons Character are YOU? Thanks to the Mitras for this one.

CJK One Mon Oct 20 2003

All Look Telling the difference between the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans is hard. Take the test. I got a 3. Yes, three. Post your score in the Comments. Thanks to Decker for this one.

CBN Mon Oct 20 2003

Man cuts off Big Jim and the Twins for sympathy Not sure how much sympathy this would get you, but hey, you never know. Oh yea - will be starting ANOTHER network - Cutoff Balls Network (CBN). Which came first, the internet, or the disconnected genitalia?

Man's Best Friend Fri Oct 17 2003

Dog gnaws off sleeping boy's fingers. Gruesome. "Good thing he didn't have peanut butter on his penis." - jb Thanks to Burch for the article.

Yea - and I've got big boobs Fri Oct 17 2003

Pamela Anderson says boycott KFC Does anyone actually care? I might eat more KFC now just for the hell of it. Here's the proper chicken life cycle: Hatch. Eat. Eat. Eat. Get hacked up. Get in my belly. Where's the confusion? Make mine extra crispy.

CrashCam damage Thu Oct 16 2003 This site is so bizarre I had to post it. Keep reading it - look at the FAQ and the background. And most definitely check out the videos. I know this has to be fake, but it's soooo much work to fake it all. Thanks to Sperl for this one.

The internet rules Thu Oct 16 2003

Dog humps toy. Story at 11. Check out the rest of the pics Over at

Disposable Income Rules Tue Oct 14 2003

After I posted This thing Burch took it upon himself to get one. And Here it is. Thanks Burch!

It Rubs off Tue Oct 14 2003

Standing next to obese people makes you less attractive. This is not a joke. Repeat. This is not a joke. Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Spank the Monkey Tue Oct 14 2003

Sleeping Monkey Sort of a Maddox-type site. 16 Nintendo endings are right on. Contra is probably up there as well, but the crazy helicopter flying off saves it. Thanks to JT for this one.

Mmmm... Beer Mon Oct 13 2003

Drinkometer - The Drink-o-Meter Test - How much Alcohol have you consumed? That's a lot of booze. It also calculates legal agee from 17, so it's maybe a little off, but hey.

The future. Today. Mon Oct 13 2003

Monkey can control robotic arm with thoughts. This is quite simply, unbelievable. I guess it's not out of the realm of possibility, but I'm just awestruck. Thanks to David D. for this one. This reminds me of this artificial eye article as well as this guy's atrificial vision device with brain implants. And finally, this is like that scene in 'Dave' where he has the two robotic arms with the sensors on his arms and he says, "I caught a fish this big" and the arms go really, really big. And last but not least, it looks like we're not too far away from Star Ship Troopers (the crapy movie, anyway) with fully-functional bionic replacements for lost limbs.

Fabulus Thu Oct 9 2003

Ghettopoly causes a stir. Joke. Laugh. Can't wait for the sequels mentioned. Thanks to Derek via Andy.

God Bless the Internet Thu Oct 9 2003

New breast cancer prevention method introduced Some hard hitting research went into this one. Morning, nooner, and night, scientists and doctors giving their all for science. Does a heart good. Thanks to Philippe for this one.

Beauty is in the... Wed Oct 8 2003

Bid on someone's Glass Eye Thanks to Nino, Shek, DP, and JT for this one.

Tuesday eXtreme Tue Oct 7 2003

eXtreme Pumpkins Excellent. I especially like the huge flames. Thanks to Dave Barry for this one.

Just sad. Tue Oct 7 2003

'Honor Killing' gets life sentence. Again, I'll never understand what could be so powerful over a person that they would actually take someone else's life to follow their beliefs. At what point do you stop ignoring that little voice in your head that says 'Hey, maybe this isn't right.' Or do people like this have no voice? Or is the voice saying, 'Yea, he's Christian and he's marrying your daughter. Kill him.' And what causes THAT voice? Argh. I promise more random crap today and tomorrow.

A Bird... aw, forget it. Tue Oct 7 2003

Car Boot Cutting Man = Rock Star Guy dresses up in costume and cuts the boot off of people's cars. Gotta hand it to him for providing a public service. Thanks to Ms. Minardo for this one.

Flying Kids Tue Oct 7 2003

Moroccan teacher throws kids out of class. Literally. I guess no one's gonna mess with her again. Thanks to Shek for this one.

News All over the place Mon Oct 6 2003

A little weird goes a long way. Hodge Podge of information including NPN going national, or at least gaining respect in Cleveland. Thanks to Fark for this one.

Damn Fri Oct 3 2003

Russian Prison Tattoos "The tattoos are painfully applied with needles and electric shavers, using ink made from urine, soot, and shampoo. Infection from the procedure is frequent, and death not uncommon." Think you're tough? Think again. Take a look at the cathedral tat, and then contemplate how long it took to do that. Heads up - some images probably not safe for work.

Cross Your Legs Fri Oct 3 2003

Man dies after wife crushes nuts Suck.

Time Kill Friday Fri Oct 3 2003

Fun Games including Weezer Sumo It's gonna be link-o-rama here today.

Simmons! Thu Oct 2 2003

Tighty Whitey Rug If you did a TW Keg Stand on these, would the universe implode? Or would Elvis knock on your door?

Higher Education Wed Oct 1 2003

| Girl, 5, makes bong in class She brought in her pimp for career day. "No man, see, you're getting air in here. You're gonna have to put some gum around the base or sumthin'." Thanks to Bob for this one.

Support Suicide? Wed Oct 1 2003

Suicide planned for concert Suicide is illegal in all 50 states, I believe, but what're you gonna do, put someone in jail? Well, this band is planning a suicide at their next concert by a terminally ill person in order to support physician-assisted suicide. The city is working furiously to make this not legal. This is truly bizarre. Gruesome though it may be, the only way this can stand is if it goes under something like the good samaritan law (think Seinfeld). I don't think there's anything like accessory to suicide laws on the books. Thanks to Burch for this one.

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